Would You Like To See The Coffee List, Sir?

Coca-Cola and Sara Lee are developing tools to pair beverages with food in the hopes that soda, beer, and coffee may be the new wine.

The tool helps sales people figure out for restaurateurs that cheesecake, with its high fat content, calls for a dark roast, heavy bodied coffee with a high acidity level, she said. A fudge brownie, however, calls for a lower acidity level. And pound cake goes down better with a light roast coffee with high acidity.

Sara Lee’s pairing tool was unveiled two weeks ago, and Coca-Cola expects to implement a similar program next year. Ron DeSantis of the Culinary Institute of America thinks such tools will become prevalent as “U.S. palates become more sophisticated.” We never realized ordering water at a restaurant was the mark of an unsophisticated boor. Pairing tools will undoubtedly present restauranteurs with an opportunity to upsell certain beverages. Would you trust their recommendations? Tell us in the comments. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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(Photo: idontwork)

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