No, We Didn't Install That Satellite Dish, The One On Your Roof You Didn't Order That Says "Dish Network"

Jane came home to find a Dish Network receiver on her roof. Jane never ordered service from Dish Network, and isn’t sure why she suddenly has a satellite dish on her roof. Dish Network isn’t sure, either.

Dish Network has no record of Jane in their system. They referred her to three Dish Network installation affiliates, but the affiliates hadn’t installed any dishes at Jane’s address. Jane asked the local police department for help, but they said it wasn’t a police matter. Frustrated and wanting the dish off her roof, Jane offered to send the receiver back to Dish Network. Because they have no record of installation, they won’t accept delivery.

Pictures and the email address for Dish Network’s CEO, after the jump…

Jane’s email:

My husband and I came home Monday from work and discussed a Dish Network 500 that had been installed on our roof — AND WE DIDN’T order it!

I contacted Dish Network and they passed me from one person to another with little help, stating I was not in their database. No, I wouldn’t be, would I, if I didn’t order it! They gave me contacts info of affiliates in the Plano, Texas area who install their equipment, but none of the 3 companies turned up anything.

The Customer Solutions (an oxymoron if ever there was) department of Dish Network 500 suggested I call the local police and file a police report. When I phoned the Plano Police Dept. they suggested it was not a police matter but if I wanted to file a judgment against Dish Network 500 in civil court I could pursue that avenue and gave me the number.

I even offered to personally remove it from my roof and ship it to Dish Network 500, but the so-called Damage Control dept. didn’t want it because they said they didn’t install it. So it appears to be of NO VALUE to them, not even the flimsy $100 it may be worth!

I am going to contact a local news affiliate and report this to their consumer investigative dept. and see what happens.

Got any suggestions?

If escalating through customer service isn’t helping, shoot straight for the top. Email Charles Ergen, CEO and Chairman of the Board for EchoStar Communications, the company that owns Dish Network. He can be reached at: You should also confirm that Dish Network isn’t about to start billing for service you didn’t request.

Photos of the dish:




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