Kensington Sends Free Replacement Of Discontinued Trackball

Kensington customer service is nice. George searched all up in the internet’s biznatch but could nay find another trackball just like the one he had.

When he asked Kensington’s tech support if they would fix the sticky key in his, they sent him one for free!

Yippy skippy!

George writes:

I am a trackball user. I hate mice. And, I have had no problems with my wrist after 17 years of everyday computing.

Well, my Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro trackball is acting up. The left button is dying. It’s very difficult to drag and drop. I have a mouse connected too just in case it gets too frustrating.

Yesterday I went to Amazon to order a new one. To my dismay my model is discontinued. In fact, as far as I can tell there are very few trackballs manufactured these days. Not only that, even fewer wireless trackballs. (I gave up looking for a bluetooth trackball years ago. I should just make my own by modding a bluetooth mouse.

There were some used wireless trackballs on eBay, but they are about $170 dollars. Thats a little steep for me right now. One guy advertised a wireless mouse, I wrote him, and discovered it was not wireless!

Anyway, today I decided to write Kensingtion tech support. Maybe they’d fix it for me? Anyway, they wrote back and said that my model is discontinued. 😦 But, they will make a special exception and send me a replacement for free. Its not wireless though. Just the same, Kensington rocks! with its technical support. The new trackball is $100 value)


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