Watch Out For Scammy Movers

UPDATE: ASAP Van Lines Responds To Complaint Alleging $400 Bilking

Using freight shipping can be a great way to move stuff for cheap, but scams abound, as this letter from the mother of longtime reader Crayonshinobi shows.

ASAP Vanlines did a whole buncha switcharoos on Crayonshinobi’s mom, the worst of which was tacking on $400 more. The agreement had been for cost based on weight, but after the shipment left, said “the scales were broken” and were now going to charge by cubic foot. When the family refused shipment at the other end, the company left a series of screaming and scathing messages.

Crayonshinobi’s mom is filing a chargeback and is even going to cancel the credit card she paid with because she’s worried about this company messing with your account even after all is (seemingly) said and done. Her tale, inside…

Crayonshinobi’s mom writes:

It started with a simple quote for a dining room set. Hutch, table, six chairs. Move from Illinois to Colorado. First quote was 100.00 lower than 2nd quote, which I did accept (thinking gas prices had gone up). In our discussion and written quote, the weight we were billed for was 1800 #s. Less than a truckload (LTL). Aaron explained that his computer could calculate the dining room set and he agreed we would definitely not meet(exceed) the 1800 pounds. I then asked if we could put the table saw on and he stated yes, it shouldn’t be a problem. I know for a fact the saw weighs in at 140 pounds.

They arrived at the house on Monday, began packing the hutch and at that point we were told $140.00 for packing material. I called the office speaking with Aaron who assured me he would do something. They took 35.00 off.

Next the driver tells us that we have to pay almost 400.00 dollars more for the cubic feet we are taking up. Once again, I call Aaron and state to him that we are not paying for cubic feet, we are paying for weight. He states he will get back to me after talking to the owner. He leaves me a voice mail and said that the “scales were broken” and that it is correct to charge by the cubic feet.

I call him back and leave a voice mail stating it is not acceptable and I will not pay for cubic feet. Never heard back from him again. Tried emailing and no response.

Tuesday (the next day) the truck is in Colorado!!! I receive a phone call from my niece who states she heard from the trucker and he wants to deliver immediately. I was shocked -as they had just left the day before. They must have drove all night. I immediately call the office and get voice mail. I left a message that there is a discrepency with the billing and that until this is cleared up we will not accept delivery. I also wrote an email with the same information to Aaron.

Aaron calls me and states that I should personally speak with the owner…named Dorri. I call Dorri and a Tiffany answers the phone and states that “he is not available and could she help me”. I then explain to her that the agreed upon amount of $1200.00 has turned into 1600.00 and I asked why. She states that we are paying for 2100#’s. My reply was “WHAT COULD WEIGH A TON?”” “YOU ARE TELLING ME A DINING ROOM SET WEIGHS A TON??” She immediately goes into a rampage about how they did nothing wrong and that is exactly what it weighs.
I related to her the exact words from her salesperson Aaron and how it was determined that we would not be even close to their minimum. She didn’t care and that is that. She then states that my daughter (she is referring to my niece) has accepted shipment.

I told Tiffany, no she didn’t and no she won’t. That really angered her and she started yelling at me and I hung up. I called my niece and warned her NOT to accept shipment. She had 2 phone calls from this Tiffany and she left a SCREAMING message at one point for my niece to call her immediately. My niece did not call her and at 5pm Tiffany called her again and yelled at her that she MUST take shipment and pay the money. My niece declined and stated that she must take this up with me since I am the person who contracted and there is a dispute. Tiffany hung up on my niece.

I refuse to pay the additional charges and frankly, they can have the dining room set. I have called my credit card company and put a dispute on the card as well. I will also cancel the credit card after reading the horror stories about this company.

The dining room set was really not worth the 1200.00 to move and certainly not 1600.00 they are charging. We did for sentimental reasons and honestly this is now an issue of ethics and I fully intend not to give in. They can have the set and the table saw (it wasn’t a good one anyway).

Should be interesting to see what their next move will be.

This is why it’s so important to check out a moving company’s rep before you do business with them. Things To Know Before You Freight Ship is a good place to start, as is’s How to Find a Reputable Moving Company. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. Scammy? Is that like a seafood or something?

