2.5 Million GE Potentially Flammable Dishwashers Recalled

A plague of burning dishwashers sounds like something that would happen after the 6th seal has been opened, but no. It’s real and it’s happening now. You may have a dishwasher in your very home that is, at this very second, thinking about lighting itself on fire. From the CPSC:

GE has received 191 reports of overheated wiring including 56 reports of property damage. There were 12 reports of fires that escaped the dishwasher. Fire damage was limited to the dishwasher or the adjacent area. No injuries have been reported.

This recall involves a huge number of dishwashers, so you’ll want to check this list to see if your GE dishwasher is part of the recall. If it is: “stop using the recalled dishwashers and contact General Electric for a free repair, a $150 rebate towards the purchase of a new GE dishwasher, or a $300 rebate towards the purchase of a new GE Profile or GE Monogram dishwasher.”

You can call them at (877) 607-6395 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Saturday.to let them know all the ways they’ve disappointed you. Or, if you’re more passive, you can visit their website: www.geappliances.com. —MEGHANN MARCO

General Electric Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard [CPSC]


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  1. quantum-shaman says:

    GE? Ha!! That’s what you get for buying their crapular products. I haven’t had a GE product yet that didn’t have a meltdown. I absolutely refuse to buy another, beginning about 15 years ago.

  2. mantari says:

    Almost as much of a crime? (see picture) Someone decided that ‘bisque’ was a great color for appliances. It is a color that only a straight man could love.

  3. B says:

    I thought straight men only liked things colored chrome or black, or camouflage.

  4. Youthier says:

    @mantari: You would not believe the number of people who want this hideous color! It’s absolutely insane the amount of demand there is for it.

  5. chrisgoh says:

    Damn, we have the same one in the picture and the model numbers match up. On the plus side, we were thinking about upgrading anyway, so we would get an automatic $300 off a profile series. BTW, we’ve been very happy with our GE dishwasher and stove.

  6. zentec says:

    In shining example of corporate America’s thinking, this problem has been turned into a profit line. $150 rebate on a $400 dishwasher, $300 rebate on a Profile line retailing at over $1200 or you get to wait TWELVE weeks for the free repair all the while cautioning you that the dishwasher should not be used.

    One of these gems was installed by the builder. I’m thinking of just yanking it out and putting in another brand since these bozos want me to wait so long and I’ll have to take a day off work in order to be home for the repair.

  7. chrisgoh says:

    BTW, ours is white, not bisque.

  8. tkozikow says:

    Interesting…this is our second GE dishwasher to be recalled and we used a similar rebate in 2000 to purchase the current one. The $300 rebate is not bad for a midgrade Profile with ‘Quiet Power 3’ – $499 in black at Home Depot, but not for the $1200 model my wife would prefer. The timing is right since we are starting a kitchen remodel in June.

  9. minneapolisite says:

    @quantum-shaman: Some of us can’t select a home based on the appliances, and can’t afford to replace the appliances immediately upon closing. Unfortunately, I have a crappy dishwasher that does not fall into the scope of this rebate. Damn!

  10. Antediluvian says:

    @mantari: To be fair, it could be a color-balance problem w/ the photo.

    Also, is the color “bisque” considered “off-almond” or “off-beige”?

  11. quantum-shaman says:

    @minneapolisite: I know! We just bought a home recently. I got up to look, an damn if the dishwasher wasn’t a GE. I checked the serial number and I’m safe, at least from spontaneous DW combustion. I am sure the thing’s gonna pop a hose, flood the kitchen, and electrocute me. Just like in Final Destination.

  12. B says:

    Yea, I hope it’s a color-balance problem. Otherwise they painted their cabinets to match the dishwasher.

  13. Dustbunny says:

    That’s just great. I have a GE dishwasher that looks just like this one, except it’s black. I turned it on this morning before I left for work. I look forward to returning home to a pile of ashes.

  14. Buran says:

    I have one of those and I know about this recall. It’s related to the rinse-agent compartment potentially leaking. My answer is those packets of combo detergent and rinse agent that you drop in the detergent side of the hopper, which is apparently safe.

