Time Warner Cable Lies And Says They Showed Up At Your House, When They Really Didn't

Jon’s was trying to get his cable line repaired with Time Warner Cable. The missed appointments were bad enough, but the worst was when Time Warner tried to argue with Jon that they had shown up for an appointment and Jon wasn’t there and didn’t answer his doorbell or pick up his phone.

There are 4 problems with this:

1) Jon was home all day and heard no doorbell
2) His desk faces the window so he would’ve seen a truck
3) Sprint confirmed that he received absolutely no calls during this time period
4) His landlord was sitting in a chair outside the whole day and would’ve let the tech in

Jon is fed up and looking into getting DSL with Speakeasy. Unfortunately, they’ll take two weeks to come out, and Jon runs two internet startups. Not a fun proposition either way. — BEN POPKEN

Time Warner Cable NYC – Could they be more inept or evil? [Destructuring]

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