Feverish XM Radio Destruction Compilation Video

Oy! Oy! Here’s a video mosh-pit of the various XM radio destructions and cancellations floating around (NSFW).

They forgot to include this one where some guys drive an 18 wheeler truck cab over an XM radio. Then they light another on fire and drive over it, just like they would do at a monster truck rally. The video’s makers were also remiss to not do some kind of Max Headroom effect with this CNN clip.

The question is, will a visually entertaining consumer backlash translate into XM not canceling Opie and Anthony? Or from curtailing free speech to curry political favor?

For the time being, according to PeopleAgainstCensorship.com, several advertisers have pulled their ads from XM Radio in protest: Adamandeve, Nashville Coffee, Mafialife.com, Support.com, icu2.com, and Myradiostore.com, which sells XM and Sirius satellite radios. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. tracilyns says:

    ok, so this is what i’m wondering about all of this. what happens if XM decides not to cancel Opie and Anthony, and all of these people have destroyed their radios? it just seems like a waste of money to me, since they’d have to buy another radio from XM if they wanted to listen to the show again.

  2. scoobydoo says:

    And to make things worse for them, one of their satellites is down at the moment and half the country isn’t receiving any signal. Downtime “may last till tomorrow”…

    Sucks to be XM.

  3. Maybe XM and Sirius just think that the merger isn’t going to go through, so lets tank XM and have Sirius pick up all those subscribers (once you go satellite radio, you’ll never go back)?

  4. idonthack says:

    They don’t drive over it with a truck, they use a lawnmower. (The video with link text “this one”)

    Also, there are no flames. So very disappointing.

  5. bentcorner says:

    I was listening to the Ron and Fez Show this weekend on XM channel 202 and heard a commercial for ICU2.com. So much for them canceling their ads.

  6. MeanMachine says:

    Cencsorship is bad and all, but smashing up your radio makes as much sense to me as hitting your dick with a ball peen hammer siply ’cause Jessica Alba won’t have sex with you. That said, they ain’t my radios so keep the vids rolling!

  7. scoobydoo says:

    @bentcorner: Ad’s are purchased in advance, so you could hear these people for up to another month.

  8. SugarRob says:

    @tracilyns: They already did suspend them, though, right? So all these reactions are for actions already taken by XM, actions to censor their “uncensored” radio regardless of who is doing the talking.

  9. SugarRob says:

    @SugarRob: And I’m not saying I necessarily agree with the wanton destruction of working electronics, but I understand the reasoning behind it. :)

  10. d0x says:

    This Opie and Anthony buisness has ZERO to do with free speech and everything to do with the fact that O&A draw no ratings for CBS and no (considerable) subs for XM and XM wanted out of the contract and this is their way out.

    Its that simple.

  11. bentcorner says:

    @d0x: You realize that XM Radio is still paying Opie and Anthony, right? Unless they had something in their contract that stated they could not allow a homeless man to get on the air and talk about wanting to have sex with Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth, they didn’t do anything in breach of their contract.

  12. bentcorner says:

    @scoobydoo: I read that ICU2.com pulled their ads, not that they decided against purchasing future ads.

  13. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    According to XM.com, Opie & Anthony will return during the month of June. No word yet on whether XM will have them castrated during their time away.

  14. strider_mt2k says:

    Tools commanding tools with tools.

  15. Cary says:

    Given that XM was only recently sold by Clear Channel, and given that Clear Channel’s management leans heavily toward the right, I suspect much of their management still cares more about the good book than either the ratings book or the financial books.

    Siriously, though… Imust issue a Stern warning to XM if this is some Bushwacking attempt to tank XMs stock… Cheney is watching and has you squarely in his sights.

  16. oudemia says:

    @bentcorner: Just to be clear, there is a difference, I think, between “wanting to have sex with” and “fantasizing about raping to death.” I don’t care if XM cancels these jackasses or not, but we should at least be clear about what was said.

    In any event, these O&P followers don’t seem the cleverest or most effective bunch. A website I read had a woman comment that she , as a rape survivor, didn’t find rape jokes too funny. The O&P minions descended, or really I should say ascended from whatever cesspit in which they normally dwell to flood her comments section with hopes for her murder and repeated violent rape; they posted obscene pictures and debated amongst themselves whether they found her attractive enough to rape. I can just imagine the sort of persuasive rhetoric they are employing in their emails to XM executives.

  17. jamier says:

    Wow. Misogynists are violent — what a shock!

    Do we really need to be drawing attention to these people? It’s equivalent to posting videos of Klan rallies or Fred Phelps picketing funerals.

  18. FLConsumer says:

    Here’s the real kicker — O & A will be back on the air starting June 15.


  19. asherchang says:

    Fuck them. If they want to cancel their services just cuz the violent, coarse, and pathetic show that they so belove is suspended, then more power to them. They can exercise their vote of the dollar, but they shouldn’t act all self-righteous about it, they’re not fighting against censorship after all. They’re fighting against basic decency and contempt of hateful misogyny.

  20. asherchang says:

    @oudemia: O_o… If what you said is true, I have nothing more to add.