Most And Least Improved Companies In Customer Satisfaction Since 1994

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We're obsessed excited by this ACSI data so let's slice it another way!

We’re obsessed excited by this ACSI data so let’s slice it another way!

Here’s the Best and Worst on the ACIS Q1 2007 index, based on how much their customer satisfaction score has improved or worsened relative to their competitors since 1994, when the study began.

Airlines: Continental +3
Cable & Satellite TV: DirecTV -4.3
Cellphone Service: T-mobile +9.4
Cellphone Makers: Motorola +2.9
Energy Utilities: Sempra Energy +19.4
Fixed Line Telephone Service: Verizon -1.4
Hotels: Holiday Inn +4.3
Limited Service Restaurants: Domino’s +11.9

Airlines: Delta -23.4
Cable & Satellite TV: Charter Communications -12.7
Cellphone Makers: Samsung -4.1
Cellphone Service: AT&T/Cingular -2.9
Energy Utilities: Ameren Corporation -26.9
Fixed Line Telephone Service: AT&T -17.6
Hotels: Ramada -1.4
Limited Service Restaurants: Papa John’s, Starbucks +1.3

You may be surprised to see stastics that don’t jive with your personal experience with the company. That’s because you’re just one person while these numbers are based on interviews with around 80,000 other people. — BEN POPKEN

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