Watch Out If Your Credit Card Gets Sold To SST Card Services, Cause They're A Total Freakin' Scam

Consumer complaints are mounting against SST Card Services for deceptive and unlawful billing practices.

Many of these consumers were Providian customers, who say they were dutifully paying off their debts, found their accounts sold to SST.

Their whole game seems to be to put your account in default so they can charge you the maximum allowable default rate of 29.99%.

SST does this by arbitrarily lowering your credit limit, misplacing balance transfer checks, and misplacing payments. Their online billpay system is error prone and locks people out, resulting in a late fees of $39 (you can pay by phone, but it’ll cost you $10 extra). People who try to close their accounts out are assessed arbitrary finance charges. People who complain are treated with rude customer service who tell them to take their credit balance elsewhere if they don’t like it.

Anyone finding their account sold to SST Card Services should follow this sage advice.

UPDATE: Sounds like some kind of fly-by-night, boiler room operation, right? Actually, according to their About page, SST Card Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank. Booooh. — BEN POPKEN

SST [Official Site]

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