Opt Out Of Comcast's Arbitration Agreement

If you’re a Comcast customer and in the event of a dispute, want to retain your right to sue Comcast in a court of law in a trial by judge or jury, a right afforded to you by the Constitution, rather than go by the decision of an arbitration company Comcast hires to mediate your dispute, fill out this opt-out form.

Unlike bank fee changes, doing so won’t cancel your service.

In case you tossed it from the mail, a scan of the pamphlet is inside…






Lawsuits against companies aren’t just for people looking for a buck because they spilled coffee down their pants. Consumers have successfully used them to get money back that Verizon owed them due to billing errors, to force HP to give them a new computer after losing theirs in the repair process, and even to sue telemarketers who violate the Do-Not-Call list.

Arbitration can be a more cost-effective way to resolve a dispute without going to the courts. However, the decisions are binding and are not subject to appeal.

The practice has drawn criticism from consumer advocates who say there’s a conflict of interest as these arbitration companies essentially rely on the referring companies for repeat business. There’s also that thing about no judge or jury being involved, aka forgoing the Sixth Amendment. If any of this leaves a funny taste in your mouth and you’re a Comcast subscriber, hit the link below. — BEN POPKEN

Arbitration Opt-Out [Comcast] (Thanks to TM!)

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