Ben On XM Satellite Radio Today

Tune int o Channel 169 “Mario Armstrong’s Digital Spin,” on XM Radio this afternoon to hear Ben jaw about some of our recent scoops. We should be on around 3:35 PM eastern. This will be our second time riding a satellite and we look forward to the experience. — BEN POPKEN

(Illustration: Encyclopedia Britannica)


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  1. DrTweeker says:

    too bad that’s not one of the channels available on the 3-day trial :

  2. Sonnymooks says:

    Its funny, I own stock in both XM and Sirus, and yet do not have satellite radio.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Listen in. We’re talking about cellphone reps adding on services to your plan you didn’t ask for. Good stuff. (I’m holding as we’re on commercial break right at this moment).