RESOLVED: Best Buy Either Voided Your XBOX Warranty Or Sold You A Used Unit

Dan, who Best Buy told his XBOX warranty was mysteriously voided and they wouldn’t accept his return, has a happy update:

Eventually after some higher-up Best Buy managers were informed of your story (and I believe as a result of that,) a regional manager called my wife (I was at work at the time.) He told her that I was welcome to return the XBox after all.

I never really pressed into trying to get them to track whether they had already taken that particular box as a return, etc. When I finally returned it, I was just so tired of the whole thing that I walked right out the door without trying to follow up on what really happened.

If you recall, Dan bought his XBOX in March, while the warranty had been activated in November, making it a possibility that the unit was used and sold as new.

Yay, money back. The power of public shaming. It sometimes gets companies to do the right thing they should have been doing when no one was watching.
Beware, corporations, cashiers, managers, salespeople, your next customer could be a Consumerist reader. — BEN POPKEN

PREVIOUSLY: Best Buy Either Voided Your XBOX Warranty Or Sold You A Used Unit
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