  2. Tallanvor says:

    Yeah… There’s a reason I don’t trust any movers. You hire them, sign papers, and then after they have your stuff, they change what they’re charging. And since you don’t get your stuff until you pay, you’re screwed.

  3. CaptainConsumer says:

    Oh the stories I could tell you about a certain moving company I can’t mention that happens to rhyme with Allied.

    Not necessarily on the freight shipping front though, while I was an operations manager we did ship some orders that way.

    The salesmen were profit delivery systems. Calls from screaming customers the days of the move or the day of delivery over inflated charges were commonplace. Nothing put down on paper was worth it’s weight in truth. They’d doublespeak you to death. They didn’t want you if you didn’t buy THEIR insurance to move. The default was .60 cents per pound per item, which was the law. There was no money in that for the moving company, no upsell whatsoever. One female college student I remember had a signed contract for the movers to show up one Saturday morning and move her to Chicago from the Detroit area. The OWNER refused to send a team. He refused on the grounds she didn’t buy extra insurance through Allied. Problem is that he never told her he wasn’t sending anyone out. She called crying several times that morning asking to talk with anybody and NOBODY would take her call. You can see what good a signed contract was to her.

    SOME mornings work crews were delayed going out into the field for corporate office moves because they had to wait (are you sitting down?) for prisoners to be released that morning from the local lock ups. Once the prisoners arrived, the trucks would roll. One of the warehouse guys was let go for selling YOUR property when cargo had to sit in a warehouse for any amount of time which is more common than you’d think. He was running an eBay type system without the hassle of logging on anywhere.

    Last I heard the owner got busted for bilking Motorola (see a big company who can defend themselves) on warehousing fees.

    it MUST be mentioned each Allied at the time was independently owned and operated. What happened in this small Allied franchise in SE Michigan should in no way be considered common fare but simply to serve as a warning to those looking to move personal or corporate assets.


  4. tvh2k says:

    I hate to say this, but a U-Haul probably would have been cheaper. Or maybe a Budget truck. Budget >> U-Haul.

  5. Toast442 says:

    Hah! I had the worst experience moving with a certain Pilgrim-themed moving company. After weighing everything and agreeing upon payment, they show up at the destination (across the country) with most of my electronics and a bike missing.

    I filed a claim for the missing items and their reply was a cheerful, “Sure we’ll reimburse you, just as soon as you settle your new outstanding charges which, coincidentally, total $200 more than your claim.”

    After a long process of complaints with the state AG, they (the AG office) eventually replied that the freight class they operate under allowed the movers to pretty much tell me to suck it. And then the AG reminded me that I still owed them for extra charges.

    And did I mention that my possessions literally sat in a warehouse for six weeks? Probably where they all disappeared.

  6. minn-eh-sota says:

    payed? Really?

  7. not_seth_brundle says:

    Did she agree to a flat rate or did she agree to pay by weight with a verbal estimate by the trucking company of the total weight? Makes a huge difference. If paying by weight, the verbal estimate is only an estimate and you will be charged by total weight.

    What was in this dining set–a table and chairs, or a huge table, 6 armchairs, hutch, buffet, sideboard…? A dining set can literally weigh a ton.

  8. tvh2k says:

    Seriously, plus any one “of sentimental value” was probably a hardwood set made about a century ago. Those are heavy.

  9. LAGirl says:

    i also dealt with a ‘scammy’ moving company in NY. i was moving back to LA, and found this company based out of Queens. we agreed on the price, and i paid extra for insurance. they were to blanket my antique furniture for protection.

    i gave them a 50% deposit, and would give them the other 50% after accepting delivery. they arrived when they said they would. but when the driver started unloading everything, i saw that they never padded my furniture. a few of my wood pieces had large scratches from banging around inside the truck. of course, i was furious. the driver played dumb and told me i had to call their office in NY. i thought since i had taken out the extra insurance, i could get a quote from a local furniture repair shop and have them cover it. silly me!

    when i called them, i got the run-around. kept leaving messages, no one called me back. i finally talked to the owner and reminded him about the insurance. what was his solution? have the next truck leaving LA pick up all the damaged furniture, take it back to NY, have one of their people fix it, then drive it back to LA! he didn’t understand why i refused his offer.

    by the time i realized they weren’t going to pay for the repairs, it was too late to file a claim. i got screwed. i did file a claim with the BBB. but in the end, i was SOL.

