RUMOR: CompUSA To Close 50 More Stores In 6 Months

A CompUSA insider tells us there’s a rumor floating around that CompUSA may be closing another 50 stores within 6 months. Like before, Gordon Brothers Liquidators would handle the pureeing.

Don’t rush out with a wheelbarrow. If they’re anything like the closings back in March, the deals will stink, you won’t be able to use rebates, the newspaper ads will be glossy hype, and the ghosts in the machines will shed sad ghost tears. — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Morton Fox)


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  1. catnapped says:

    Surprising they don’t just bail out of B&M altogether and just go to a web only presence.

    Or maybe that IS the plan…they’re just not admitting it (yet)

  2. rmz says:

    No! Where will I get my Bawls now? :(

  3. whiplashchick says:

    As a compusa insider, I’m doubting this. Recent meetings with the CEO haven’t indicated anything like this. Losses are actually narrowing.

  4. Coder4Life says:

    Yes, the rumor was floating around earlier in the year when the rest of the stores were closing down.

    That they would come and close the rest of them in June or July.

    So it could be true… Though after closing the stores teh company will profit at the end of the year.

  5. whiplashchick says:

    I’d like to clarify. On May 9th at a meeting at the corporate office, the CEO said he had no knowledge of any more stores closing.

  6. SOhp101 says:

    Remember, just because they’re closing down the stores doesn’t mean there will actually be any good deals… just like the last mass closing.

  7. TheDragon says:

    I used to be a CompUSA “insider” myself, and I have reason to believe this is true. My old store recently moved everyone that was in the warehouse (merchandising, ordering, etc..) to the front end, and everything that WAS on order in the inventory system has gone to 0. This leads me to believe that they aren’t expecting to receive any replenishments in preparation for closing.

  8. raindog says:

    Ours has a huge sign in the front of the store saying something like “WE’RE STAYING OPEN!” in huge letters, followed by “Thanks to loyal customers like you, this CompUSA location will remain open.”

    Someone ought to print up stickers saying “…until we close it.” and correct those signs.

  9. bitplayer says:

    It’s a shame this chain is going down the drain. I think there is a real market for a retail store with REAL computer professionals selling good products and offering good service and repairs. Instead they want to be best buy and make all their money selling warranties.

  10. bnet41 says:

    There is a market for a company that has real computer professionals. The problem is CompUSA could never fill this void. I’ve bought many great deals from there, and the sales people were always pushy, and lacking in knowledge.

    The other problem was, outside of their rebate deals, the prices on regular items were way too high.

    If you have one in your area, try MicroCenter. It’s like what CompUSA should be. My only complaint is still way too many rebates. Honestly, if you can wait, get the item online. You will almost always do better.

  11. tvh2k says:

    I thought they only had 50 stores left??

  12. hop says:

    i don’t really care…there are none of those stores in this area anyway…..i get most of my stuff on the internet……

  13. Havok154 says:

    @tvh2k: 103 left.

    We just finished closing the store I worked in today. I wasn’t surprised when they announced the first round of closures, and I’m not surprised now. I had figured they were either going to sell off the remaining ones or just close the others later down the road.

    It used to be a good store when I originally worked there, before Slim bought the company. As soon as he made the purchase, the company just kept going downhill with incompetent executive management.

  14. Promethean says:

    their deals stink

    maybe they did at first, but I went two weeks ago, about 10 days before the final close date, and they had great deals on software, hardware (parts, like hard drives) and video games. So much so that I almost bought a bunch just to ebay them, but it would only have been about $2 profit a piece, so not really worth it.

  15. ShadowFalls says:

    No point for CompUSA to go to a web-only presence, they would never be able to beat in prices, selection, or service.

  16. raindog says:

    Yeah, it’s funny, when Newegg started up years ago I wrote it off as just another Californian PC chop shop run by people who didn’t speak English, but then I ordered something by them because they were SO cheap, and they turned out to be pretty awesome.

    Their prices aren’t as amazing as they used to be, compared to the actual PC chop shops run by people who don’t speak English in LA and NYC, but it beats the hell out of brick and mortar. Just don’t fall for the “3-day guaranteed” line unless you happen to live in the same town as one of their distributors.

  17. reykjavik says:

    See this is all really bad news for landlords. Before the internet, landlords had no competition. If you wanted that space, you had to pay them top dollar. But now, these landlords are charging enormous rents, even though people are all going online to buy all the stuff. The landlords are one day going to wake up and say to themselves “I now have a massive empty store that used to make me a lot of money, and now this will be empty probably forever because mid-size stores cant compete with the internet.”

    These greedy landlords shot themselves in the foot, and over the next 10 years are going to really regret having squeezed every last penny out of their tenants because if they didn’t, and they had been charging reasonable rates all along, they probably wouldn’t be faced with enormous empty lots that are never going to be filled again.

    If the lanlords were the only ones to suffer it would be fine, but retail is taken down in the process….

  18. dextrone says:

    I hope they’re not closing the stores, I can usually get a good deal out of compusa

    Hmmm, I wonder why the first ### stores were closed…

  19. John Stracke says:

    @bnet41: CompUSA used to have people that knew what they were doing, but that was nearly 20 years ago.

    I like Micro Center, but I certainly don’t go there for knowledgeable salespeople. I suppose they’re better than Best Buy (I’ve seen one of them expound knowledgeably at a customer trying to choose a motherboard), but I can never find them.

  20. jdm9907 says:

    As another CompUSA insider it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that they plan on closing another 50 stores. Ever since they took the rewards card away last year things have been going downhill. Slowly but surely corporate plans on running us into the ground. I’ve witnessed more angry customers than happy customers ever since they did the first closings back in March. I’m keeping my fingers crossed however.