A DirecTV Cancellation Conundrum

Reader Dito has a DirecTV riddle.

Let’s say you break your DirecTV box. You try to use an old from your basement but it won’t work with the new card. The DirecTV rep sends you out a new one for free and it works. Happy story, right?

So then when you move and try to cancel service to try out Comcast, you’re told you’ll be assessed a $125 “early termination fee,” even though you’ve been a customer for six years.

Turns out that when you got the new box, it automatically enrolled you in a new 12-month service plan. “It goes without saying that no one told me “if we send you a new box, we own your soul for a full year,” writes Dito.

Does Dito have a valid claim? How we he go about embarking on a dispute process? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Getty Images)