  10. bostonmike says:

    Heaviest hutch I’ve ever seen was under 400 pounds. The dining table would have to have a thick granite slab top to reach the weight they’re claiming, and it wouldn’t be movable by just a couple of guys.

    Dumpster companies frequently pull this same nonsense with fictional weights. There’s essentially nothing you can do about it other than try to find honest people to deal with.

  11. scoobydoo says:

    My mother in law moved a few weeks ago, first scam was the $40 roll of plastic wrap they were forced to buy “to protect the stuff”, then the movers refused to carry and move smaller boxes, saying they only wanted to move the larger stuff.

    These scumbags know you are in a position to be screwed around with, you usually only have a few days to get out of the current house, and they mess around with you.

  12. crayonshinobi says:

    I’ve moved the hutch and table myself…in fact my father and I have carried the table up and down the basement stairs a couple times during renovation. At most it weighs 300 lbs. The hutch might reach 600-700 in my estimation(both pieces together), but that leaves 1000 lbs in bubblewrap apparently.

    My father’s first comments on hearing the weight they claim, is that they should call OSHA. ASAP only sent 2 people to pick up this set…no forklifts on a loading dock.

    My mother also received a written quote. In fact, the only reason the tablesaw was sent along was because ASAP’s minimum billing is 1800 lbs. Since the dining set wasn’t anywhere near that, we threw it on.

    It’s day 2 and no response from ASAP. They were told to contact my mother about the billing discrepancy, but they have not done so. It would seem, that they would rather hold her furniture hostage in hopes of making her pay whatever they demand.

  13. rbb says:

    It was billed as a comedy when it came out, but I consider it a documentary – the movie “Moving” with Richard Pryor.

    Highly recommended viewing for anyone who is going to use a moving company

  14. Uriel says:

    did she pull like a Kramer where she listens to Tiffany speaking screaming over the answering machine, and laughs maniacally while eating a sandwhich, and getting crumbs all over herself? Thats what I would’ve done.

  15. Brutuslebee says:

    She wants to feel the love!

  16. Scazza says:

    Wow, I kinda feel really damn good now.

    I moved in december, with Mountain Moving and Storage, based in Alliston Ontario. We set up a quote over the phone, and explained we had a 2100 sq foot house, and a basement with a few boxes (this was just as we were packing.) I explained it would be about a garage full of boxes, PLUS some furniture. They said that it would take a full-size truck (literally, a huge transport truck), and we thought thats good. They gave us a price and we agreed (it was around 1000cdn).

    The day of the move came and we realized we had WAY more then a garage full, AND the loading was going to take much longer. The driver was pretty pissed (rightly so) and said we will difinatly need a second truck. But as this move was going to now take all day, they won’t be able to get a 2nd truck until the following day. So they loaded up, and took all day, and then shipped it up. They even helped us get ALL the stuff not in the garage (like furniture, and boxes that didnt fit) into the garage so the move the next day would be quick.

    Heres the kicker. The people moving into the house were coming that afternoon, so we called the lawyer etc to ask if we can have the garage for the night (they agreed, nice folks). So I get a call later that the moving company will come at 7am we we don’t inconvenience the new homeowners any longer. They show up, and get going.

    For all the trouble we kinda caused, they only added on 1/2 the price of a second truck, and no labour… It was fantastic.

    Not only did we not pay for any packaging (they had a ton of mirror/glass boxes etc), but they were the nicest chaps you could ever meet.

  17. axiomatic says:

    ALWAYS get the contract in writing. PERIOD.


  18. quantum-shaman says:

    @nerodiavolo: LMAO, I can’t wait to do that to somebody on the phone, in person. Can’t be a client, though ;)

    Seriously, that girl must have had some brass-plated lead cojones to yell at the customer like that.

    We moved recently and used Allied. No problems. However they were retained through an executive relocation service. I don’t know how much that might have had to do with the good service.

  19. AcidReign says:

    …..Some dining room furniture can weigh a ton. My grandparent’s 9 foot china cabinet had three-inch-thick, solid oak sides. I suppose it was a good example of 19th century craftsmanship. Just an absolutely massive thing! It took four adult men to roll it up the U-Haul ramp on dollies, and it bent the ramp so badly that it took a sledgehammer to get the ramp to retract back into the truck.

