Farecast Can Save You $50

Our favorite airfare-watching site Farecast is finally out of beta and its predictions/recommendations have been certified by an independent firm as being around 74.5% accurate, which is much better than our previous method of just guessing.

For those of you who don’t yet understand the glory of Farecast, it’s a website that graphs the price fluctuations of whatever flight you’re interested in, then tells you when to buy to get the best price. So cool.

According to their press release, Farecast’s savings were an average of $50 for the typical user. We believe it. —MEGHANN MARCO

Farecast Launches New Tools to Help Savvy Travelers Catch Elusive Airfare Price Drops This Summer (Press Release)


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  1. tentimesodds says:

    Is this better than kayak?

  2. Canadian Impostor says:

    They seem to have some sort of price guard where you can hold a low price and get a refund if the price rises. Weird.

  3. amalgamator says:

    It seems that it can only guess airfares to larger airports. All the ones I tried it coudn’t tell me if it was a good price. Also,the prices it found were higher than what I was finding using my “tried and true” methods.

  4. bedofnails says:

    Can it predict how long I’ll be sitting on the runway?