Mission Foods, Tyson Foods, Ban Chinese Ingredients

Two of the biggest U.S. food manufacturers, Tyson Foods and Mission Foods, have unilaterally told suppliers not to use ingredients from China.

To comply, not only will companies either have to untangle a complicated web of suppliers and brokers, or cut profits or raise prices. For instance, sorbic acid from China sells for about $1.30 per pound, including shipping, while stateside it would cost about $4.

Perhaps “All-American Made” twinkies, catfish, and pet food, product lines are not far off. We envision a logo with a screeching eagle swooping down on a field of amber waves of grain. Well, not amber. The field would be a giant flag and when you press it, Stars and Stripes plays. — BEN POPKEN

China’s additives on menu in U.S. [LAT]

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