    …..I’ve never hired a mover. Rent a truck, work your ass off, and drive. Someday, I’ll be too old to do this, but that’s why I had kids…

  20. nickripley says:

    I emailed Tiffany. I told her to come on here and defend her company.

  21. bambino says:

    I got top-notch service from Apple movers in austin, texas for a cross-town move. Highly recommended.

  22. Treved says:

    I’ve posted this before, but before doing any kind of move you should go onto I used the site for research when I moved cross country, and both their articles and message board posters guided me to a very easy move. They have a blacklist, whitelist, etc.

  23. SOhp101 says:

    Get it WRITING. Pay with a credit card. End of story.

  24. DAK says:

    When we had to move in November, I left it up to my girlfriend to find a mover (I know, I know). The day before the move, she proudly informs me that she feels like she was a smart shopper and found a really great deal…because she found them on Craigslist.

    Day of move, booked for 1-3pm arrival. Phone call #1: “Make it 2-4pm”. Phone call #2: “Ummm, 3-5pm.” I finally call them at 5, they promise to check with dispatch and call me back, which I’m sure we all know never happened. The asshat eventually quit answering his phone.

    I managed to somehow get Starving Students on a next-day, first thing in the AM appt. The invoice/billing was completely hosed, even though they weren’t overcharging me (Someone never learned how to fill out a form). Long story short – angry phone call to District Mgr. = problem fixed. Did a good job with the move too.

  25. MommaShenobi says:

    My claim to fame here is being Crayons Mom, do I still need to audition? Will my friend Ben Franklin help?

    I assure you Tiffany is a made up name as she had a definate hispanic rolling r’s accent. I’d classify her as poser Tiffany wannabe.

    By the way for the comments reference getting it in writing: It was in writing via email exchanges. Yep.

  26. Bay State Darren says:

    Wait a second, first they said the scales were broken and then they tell you the weight is now 2100 lbs? How do they know the weight if the scales are broken.

  27. MommaShenobi says:

    The moving company was suppose to give us documentation of the weight of the truck before loading (documentation). It was never given, as was the documentation necessary in Colorado. We are suppose to take them at their word – verbal only and pay up.

  28. alhypo says:

    The only time my family used a moving service we ended up with all my dad’s rifles stolen and a broken terrarium. The terrarium might not seem like such a big deal, except that it was made out of the glass tube from one of those old gas-pumps. Rather difficult to replace.

  29. veronykah says:

    One website that could have prevented this mess that EVERYONE on here with a bad moving experience should check out…and POST on about it.
    They are sort of the Consumerist for moving. Forums where you can post your experience and also do research if you are moving.
    I just completed a NY-LA move and had great experiences with all 3 movers I used.
    Hope this doesn’t sound like spam, but they are the best resource out there when it comes to moving. Hands down.

  30. phypennwl says:

    I concur with veronykah. A couple years ago, my grandparents moved from Florida to Pennsylvania. They were stressed out about it because their move to Florida a few years before that was, let’s say, eventful. Anyway, they asked me to help them find a good mover, so I went on and did some research. A half day’s worth of research got me 3 reputable companies in their area, I called each of them, and we settled on one that was far cheaper than we expected. The move happened without incident, the movers were awesome, and I got my grandparents’ eternal gratitude for what wasn’t very much effort on my part.

  31. humphrmi says:

    @SOhp101: You will never get a written quote from a moving company that doesn’t include clauses on the quote paper for charging extra for pretty much anything that comes up on moving day. They won’t use your quote form, they will only use theirs, and theirs has all kinds of tricky outs for them.

  32. MommaShenobi says:

    Update: Contacted the Colorado Dept. of Weights and Measures and they are VERY interested in helping. They have tough laws to protect against consumer fraud (which this is).

  33. improfound says:

    They are sort of the Consumerist for moving.

    This is totally right. I always wondered why Consumerist didn’t hype them more. I see now that Ben linked to them at the end of the article, and that’s great. I’ve commented on them before, b/c I’m a movingscam evangelist. Beyond what’s mentioned above, the site admins will even give you individualized help if you need it (or find yourself stuck in bad situation).

