Most And Least Improved Companies In Customer Satisfaction Since 1994

We’re obsessed excited by this ACSI data so let’s slice it another way!

Here’s the Best and Worst on the ACIS Q1 2007 index, based on how much their customer satisfaction score has improved or worsened relative to their competitors since 1994, when the study began.

Airlines: Continental +3
Cable & Satellite TV: DirecTV -4.3
Cellphone Service: T-mobile +9.4
Cellphone Makers: Motorola +2.9
Energy Utilities: Sempra Energy +19.4
Fixed Line Telephone Service: Verizon -1.4
Hotels: Holiday Inn +4.3
Limited Service Restaurants: Domino’s +11.9

Airlines: Delta -23.4
Cable & Satellite TV: Charter Communications -12.7
Cellphone Makers: Samsung -4.1
Cellphone Service: AT&T/Cingular -2.9
Energy Utilities: Ameren Corporation -26.9
Fixed Line Telephone Service: AT&T -17.6
Hotels: Ramada -1.4
Limited Service Restaurants: Papa John’s, Starbucks +1.3

You may be surprised to see stastics that don’t jive with your personal experience with the company. That’s because you’re just one person while these numbers are based on interviews with around 80,000 other people. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. mikyrok says:

    Cable & Satellite TV: DirecTV -4.3

    So the best was -4.3

    Way to go Cable/Sat Providers.

  2. mikesfree says:

    I dont understand what you are presenting, mainly because of the direct tv being a negative number.

  3. JDAC says:


    I may be wrong, but I suspect all the negative number companies are the best of a rotten bunch. They’re getting worse, but Verizon/DirecTV but they’re still the best you can get.

    Go service!

  4. JDAC says:

    @JDAC: Yeesh, read before posting…

    They’re getting worse, but Verizon/DirecTV are still the best you can get.

  5. oldhat says:

    I miss T-Mobile. I wish they had better cell coverage. I read that they bought up a nice swath of the public radio spectrum (don’t get me started) so maybe things will improve.

    (sprint sux)

  6. JDAC says:

    Ah fuck, never mind, I completely misread the article, sorry for the (now) 3 useless posts.

  7. yg17 says:

    “You may be surprised to see stastics that don’t jive with your personal experience with the company.”

    Nope, they match my experiences 100% :D

  8. baduncadonk says:

    I spent 27 minutes on hold this very morning with Delta, just trying to get my SkyMiles account number.

    The very nice, but very Indian woman who finally answered had a difficult time communicating in English and it took another 7 minutes for her to find my SkyMiles number.

    Finally, she was not allowed to change my address in their system and instructed me to send a request via postal letter to an offline address.

    I hadn’t flown Delta in a few years and now remember why :-(

  9. mattbrown says:

    I’ve had really good experience with Samsung’s CS. If they’re the “worst,” then de-feather me and call me a chicken. weeeeeeee hawwwwww!

  10. rhanzelka says:

    We (wife and myself) entered a two year contract (that we understood at
    the time to be a one year contract)with Direct TV in late 2007. Big mistake!
    I have had problems with the service from the beginning. It started with
    shoddy installation that prohibited me from locking my home and protecting
    my family and valuables from break in. We are plagued with downtime due to
    faulty equipment that won’t even last through the contract period. When we
    request service on their defective equipment, they tell us they are going to
    charge us to fix their equipment. I had cablevision for 30 years prior to
    getting screwed by Direct TV. This is the worst service coupled with the
    worst product I have ever been stuck with in my entire life. The worst thing
    that ever happened with cablevision was being down for 2-3 hours once every
    year or two because of a down line. When I call Direct TV for service, they
    tell me it will be a week to ten days before they can get to me. So I am
    without television for that long but am still charged for it. I am also
    expected to take four to eight hours out of my work day every time Direct TV
    comes to my home. The last time I was told service would be performed
    between eight o’clock in the morning and noon. The technician did not even
    arrive onsite until 12:10 p.m. Service was not performed until after the
    agreed upon time that it would be completed. That was just two week ago. Now
    the service is broken again and we are told it will be another week before
    they can come to fix it. How long will the FCC go on allowing Direct TV to
    cheat and take advantage of customers? I would love to have the opportunity
    to do a commercial for cable television. After being subjected to customer
    service as poor as Direct TV, I know what the worst is. And to top it all
    off, when my wife negotiated this contract with Direct TV she was told that
    it was a one year agreement. Two weeks ago when we had trouble the last
    time, we were informed that it was a two year and not a one year contract
    that we originally agreed to. I suppose we can throw a little deceptive
    in for good measure… huh? This is the worst experience I have ever had
    with any vendor in my 50 years and I will make sure I tell everybody that
    has ears to hear.