Are Car Seats Made Of Toxic Chemicals?

Bromine, chlorine, and lead may be just a few of the chemicals in your child’s car seat, according to a recent study from the Ecology Center. The study tested 62 car seats sold at Babies “R” Us and Target, and found that over 30% contained significant levels of toxic chemicals that could adversely affect a child’s development; 60% contained brominated flame retardant, which can cause thyroid problems and memory impairment.

Graco, maker of TurboBooster car seats, said they were “examining the study’s methodology and findings.” Britax, whose Marathon Platinum seat received one of the worst scores, “did not return calls.”

The results of the study are available at Parents concerned for their child’s safety should remember this helpful rhyme from the director of the Ecology Center: “keep the window ajar when travelling in the car.” — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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(Photo: jgh_photo)

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