InFocus Wants $125 To Replace Plastic Part Smaller Than A Quarter

George has an Infocus model C170 video projector. The “leveling foot,” (a piece of plastic that seems to be no more valuable than a poker chip), split in half. George called InFocus, thinking that it would be easy to replace. Not so. George writes:

The leveling foot on my Infocus model C170 video project split in half. It is no bigger than a coat button. I their customer service department (800-294-6400) and after several transfers was told that it would be a minimum of $125 to have this part replace and I must send them the projector to have it replaced.
This is a less than $1.00 part that I can put on in less than a minute and they want to charge me $125 for it.

Are leveling feet made of some rare plastic that only grows in the foothills of the Himalayas? —MEGHANN MARCO