Best Of Time Warner Cable

Your Internet Isn’t Working So We’re Sending A Tech To Disconnect Your Cable
“”So,” I ask, “You can disconnect our cable, but not reconnect it?”
And he leaves. I scream with rage.”

Time Warner Cable Install A Sisyphean Ordeal
“Called TWC to change the address for my service and was told that my apartment did not exist. Provided a signed copy of my lease, verifying existence of apartment. TWC asks for further verification. Obtained and mailed a NOTARIZED LETTER from the owner of the property verifying existence of apartment in a TWC-serviced area.”

Time Warner Cable Crosses Wires, Resulting in Large, Incompetent, Electrical Discharge
“Two days ago, a Texan walked into his local Time Warner office, dumped his cable box on their counter and announced he was cancelling his service. Yesterday, Time Warner called to ask when it would be a good time to come by and install his cable.”

Time Warner Cable Customer Service Staffed By Crackheads
“After he explained his plight, the first rep pretended to credit Jorge, and then pretended his computer went down. The next rep Jorge called demanded Jorge return his cable box and chastised him for stealing cable, even though Jorge had already returned the box months ago.”

TWC Tells Customer To Shove ‘A Pack Of Matches’ Under Broken Router
“By way of explanation the tech offered, “This is the nature of the beast,” and left.”


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  1. bedofnails says:

    My confusion lies in how here in San Diego, TWC and COX service is only available to certain areas. This is to say, if you live one part of San Diego, you MUST have Cox, and if you live in another, you choke on the turd that is Time Warner.

    How is this legal? Especially since they offer different packages, prices, etc?

  2. tinychicken says:

    I know I got scolded for commenting on the picture instead of the article before but this one is f*cking priceless. BWAHAAHA!!!

  3. ungsunghero says:


    My thoughts exactly (re: the picture)!

    I have bookmarked this article; the next time I have to whine about Time Warner, I will visit this page to remind myself that I don’t have it nearly as bad as some customers do.

  4. Yaotl says:

    It’s not worth a post or anything, but I have my own small complaint about TWC.

    They’re self-install is bullshit. I wanted to do a self install of cable since I have Earthlink internet with them and I could see some channels with a splitter but not all. Because of that, I knew that the cable worked at least somewhat.

    I went to the actual store to pick up a kit and was told that since I never had cable myself, a tech would have to come out. I live in NYC. This is not my first apartment.

    Why did they ask if I had had cable and not check their records at least to see if the freakin’ apartment had had cable? I double checked their website and nothing about that was on there. I called customer service and they told me the same thing, with a snotty tone about how I could assume otherwise.

    I finally break down after Comedy Central disappears from my meager lineup and get cable installed. The tech comes out, checks nothing and hooks the box up. Works fine, total time was about 5 mins including him making two small coax cables there. Yay for $30 for nothing.

  5. aparsons says:

    Time Warner is the biggest sham ever. I live in NYC and called this week to get digital cable. they wanted $30 (!!!!) to send a tech to connect the box. I asked if I can save $30 by going to a Time Warner store, picking up the box, and then connecting it myself. Their answer – a resounding “NO.” Are you serious?!?! So Time Warner is charging me $90/month for cable + Internet and an extra $30 just because I want cable. Oh, and CNN is extra. Time Warner is such a scam.

  6. OMG is he smoking?!? haha. I hope that is a weed pipe and not a crack pipe.

    Where the hell do you get a photo opportunity like the one pictured above?

  7. MisterBrooks says:

    The biggest mistake i have ever made was picking up the phone to order service from TW. I thought that it would be a good idea because it was such a big company and all the people in my area have it. I even remember how my dear sweet mother would call them up with some complaints and get credits to her bill, or call up and and threaten to cancel if they tried to upcharge after an introductory price expired.
    So I called them up and since i was in the mood for getting things accomplished that day I agreed to a reasonable cable,internet,phone package, set up a date for instalation, and paid by creditcard. I even felt a sliver of satisfaction and fulfillment.
    But my renegade behavior earned me an earful and apparently the basic package i had ordered was too expensive for my wifes tastes so she wanted me to call back and get it lowered. So I put on my haggeling shoes and picked up the phone. I called in and said that I would have to cancel because the price was not a good deal and I could get a better deal with someone else. I even pulled the old “well my neighbor does business with you and he gets a better monthly rate”.
    I was surprised when the guy just said “ok, your all canceled up and your credit card has been refunded.” What?? I thought they would try something, maybe throw in some free hbo for a month, but he just cancelled it all.
    Oh well! I ordered some dish network right after that (for a better price) and case closed right? Wrong!!! it seems when they tell you that they are going to refund your creditcard what they really mean is..the war has just begun.
    So I wait 1 full week, chech my account every day and my credit card has still not been refunded. I call customer service and Shaniqwa (whom I can barely understand, although apparently her native tongue is english) tells me that there has been a mistake (duh!) and my card will be refunded but it may take up to 48 hours to go through. I guess the little guys only get the power to charge cards and to get a refund i guess the big whigs get a majority vote or something. So problem solved!………….or so i thought.
    2 days later no refund leads to call number 2. I like to call this part no accountability phase. Rep #1 doesnt understand, Supervisor #1 says it should have been taken care of and tells me to call my bank. I call my bank and tell them that i want to disbute this charge because it is for a service that i will never use and have already cancelled. The bad news is that i have to wait 30 days and if they havent refunded by then, my bank can start the process.
    Next day I make my daily call and talk to Supervisor #2 he says he is sending an email to the office that is responsible and he will call me back by end of business and he even gives me his number to his desk 919-573-7313 (which he never answered the 3 times i called him).
    No call, no returned emails leads to another call, this time to corporate 212-364-8200 where i met the lovely Barbara. Now Barbara is only a middlewoman although she is a supervisor. I knew she probably wouldnt be of any dragonslaying help but she was compassionate and i do felt like she cared. Thank you Barbara! I hope to see you on this forum as a former TW employee someday soon because its not you i hate, its the evil monopoly machine you work for. She promised a call back the next day.
    What do you know? antoher day still no call back. Barbara you promised! ;(
    At this point i knew i probably wasnt going to win this war alone so i called in some artillery in the form of a Better Business Beaureau complaint. Still waiting on those boys to start the shelling.
    These days i call and bother the same 4-10 people who give me the same runaround and promise me a call back, i send emails into the Time Warner Customer service abyss. Sometimes i sit in the late afternoon and stare at my phone like a lonely schoolgirl waiting for her crush to call.
    Now i am not a cold hearted deviant who is a menace to customer service abroad. I am just your average Joe who is out $126.05, and in a stalemate with TW. I understand that the employees are helpless because of a lack of training but if every employee just had 1% of competency then all my calls and efforts would have added up to 100% by now and i could move on with me life.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Here are just a couple of quick but (now) hilarious examples of TW failures I’ve been a party to:

    We have digital cable, RR internet, and digital phone service with TW. At one point our phone service went out; no big deal as long as there’s no emergency. I understand these things happen. So we call (via cell phone) and schedule a tech to come out fairly soon (within a few days). Again, no complaints so far. The time of the appointment comes and goes: no one shows. We call again to find out what happened. Turns out the tech did show because he tried to call to confirm the appointment and he could not reach us. Let me restate that: He didn’t come to fix our phone because he couldn’t reach us on the phone that didn’t work.

    Also, recently we had a new furnace installed. During the installation the tech doing to work explained that the signal booster TW installed would have to moved somewhere else. Why? He explained that the booster was plugged into an outlet on the furnace. He told us “That’s not only pretty dangerous, but illegal.” Way to go TW installation guy!