Free Online Mortgage Calculator

All Financial Matters has a nifty online tool for comparing different mortgages.

Simply enter the amount borrowed, the interest rate, your expected annual savings ROR, and the expected annual appreciation. The calculator spits out the periodic rate, monthly payments, total payments, total interest paid and monthly savings. It will also show you the savings account value, value of house, amount still owed on the house, and your total net worth.

The tool makes several assumptions about your investing, so check out the disclaimers first.

A decent tool for quickly getting a rough picture of how different mortgages will play out depending on their term. — BEN POPKEN

MortgageComparisonsXL [All Financial Matters]


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  1. bluedevil2k says:

    It’s not an accurate picture if you don’t include the tax deductions for paying mortgage interest.

  2. Helpful_Guy says:

    I also like to use the host of free calculators at [url][/url]

  3. Helpful_Guy says:

    Whopsy guys…I tired to make that click-able but I think I broke it…let’s try that again.