VIDEOS: XM Subscribers Destroy Radios To Protest Opie And Anthony Suspension

Opie and Anthony fans are sawing, blowtorching and smashing their XM radios after the satellite radio provider suspended the shock-jock duo. Here’s a roundup of 7 of such videos, several of which contain cursing.

By blowtorch:

By saw:

By shovel:

By hand:

By vise:

By small fire in the desert:

A few more videos in this Opie and Anthony forum thread

“Cousin Joe” makes an interesting point, that there’s never been a radio host suspension that didn’t result in a firing. Is this true?

It makes for compelling footage, but if these guys really want to make a dent, they should be canceling their service. On that note, two readers wrote in to say that when they tried to cancel, XM hung up on them. Several times in a row. Brilliant retention strategy. — BEN POPKEN.

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