  34. tiffanyasap says:

    First of all, ASAP does not and will not work by cubic feet. We use certified weight scales. This customer was offered a reweigh to verify the actual weight of her items and she refused. She was repeatedly offered this and all the paperwork she signed was in writing telling her of all possible charges and agreeing to pay the actual weight of her shipment. i left the contact 2 voicemails asking to please call me in regards to whether we would be delivering her or not. The contact (her niece) has agreed to all charges and told us to send her shipment.

    The bottom line is the customer refused to believed and even be shown her weight tickets, and didn’t read her contact, and is not mad and making things up. First she is saying we charge by cubic feet, which we do not and we have weight tickets to prove her shipment so no one ever told her the scales were broken. Second, as I am a Caucasian American (who cannot roll her r’s) and the name on my birth certificate says Tiffany, I have no idea why she would accuse me of having a Spanish accent implying that would somehow make me less competent which I feel is a racist remark against the Hispanic community. I don’t know what a “poser Tiffany wannabe” is supposed to imply but that doesn’t seem very nice to me.

    As a result of this article I am getting harassing and profanity filled emails when I did nothing wrong. She was given a quote based on her item list, she was given all her charges, and she was talked to in a professional manner. Only when both the aunt and daughter resorted to screaming were they told if they contuinued to scream they would be hung up upon. Customer service is one matter but being sworn and and screamed at is not something anyone ever needs to be subjected to. The voicemails left for the niece simply asked her to call us back and she was not responding and we wanted to make sure she was rejecting the delivery since she had previously wanted to accept it.

    There are 2 sides to every story.

    All that was asked of the aunt or niece was that someone state in writing they were abandoning their furniture after their chagreback as we did not want to be responsible or have they claim we stole it.

    Does this seem unreasonable?

  35. crayonshinobi says:

    @tiffanyasap: Not only is what you said not true, but now you are trying to attribute the screaming and unprofessional behavior onto the customer.

    Secondly, the comment of a “Tiffany poser” is in no way a derision of the Hispanic community, but rather a suspicion that you are not being honest. When you’re company changed the price and method for billing, surprise billed for “packing materials” over $200 and then WOULD NOT supply the documents you claim you provided in your post, you lost any trustworthiness you might have had. When asked what your last name was in order to properly identify you, you declined, saying, “it was not important.”

    Lastly, there are two sides to every story, but we still haven’t heard yours as everything you’ve posted is patently false.

  36. MommaShenobi says:

    Having just read this post from Tiffany, NOTHING in it is truthful.

    I was NEVER EVER offered any paperwork, let alone a reweigh as she states. In fact, I was never given any paperwork concerning the change in pricing. I authorized 1800#’s and NOT 2100#’s to leave Chicago to Colorado.

    I have the voice mail from their employee Aaron who called me back and stated the scales were broken and it is correct to use cubic weight.

    I was supposed to be given a weight of the EMPTY truck and then the documentation of the truck after it was weighed filled. NOTHING was given to me nor was it offered.

    Tiffany called my niece twice when the trucker was told that she would not accept delivery.

    Tiffany called my niece the first time she left a message stating to call her.

    The second message she left was screaming that “you better call me”.

    My niece did call her and was told by Tiffany that she has to accept delivery and pay the additional money.

    My niece declined and stated your agreement is with my Aunt and you need to speak with her directly. Tiffany hung up on my niece.
    My niece called her back a second time and Tiffany hung up on her AGAIN!

    My niece called her back a 3rd time and it went to her voice mail. My niece left a message stating how unprofessional Tiffany was and that she would not be bullied into accepting this shipment. AND to call me to rectify the situation.

    I heard absolutely NOTHING from Tiffany nor the ASAP Van Lines until today. This time Tiffany was upset with me because this information was all over the internet and she has been harrased by emails. She also did state that I was implying she was hispanic and as you can see by her response that I am racist.

    I had to explain to her I did not believe for a moment that she was who she claimed to be.

    I then asked her for her last name and she refused stating she had enough problems already with this. I then mentioned another name that had been on the email quotes sent to me from an Alina Salezar. I asked her if that was her name and she hesitated and responded she wasn’t. I have no idea who this person is as I was told to speak with the owner Dori (a man).

