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National Average Gas Price up to $3.11 [Daily Fuel Economy Tip]
A day before the so called “National Gas Boycott,” the national average gas price has jumped to $3.11, tying the record set in September 2005 shortly after Hurricane Katrina damaged oil refineries in the Gulf Coast area.

Art pieces left on store shelves [BoingBoing]
Conrad Baker makes replicas of products, places them on shelves next to their real counterparts, takes a photo, then leaves the items on the shelves.

DIRECTV may plug into broadband over power lines [Ars Technica]
DIRECTV is poised to make another attempt to break into the broadband market, as CEO Chase Carey said that his company was likely to give broadband over power lines a shot.

Controversy with your coffee? [inside bay area]
Forever 21 and XXI clothing chains stamp the Bible quote “For God so loved the world …” on shopping bags. In-N-Out Burger has been serving up Scripture with its drinks and fries for 20 years. The biblical passages are on the bottom of its containers.

(Photo: Jeremy Brooks)


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  1. dragonflight says:

    The gas boycott article is late…today was the day the ill-conceived boycott was supposed to take place.

  2. Triteon says:

    @dragonflight: I concur. Enough with this bullshit already.

  3. @Triteon: I third that motion.

    I was spammed by several of my friends concerning this and I thought the idea of boycotting gas for one day is ridiculous. Just because they are not buying gas doesnt mean that they will not be using gas for things such as DRIVING. And then buying a whole bunch of gas the day before or after. What a waste.

    Why didnt these people ride their bikes to work that day or something? Stupid hippies. Think they are going to change the world.

  4. LAGirl says:

    “This consumer object replacement involved selecting specific consumer items, carving/painting replicas and reinserting them back into their original consumer context.”

    for the love of God, when are you going to listen to your parents and get a REAL job??

  5. Nytmare says:

    It’s called a hobby, LAGirl, some people have them instead of filling their whole day watching TV or posting comments on the internet.

  6. Youthier says:

    You mean the gas boycott didn’t work? As my husband said, “I’ll probably boycott gas the rest of the week. I filled up yesterday.”

  7. synergy says:

    That thing about placing products that look like real ones isn’t right. Does he leave empty bottles, I hope? Because I could buy a bottle of Round-up that’s really vinegar water or something, have it not work, and then I’d have to write an ugly letter to Round-Up and The Consumerist to bitch about it. ;)