Walmart Evicts Shoplifters Wearing Signs Reading "I Am A Thief I Stole From Walmart"

Convicted shoplifters are no longer welcome at Walmart, even if they wear signs proclaiming: “I am a thief, I stole from Walmart.” Walmart was initially gung-ho about the decision to publicly shame the thieves, and even planned to keep the signs for future use. Their dreams of shoplifter shame now lie slightly worn at the return desk after a Walmart attorney told Judge Kenneth Robertson that the shoplifters were persona non grata at Walmart.

Robertson said the attorney said WalMart was afraid “that people might try to run [the shoplifters] down or throw something at them.”

Walmart does not want blood on their hands parking lots. Judge Robertson has ordered the shoplifters to finish their sentence outside his courthouse, where they apparently can’t be run down or have things thrown at them. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Wal-Mart: No shoplifters, even the kind with signs [AP]
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(Photo: Dave Hyatt, The Gadsden Times via AP and USA Today)

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