NY Sues Dell For So-Called "Award-Winning Service"

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is suing Dell, alleging deceptive marketing.
The computer manufacturer promises “award-winning service” available “24 hours a day, seven days a week,” but customers have to navigate a labyrinth to get any help. Dell also led customers to think they qualified for zero percent financing when very few people did, and some customers ended up paying 20% on the computer, the suit says.

The suit seeks an injunction against Dell and unspecified damages for consumers.

Dell replied to the accusations saying, “We are confident that our practices will be found to be fair and appropriate… “While even one dissatisfied customer is too many, the allegations in the Attorney General’s filing are based upon a small fraction of Dell’s consumers.”

The complaints listed here and elsewhere put that statement into question. — BEN POPKEN

Dell Hell: Computer Giant Faces Consumer Lawsuit [ABC] (Thanks to pangeloni!)