    I instructed Tiffany that she has 2 options, give me my money back or deliver the set with the agreed upon price. She did not like either and said that I would have to contact her boss.

    The next phone call I received (within 5 minutes) was Dori introducting himself as a Supervisor. I had been told by Aaron that Dori was the owner.
    He asked me what I wanted.

    I replied at this point after the horrible experience we have had, I want the money refunded to me and he can keep the shipment. He refused stating that I put this in motion and I am responsible. He also stated he would do nothing for me until I took this OFF the internet. I said no. He started to raise his voice and I told him I would be terminating this phone call. All coorespondence must be in writing and in email form, no phone calls will be accepted. I also faxed this same information to their office.

    I tried emailing Tiffany, however it seems they have removed her. I emailed the sales department,
    Aaron and general email with the above instructions.

    Now, for the good news! Colorado weights and measures called me. Jon stated he spoke to Tiffany and she had a totally different story (surprise surprise) she evidently told Jon the same story she said here.

    Tiffany agreed to have the truck weighed at scales (state). I agreed to this and will be flying my sister to Colorado for the procedure. She is the person who was at the house for the pick up and knows exactly what was placed on the truck and what the set looks like. This will be scheduled after Memorial Day.

    I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for your wonderful response.

  37. gypsywoman says:

    I’m so pleased to hear about this site, and to know there is help available for the consumer. So often, we just have to accept what we’re told and, having a watch dog is so important.

  38. Smashville says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that if the company has arranged with a third party state department to weigh your truck to prove they are in the right and has the appointment ready…that maybe, just maybe they’re not really bilking you?

  39. Codis says:

    So because her name is “tiffany” she cannot be hispanic? Thats the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. I guess you’d only believe her if she said her name was Lupe or Consuela?

  40. BK88 says:

    Having workede both sides, the customer is not always right, and is always responsible for what he/she signed for.

    Are there occasions when the compnay is wrong: yes

    Are there more when the customer is wrong, and the compnay adjusts to the customer taking a small loss, yes.

    Are there a few whent he customer is wrong and the company is not willing to write off the loss, as the customer does fully inform themselves and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and then the customer gripes and whines like a baby to get something for free? Oh hell yeah.

    It looks like ASAP is protecting themselves, and I see the customer eating a HUGE slice of humble pie next week.

    (not a ASAP employee, but I am a thinker!)

  41. MommaShenobi says:

    The ASAP company has not arranged for the weights and measures of Colorado to do the weighing. The customer contacted the department to determine the correct weight of the items as the weight was never delivered prior to the truck leaving Chicago. It was on the insistance of the Colorado weights and measures to properly weigh the items. They were also to fax the weigh slips today. Presently, we are waiting for acknowledgement of the documentation that should have been provided to the customer.

    Due to the fact that the customer has requested the presence of Colorado weights and measures, isn’t the customer protecting themselves?

    Perhaps the customer has in her records the original shipping document of the furniture showing the accurate weight of each piece. The set purchased in 1972 and shipped from North Carolina (HiBriton).

    That aside, the issue is and remains the fact that the set should not have left Chicago without the weight documentation being presented to the customer and approval given to ship at more than the agreed upon 1800 lbs. It was immediately determined after it was loaded that an additional fee was owed without the benefit of weight documentation.

    Yum Yum.

  42. crayonshinobi says:

    @Smashville: If you take the time to read the posts by Mommashenobi, you would have realized that ASAP did not volunteer to have the truck weighed, but rather was forced to after we requested the Colorado State Department of Weights and Measures to investigate. ASAP had several chances to supply their own documentation and did not.

    @BK88: I can see you’re new here and not familiar with the purpose of the Consumerist. Consumerist only posts articles like this when other avenues of common customer service have failed. I will concede that if it is proven that the weight is correct, then we were wrong regarding that issue. However, this does not release ASAP from their responsibility to provide the information we requested and to do so in a professional manner. ASAP has not only been disingenuous in their dealings with us, but also belligerent.

  43. coloradogem says:

    I have been invited to speak on my behalf as I have experienced the wrath of Tiffany! Yes, Tiffany, you left one voicemail that was concerned because my aunt had told you that I would not be accepting shipment. In the next voicemail, you were screaming and demanding me to call you immediately.

