Xbox360 Tells Customer "I Am Laughing At You" And Hangs Up

Is Xbox360 like the most fault-prone device in the history of video gaming or what? As if in a deliberate attempt to add injury to insult to injury, Microsoft provided only a 90-day warranty, AND staffed their call centers with a goodly numbers of jerks. To wit, this recent conversation Richard had when trying to get his Xbox360 fixed under warranty repair:

“Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.”

I responded, “you are what?”

And he enunciated, “I am laughing at YOU.”

(Photo: Tengaport)

Whaaat? Why is he laughing? Why would anyone say such a thing?

Richard writes:


My wife bought me an Xbox 360 from EB games in April of 2005. She bought it early enough that I was one of two people to get the premium system day of release from that particular EB games. I picked up the Xbox on Nov 11th and all was right with the world. Critics were lamenting its whopping 90 day warranty, possibly the biggest joke Microsoft ever pulled… on gamers. I was happy with my 360, counting the days after those initial 90 days… just waiting for it to break.

Then in November Microsoft retro extended every ones 360 warranty to ONE YEAR!!! Unfortunately it was instituted 7 days or so after mine would have expired anyway. So… still no warranty.

Then in March of 2007… it finally happens. I am playing Marvel Alliances and the screen goes green… then black. No red lights of doom, just no video. Could hear my game… just not see my game.

So it is off to “Xbox customer support.” I call and explain to the Operator (David I believe, that is what Jose said anyway) what has happened. He proceeds to tell me that my Xbox was out of warranty and it was going to cost me Shipping both ways (UPS), $140 dollars and if I wanted to extend the warranty on their work it would be an extra $70. He then proceeded to explain that it was my fault that it wasn’t still under warranty because I had the chance to extend it while it was in the original 1 year warranty. I then explained the above story and that mine never had a 1 year warranty. He then imparted this nugget of wisdom to me…,”Wow, that is like taking a piss and having the wind change direction and getting piss all over your leg.” Apparently Microsoft is the wind and I have piss on my leg.

Seeing as how it seemed I had nothing to lose, I decide to have a computer repairman look at my 360. Just having the Video go blank seemed like there might be something loose on the board that would be easily repaired. As I am having him look at it, Microsoft changes directions and includes Shipping and 1 year warranty with all repairs, INCLUDING THOSE NOT CURRENTLY UNDER WARRANTY! Yeah!

I call XCS again and explain the above background, that I had a repairman look at my machine and the “Pissing in the wind” story and she says it is not a problem, that it will be repaired under the new notice. I explain I am going to have to wait to get the repair as I am trying to keep credit card debt under control. She said no problem and that I should complain about the “PITW” customer service guy.

Cut to 4:00pm est. on May 11th, it is my birthday witch is ironic seeing as how this is my Birthday present from 2 years ago. I call in to finally get it repaired. I give them my information and explain the above fun. Renzie informs me they will not help me. He is polite enough. I explain the previous call and he tells me he has no records of any call other than “David” in March and there is nothing that will be done with this Xbox. They consider removing anything tampering and it will not be looked at by Microsoft. I as for a Supervisor.

I got Jose. At 4:27 pm eastern standard time, I got Jose on the line

Jose gets on the phone and tells me in no uncertain terms that it is not going to happen. He is rude from the get go. He says I tampered with it so he will not authorize anything. I tried to explain that I was had a computer professional see if it was repairable. He said he didn’t care, it was tampered with, No repairs. I said what was stopping me from buying a PS3 and leaving my “brick” behind. He then told me that it was my choice if I wanted to do this.

I asked for his supervisor. He said “I am the supervisor.” I reiterated that I wanted to speak with his boss. He informed me that I was not going any higher up that he was the end of my line. He then gave me a “circle warning” and I would get only one more. He said, ” we have delt with this issue and we will not revisit it again. If you bring it back up I will hang up on you.”

Then he said it. The reason I am writing this to you.

“Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.”

I responded, “you are what?”

And he enunciated, “I am laughing at YOU.”

And then he hung up.

That is it. The end of the conversation with Microsoft Xbox 360 support.

Any idea who I go to now?

Stop us if you heard this one before, but it seems like the simple solution here is to call back and simply not disclose that anyone else opened the console…?

When we tell this to Richard, he replies, “Actually they are sending them back untouched and still charging the card. Plus I believe they flagged my serial number.

I am assuming the flagging because they said the name of the PITW guy and mentioned notes. I am guessing there are notes on this one.

What I was asking for was the “shipping and 1 year warranty with all repairs, including those not currently under warranty.” but They said if it was opened they would not look at it, that “they would just send it back without looking at it.”

Not trying to be a bother. Just at a loss.”

Well, shoot then. Is Richard screwed? Or will he live to Marvel Alliance again, with both sight AND sound? — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Reader DjDynasty writes: “800-426-9400 Microsoft Parts Replacement, they can get you to supervisors who care.”

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