Best Of Time Warner Cable

Your Internet Isn’t Working So We’re Sending A Tech To Disconnect Your Cable
“”So,” I ask, “You can disconnect our cable, but not reconnect it?”
And he leaves. I scream with rage.”

Time Warner Cable Install A Sisyphean Ordeal
“Called TWC to change the address for my service and was told that my apartment did not exist. Provided a signed copy of my lease, verifying existence of apartment. TWC asks for further verification. Obtained and mailed a NOTARIZED LETTER from the owner of the property verifying existence of apartment in a TWC-serviced area.”

Time Warner Cable Crosses Wires, Resulting in Large, Incompetent, Electrical Discharge
“Two days ago, a Texan walked into his local Time Warner office, dumped his cable box on their counter and announced he was cancelling his service. Yesterday, Time Warner called to ask when it would be a good time to come by and install his cable.”

Time Warner Cable Customer Service Staffed By Crackheads
“After he explained his plight, the first rep pretended to credit Jorge, and then pretended his computer went down. The next rep Jorge called demanded Jorge return his cable box and chastised him for stealing cable, even though Jorge had already returned the box months ago.”

TWC Tells Customer To Shove ‘A Pack Of Matches’ Under Broken Router
“By way of explanation the tech offered, “This is the nature of the beast,” and left.”

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