    I had never given permission for items to leave Chicago, nor had the authority to do so. I was not the customer who worked an arrangement with your company. You ignored me when you were told to call my aunt about how the move was going. You stated that you were “calling to verify the shipping address” and proceeded to inform me that it would take 4-7 days for shipment and the driver would contact me in that time. I was astonished to hear from your driver that night, that the set may be arriving within 24 hours, and demanding payment immediately. I was also puzzled as to why there was a balance remaining, had asked you a question regarding it, but once again, you ignored my statement. You had never even informed me that there were additional charges different from quoted amount.

    In regards to the time that you hung up on me (twice), I was not yelling and you had not attempted to tell me that you would hang up as I was not the one that needed to relax. Let me ask, was it the statement that told you that you were not in control of the situation and that you needed to contact the person in control, that made you hang up; or was it when I told you that I would not be bullied by you?

    I look forward to personally inspecting the set and witnessing the weight inspection by the Colorado weights and measures.

  44. crayonshinobi says:

    @Codis: I’m afraid any comments you would make regarding race or discrimination are hypocritical considering the post you made in an earlier Consumerist article.

    I actually went to Bowling Green for college. I was one of maybe 10 Jews on the entire campus, so you can’t blame those inbred hillbillies for not realizing whats going on. I guess at least you didn’t accuse us of being an inbred hillbilly.

  45. star_ says:

    “MommaShenobi says:

    I assure you Tiffany is a made up name as she had a definate hispanic rolling r’s accent. I’d classify her as poser Tiffany wannabe.”

    What the ??? Nobody hispanic can be named Tiffany? You must live a very sheltered life. What a weird seemingly racist view you have.

    Take a look around the United States and you will indeed find hispanic girls named Tiffany.

    And while we’re at it, a person of non-hispanic heritage can’t have a hispanic accent? Wow… You must live under a rock! What kind of simple minded fool are you to think you can match names and races to accents?

    With that one statement you lost all credibility. Pay your bill and stop wasting peoples time.

  46. Smashville says:

    @crayonshinobi: That doesn’t matter. Don’t you think if they were trying to bilk you, they would have done something other than report to a government agency for “investigation”.

  47. crayonshinobi says:

    @Smashville: It does matter, because without the government intervention, they wouldn’t provide the weight documentation. And so far, they still have not provided the documentation that they supposedly have to the Dept. of Weights and Measures.

    @star_: The reason that mommashenobi’s distrust of the name, “Tiffany” came about is because email correspondence from ASAP came from a hispanic named email address and Tiffany refused to provide her last name when asked. Furthermore, the lack of honesty from ASAP and their inability to give a straight answer led mommashenobi to question who she was actually dealing with. The fact that you consider this racist actually shows how small minded you are as you are incapable of looking at the bigger picture, but are instead blinded by your own preconceptions about racism.

    With your one statement you lost all credibility, and you should stop posting here and wasting people’s time.

  48. tiffanyasap says:

    When did show any sort of cultural preference. please provide the alternate address you said i emailed you from.

  49. katewrath says:

    If this is a moving scam, it is REALLY small potatoes. A cursory review of the Great Moving Scams of the 20th Century would put this situation to shame.

    Even with legitimate moving companies, stuff happens. We used very reputable movers, tried to calculate down to the nickel what our costs would be. But in my exhaustion, I miscounted the # of book boxes, and in the end, that added nearly $2.5K to our moving bill. Books are effing heavy, man. Our movers worked with us, though, and that saved the day.

    I hope the two parties here can stay calm long enough to work this out — as boring as that will be for us readers, that’s the best case scenario.

  50. MommaShenobi says:

    It isn’t just about small potato’s Kate, this is about ethical business practices. That is a huge difference.

    We did not pack multiple amounts of boxes and add them. We have a complete accounting of what was put on the truck and we have the pictures of the process.

    We did not move books and we were not exhausted because they did the packing of the furniture.

  51. Codis says:


    I stand by my post regarding ignorant hillbillies in bowling green. You have no idea what I dealt with while I was in college. It was almost as bad as that brendan frasier movie School Ties.

    Maybe I’m the pot calling the kettle black, but that doesn’t change the racist comments at hand.