    I tried to sign up for work via the website but at the time I tried it spit out a server error. I do plan to try again, but for now since I’m not using the rinse-agent compartment I’m not worried — but I still don’t run a load of dishes when I’m not home.

  15. FLConsumer says:

    “Friends don’t let friends buy GE” — from another forum.

    I have a GE dishwasher which looks similar to the picture but doesn’t appear to be included in the recall (‘though now I don’t trust it). It came with the place when I bought it…and honestly, it’s probably the best GE dishwasher I’ve ever used. Nowhere near my Bosch dishwasher at my other home, but it’s a GE…

    $1200 for a GE dishwasher?!? Go buy a Bosch or Miele if you’re going to be spending that much dough.

  16. jgpenzen says:

    This is the exact same problem that caused Maytag to recall dishwashers about 2 months ago. I’m still on the list to get it fixed. I wonder if GE and Maytag get rinse-aid dispensers from the same place?


  17. dazzla says:

    This includes dishwashers sold under the Kenmore, Hotpoint and Eterna brands.

    I recently had a repair to my Kenmore dishwasher that looks just like the picture. The connections to the heater element had overheated and burnt out. Can’t wait to get home and see if the model numbers match up.

  18. AcidReign says:

    …..My house had a GE dishwasher that came with it. It had the annoying habit of the door not sealing good at times, and it would spew soapy water at a nearby electrical outlet. When the GE’s main motor died, we celebrated, and went out and bought a Maytag Jetclean.

    …..My parents bought a GE side by side fridge two years ago, and have had to replace a logic board three times, and the entire freezer door once. I’ve got a simple, no ice-maker late 1980s Maytag fridge that has yet to have its first service call!

  19. John Markos O'Neill says:

    We have a recalled dishwasher in our rented apartment. When I called the hotline, the very polite customer service representative was unsure whether I could schedule a repair because I don’t actually *own* the dishwasher. However, after she spoke with her supervisor, common sense prevailed and she scheduled a repair for a week from today.

    In addition, she said that my landlord would be eligible for the rebate despite the fact that the unit is being repaired.

  20. LAGirl says:

    GE…we bring good things to livin’, we bring good things to life.

    oh wait. no we don’t.

  21. creativecstasy says:

    Psst, your link at the end of the post is broken.

  22. Plasmafire says:

    Thanks a freaking lot GE. Your nothing but freaking terrorists. Our last dishwasher, one on your damn recall list. Your damn dishwasher caught fire and burned. We had to replace the damn thing, at our cost. A full decade of building flamming dishwashers and not even an apology.

    I’ve been to my local GE HQ and guess what consumerists, GE does not have a single GE product in its own Medical Training Compound. Not One, you see a lot of Japanese products in the training headquarters of GE medical. If that’s not an admission of failure I don’t know what is.

  23. promptress says:

    we make the things that make your life a pain in the ass…my dishwasher was also among the recall, worked great till the recall service performed, now it does not work at all, and I have to wait another week before another “technician” can look at it…when I pressed them about why I should have to wait so long to fix a problem THEY created, I was told..”we have 2.5 million customers to take care of”. translation: you mean nothing. buyer beware of GE and their knock off brands. They can’t produce, mange or repair their own products.

  24. Barbara3212 says:

    First, I’m the victim of a GE fire dishwasher recall. Second, I’m a victim of a $1,200.00 replaced GE dishwasher. Thirdly, I’m a victim of a brand new GE dishwasher that does not clean my dishes. Fourthly, I am a victim of the GE dishwasher service call – or I should say can’t get anyone to service the GE dishwasher. Fifthly, I’m a victim of the GE Corporate Crap. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER GE PRODUCT! I truly believe that GE should stand for “Get Even” – I wish I could….how about you????

  25. davidgreig says:

    If you elect to have the GE sanctioned repairman repair your dishwasher in your house, stand over his shoulder and watch his every move. The insulation (sound-deadening) was removed and replaced with “insulation” about the consistency of a piece of kleenex.

    GE now says “it is what it is”, despite the fact that we now no longer have a quiet dishwasher. In fact, the dishwasher we have now is not the one we paid for. If this is the type of shoddy workmanship I can expect from GE, it will be the last GE appliance I will purchase.