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Image courtesy of Not_Seth_Brundle asks: "Was I the only one who went into this thinking "Handy Manny" WAS the porno?"

  • New Jersey Comcast Shows Porn Instead Of Disney Channel
    Not_Seth_Brundle asks: “Was I the only one who went into this thinking “Handy Manny” WAS the porno?

  • Man Convicted of In-Flight Felony: His “Face Was Pressed To Vaginal Area”
    Kerry says: “Y’know, I’d think keeping your head in her lap would defeat the terrorists once and for all. Poor guy, just trying to have some fun.

  • All The Computer Tech Needed To Do Was Reconnect A Power Cable. Cost? $59.99, $69.99, $119.99 and $275!
    Harleymcc wonders: “…if you don’t take your system in, how can the techs get porn?

  • Is Everybody Ready For $4 Gas?
    GitEmSteveDave says: “I listen to a lot of talk radio, and they always seem to find two idiots who say that whenever they interview people for these stories. And I always yell at the radio.

  • Calculate The Surface Area Of Pizza To Locate The Best Deal?
    Trai_dep says: “Getting a free pizza because of geometry skills is about as likely as hearing, “Take my virginity, Algebra Boy!”

    Sure nice thought to keep the boys focused and in school. But. No.

  • “Cocaine” Energy Drink Withdrawn Because Everyone Hates Its Name
    Rectilinear Propagation notes: “But the potato chips can’t simulate the feeling of parking illegaly.

  • Are You Paying $60 A Year For Water Pumped Into Chicken?
    Tinychicken says: “Ewww…chicken water. What a fowl thought.

  • Customer Gets 30 Months Prison After Geek Squad Finds Child Porn On His Computer
    LittleJoe says: “If someone found a dead hooker in the back of someone’s car at the auto shop you wouldnt hear people going “well why was the tech in the trunk?”

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