  52. GameMasterZer0 says:

    “Big Red Flag!” Not only has Tiff publicly posted someone else’s personal articles, but actually went into detail about them. This is a no-no for a moving company since they made a legal contract with a the person to move their personal belongings. Her contract was violated by Tiff actually giving the ladies info to another person. Which someone can “Sue” her in small claims court or even lead to suspencion from her job if her supervisor views this and subscribes to the feed so see that actual info that everyone has just read! My suggestion is to give the lady her money back and a good lawyer to let you keep your business license. ASAP Vanlines is one company I will not move with, I rather get ripped by companies in Flordia.

  53. GameMasterZer0 says:

    I was actually looking up your companies information on the Internet and couldn’t find ANY reviews on your company except for this complaint. You have peoples quotes on your site, are they even real?

    I have 2 other moving companies calling me giving me quotes and they acyually walked me through steps to get me a good price and they did.

    I even heard of this site and entered your company’s dot# 1313509

    Do you guys even work cause I saw NO recoreded miles on the page?

    Even on the Better Business Bereau your boss’s name is Dory.

  54. Trackback says:

    I recently decided to move to a new apartment rather than stay in my current apartment or buy a house. It’s a bit of an upgrade for me, and it’s been a long time coming.

  55. Ben Popken says:

    Lucas writes:

    “My story is similar to the storys of other people that belived in a good quality service of asap van lines from chicago.
    I feel like they still my money becose they lied to me from the very beginig.
    I did the qoute on line and recived a lot of phone calls from many companies
    My choice went to asap van line becose they where so nice over the phone and they gave me a good price.
    First person from asap van lines i talk to was Max Nester the salesman.
    He told me that asap has certificate of bbb better busines bureau and they are well known company with trust.
    He gave me a good price of 1180 $ for moving studio size storage from river grove illinois to sunnyvale california.
    He promised that they will deliver my belongings on 26 of june.
    I paid the first rate of 236 and received contract with this first payment.
    After this i checked them out and fined out a lot of people have a problem with their service.
    They stopped answering my calls for several days.They contact me again to confirm a pick up date and time.
    My finance was in chicago and she went to supervising the pick up.
    She did not speek eanglish well so they let her wait abaut 5 hours in the meanwhile i spoke with them over the phone and they lied to me about pick up time .
    Originally the time was at 9 am in the morning then they said they will be there before 12pm and finally they showed up at 3pm.
    They took advantage on me with additional charges of 550$ for packing the furniture.My finance she did not understand well and she agree with it.
    I must say Max Nester told me that in the price of 1180 $ he includes securing of my stuff. They rip me off ….550 $ i still can not believe.
    Also they have been told that i am the owner and they have to contact me and only me regarding any decision or charges.
    I called the police in River Grove and made a report on them, because i knew it is a scam.I contact the lawyer and we are preparing case against asap van lines.
    The police in River Grove told me be careful and do pay the money until you receive the furniture.
    Again after a week a received a phonecall from asap that the truck is going to california and i have to next payment in amount of 550$ i really need my belongings so i decid topay the amaunt.So after a 2 weeks of no signs of life from asap i called them and fined out that i have to call another company and ask what is going on with my furniture.
    I called guy named joe at 1702 358 5352 and he told me they will deliver the furniture on the weekend 7 12 2008 or 7 13 2008.
    Today when im writing this e mail is 7/12/2008 and the truck driver from a different company called me and said that he will be there on sunday morning about 9 am and then i have to pay 948 $ in order to received my furniture. Next additional charges of 200$ and some dollars.
    Again i try to contact asap in the morning but they did not pick up the phone i left a message.
    the driver called me and said that he spoke with asap and this is the balance of 948$.
    Also asap knew that i am the owner and i could pay only over the phone using my mastercard. But the driver said they accept only money order scured checks or cash.
    Because of asap van lines lies and scamming i am forced to pay 1734$ instead of 1180$ in the contract.
    I have a 6 months old baby.They should deliver the furniture on 26 of june , My finance with baby arrived on 27 th june and my baby had to sleep on the carpet until they deliver the furniture.I am still waiting for my furniture and i have to pay the 1734$.I just talk to the driver and told him that i call the police in sunnyvale to be present on delivery.And i said that i will pay everything but i need evidence and report from them to claim my money after, he was not happy with that so i think maybe they do not deliver my stuff tomorrow.”