Feverish XM Radio Destruction Compilation Video

Oy! Oy! Here’s a video mosh-pit of the various XM radio destructions and cancellations floating around (NSFW).

They forgot to include this one where some guys drive an 18 wheeler truck cab over an XM radio. Then they light another on fire and drive over it, just like they would do at a monster truck rally. The video’s makers were also remiss to not do some kind of Max Headroom effect with this CNN clip.

The question is, will a visually entertaining consumer backlash translate into XM not canceling Opie and Anthony? Or from curtailing free speech to curry political favor?

For the time being, according to PeopleAgainstCensorship.com, several advertisers have pulled their ads from XM Radio in protest: Adamandeve, Nashville Coffee, Mafialife.com, Support.com, icu2.com, and Myradiostore.com, which sells XM and Sirius satellite radios. — BEN POPKEN

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