Baroody To Receive $150,000 Pay Off From National Association of Manufacturers

This is re-goddamn-diculous. From the New York Times (emphasis ours):

A senior lobbyist at the National Association of Manufacturers nominated by President Bush to lead the Consumer Product Safety Commission will receive a $150,000 departing payment from the association when he takes his new government job, which involves enforcing consumer laws against members of the association.

This guy has no business being the head of the CPSC. The reason there is a Consumer Products Safety Commission in the first place is so that there is something to keep tabs on people like Michael Baroody and the companies he represents.

Mr. Baroody said in the letter that the payment would not prevent him from considering matters involving individual companies that are members of the manufacturers’ association, many of whom are defendants in agency proceedings over defective products or have other business before the commission. Nor would it preclude him from involvement with smaller trade groups like those representing makers of home appliances and children’s products that have alliances with the association.

Oh no, $150k won’t influence his opinion. It doesn’t need to, his opinions are already known. He’s a lobbyist, for pete’s sake.

Incidentally, lest you think that the money is a pittance to Baroody, his salary is $154,600. —MEGHANN MARCO

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  1. He says:

    He’s definitely the lobbiest lobbyist I know. If it were a competition, he’d be a lobbeast.

  2. quantum-shaman says:

    While I agree that Baroody’s new job is like putting the fox in charge of the chickens, where are you getting your compensation numbers? They’re WAAAY off-base. There is no way in hell that the EVP of a trade association the size of NAM is getting only $154,600 in base salary. NO WAY. The $150k was probably a contingency of his employment agreement.

  3. rhombopteryx says:

    No big deal, that’s only one year worth of his salary. Worst case – he’s bought off for a year. I’m sure he’ll be _very_ independent for the next six of the seven years that he’ll be working for us to make up for it.

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    Does he still have to go through Senate/Congressional approval?

  5. quantum-shaman says:

    Just to give you a more realistic sense of trade association executive pay, Baroody’s cash compensation was over $450K for FY05. This is public information.

  6. oldhat says:

    Great countries and empires are not destroyed overnight.

    Nope, it takes lots of small and larger acts of corruption like this one to do the trick.

    That’s what this is: Corruption.

    Yes, children, the same type of corruption that let the Chinese poison your little fluffy. This is how it works.

    Makes me want to reconsider my position on the death penalty.

  7. Tallanvor says:

    @quantum-shaman: Maybe the $154,600 is what he’d make heading the CPSC?

  8. Art Vandelay says:

    Just one more entry on the list detailing why Bush is the worst president in American history. I would say this is so illogical it makes no sense, but in all honesty, it’s the M.O. of this administration and par for the course.

  9. rhombopteryx says:


    From NYT (not linked in main article.)

    As chairman of the commission, Mr. Baroody’s salary would be $154,600. With the severance payment and an additional lump sum of $44,571 for unused leave time, Mr. Baroody would receive $349,171 this year. That amount, which excludes Mr. Baroody’s pension and retirement payments, nearly matches the $344,607 salary that Mr. Baroody earned as the second-highest-paid executive at the association last year.

    article @

  10. amed01 says:

    Give this guy a few grand and he’ll see nothing wrong with the company that markets bags of broken glass as kids toys.

  11. quantum-shaman says:

    @rhombopteryx: Okey dokey. Now it makes sense. $154.6 base is totally reasonable for the head of the CPSC. It would be extremely interesting to know how he’s going to make up the rest of the cash.

  12. Yourhero88 says:

    This is like putting the president of Phillip Morris in charge of the FDA… sort of.

  13. MeanMachine says:

    Baroody doody fo foody, me, my mo moody bee by bo boody…Baroody!

  14. quantum-shaman says:

    @MeanMachine: Your one liners are priceless.

  15. tinychicken says:

    That’s like someone appointing me to watch over all the chicken nuggets. Mmmm…nuggets.

  16. dotorg greg says:

    The Times also mentioned the likelihood that Baroody will be slipped into the job when Congress is in recess, since opposition is mounting against him in the Senate.

    That means he will be take office without Senate approval, and his recess appointment will continue until the end of the next session of Congress, the 111th, which ends in 2011 [the 110th ends jan. 3, 2009.]

    this is, at least less worse than having him serve his entire 7-year term. Of course, it’s also possible for the [next] president to remove a CPSC commissioner “for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office but for no other cause.”

    I guess that makes it important to start documenting Baroody’s neglect of duty and malfeasance. Should keep a few people busy.

  17. Datacloud says:

    I sent an email to both of my senators, just to be on the safe side.


  18. Bay State Darren says:

    This is one thing I like about living in the left-wingest state in the Union. I’m pretty sure ou senators’ll vote against him.

  19. SteveD1of1 says:

    @Datacloud: Thanks for emailing your senators!

    If everyone on this board takes 5 minutes (max) to email something to their two (yes, every state has two) U.S. senators, we might create some kind of ripple effect that keeps this idiot from taking office.

    IIRC, every single letter/phone call/email from an individual constituent to a U.S. Senator is equal to 1,000 (or so) people who feel the same way but decline to submit their opinions.

    Isn’t consumer protection worth a few minutes worth of your time?

  20. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    White House Press Release:

    Making sure consumer protections are properly afforded to American consumers would be a victory to the terrorists.

    Bush is more of a fuckhead than I thought.

  21. mac-phisto says:

    @dotorg greg: yeah, it’d be nice if they spent a little time tightening up that loophole wouldn’t it?

  22. TechnoDestructo says:

    Christ, is this even a surprise? The Bush administration has, from the start, been about squeezing as many foxes as will fit into the henhouse.

  23. dotorg greg says:

    The grim possibility that Baroody gets a recess appointment shouldn’t stop anyone from calling her senators and letting them know this is a lobbyist too far.

    This guy is the John Bolton of the CPSC, and raising the political temperature and the level of scrutiny that he’d face if he actually takes office seems like an important cause.

    Unless you hate helpless babies or something.

  24. PhilK says:

    We shouldn’t even have to tell our representatives this is a bad idea, it seems pretty god damned obvious to anyone with 1/4 of a brain.

    That said, I’m going to anyway.

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  26. hibiscusroto says:

    c’mon guys…he seems like a good guy…give ’em a chance (just kidding WE ARE SCREWED)