If You've Ever Wondered Why Brooklyn Smells Like Piss

A postman threw what looked like a piss-filled glove right in front of us on the street yesterday.

We were rounding the corner of 5th ave and Union and passing right by a parked USPS truck. The postman inside tossed a blue glove out the door onto the asphalt, and we glanced over to see a yellow liquid pouring out.

We quickly snagged a cameraphone shot of the mess, and one of the truck as it sped away.

Not content with mere visuals, we knelt and dipped our finger tips in the liquid. Raising them to our nose, they didn’t smell like urine. We have some minor allergies going on, but not all urine emits a strong odor. Results inconclusive.

Full-size pics, inside…


We don’t begrudge the postman his right to relieve himself in this inventive fashion, but at least throw it in the trash. — BEN POPKEN

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