Baking Soda Is Very Useful

Here’s your semi-annual reminder that cleaning things with baking soda is hip. (And don’t forget, you can bake with it, too.) DIY blog Curbly has a nifty list of baking soda ideas, some of which were new to us.

    Control Crab Grass: Lightly wet crabgrass, then sprinkle lightly with baking soda everyday for a week.

    Kill fleas and ants: Baking soda can kill the crunchy exoskeletons of household and pet-hosted pests. Be sure to rinse thoroughly from your pet’s fur and skin to prevent irritation.

    Clean artwork gone astray: Dip a damp cloth in baking soda and scrub away crayon and pencil marks that have happened on your walls by developing artists.

Crabgrass? Seriously? Is this cost effective, or more of a science project? Let’s hear your odd uses for baking soda in the comments. —MEGHANN MARCO

Clean [Nearly All] Your Home with Baking Soda
(Photo: peyri)

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