Xbox360 Tells Customer "I Am Laughing At You" And Hangs Up

Is Xbox360 like the most fault-prone device in the history of video gaming or what? As if in a deliberate attempt to add injury to insult to injury, Microsoft provided only a 90-day warranty, AND staffed their call centers with a goodly numbers of jerks. To wit, this recent conversation Richard had when trying to get his Xbox360 fixed under warranty repair:

“Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.”

I responded, “you are what?”

And he enunciated, “I am laughing at YOU.”

(Photo: Tengaport)

Whaaat? Why is he laughing? Why would anyone say such a thing?

Richard writes:


My wife bought me an Xbox 360 from EB games in April of 2005. She bought it early enough that I was one of two people to get the premium system day of release from that particular EB games. I picked up the Xbox on Nov 11th and all was right with the world. Critics were lamenting its whopping 90 day warranty, possibly the biggest joke Microsoft ever pulled… on gamers. I was happy with my 360, counting the days after those initial 90 days… just waiting for it to break.

Then in November Microsoft retro extended every ones 360 warranty to ONE YEAR!!! Unfortunately it was instituted 7 days or so after mine would have expired anyway. So… still no warranty.

Then in March of 2007… it finally happens. I am playing Marvel Alliances and the screen goes green… then black. No red lights of doom, just no video. Could hear my game… just not see my game.

So it is off to “Xbox customer support.” I call and explain to the Operator (David I believe, that is what Jose said anyway) what has happened. He proceeds to tell me that my Xbox was out of warranty and it was going to cost me Shipping both ways (UPS), $140 dollars and if I wanted to extend the warranty on their work it would be an extra $70. He then proceeded to explain that it was my fault that it wasn’t still under warranty because I had the chance to extend it while it was in the original 1 year warranty. I then explained the above story and that mine never had a 1 year warranty. He then imparted this nugget of wisdom to me…,”Wow, that is like taking a piss and having the wind change direction and getting piss all over your leg.” Apparently Microsoft is the wind and I have piss on my leg.

Seeing as how it seemed I had nothing to lose, I decide to have a computer repairman look at my 360. Just having the Video go blank seemed like there might be something loose on the board that would be easily repaired. As I am having him look at it, Microsoft changes directions and includes Shipping and 1 year warranty with all repairs, INCLUDING THOSE NOT CURRENTLY UNDER WARRANTY! Yeah!

I call XCS again and explain the above background, that I had a repairman look at my machine and the “Pissing in the wind” story and she says it is not a problem, that it will be repaired under the new notice. I explain I am going to have to wait to get the repair as I am trying to keep credit card debt under control. She said no problem and that I should complain about the “PITW” customer service guy.

Cut to 4:00pm est. on May 11th, it is my birthday witch is ironic seeing as how this is my Birthday present from 2 years ago. I call in to finally get it repaired. I give them my information and explain the above fun. Renzie informs me they will not help me. He is polite enough. I explain the previous call and he tells me he has no records of any call other than “David” in March and there is nothing that will be done with this Xbox. They consider removing anything tampering and it will not be looked at by Microsoft. I as for a Supervisor.

I got Jose. At 4:27 pm eastern standard time, I got Jose on the line

Jose gets on the phone and tells me in no uncertain terms that it is not going to happen. He is rude from the get go. He says I tampered with it so he will not authorize anything. I tried to explain that I was had a computer professional see if it was repairable. He said he didn’t care, it was tampered with, No repairs. I said what was stopping me from buying a PS3 and leaving my “brick” behind. He then told me that it was my choice if I wanted to do this.

I asked for his supervisor. He said “I am the supervisor.” I reiterated that I wanted to speak with his boss. He informed me that I was not going any higher up that he was the end of my line. He then gave me a “circle warning” and I would get only one more. He said, ” we have delt with this issue and we will not revisit it again. If you bring it back up I will hang up on you.”

Then he said it. The reason I am writing this to you.

“Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.”

I responded, “you are what?”

And he enunciated, “I am laughing at YOU.”

And then he hung up.

That is it. The end of the conversation with Microsoft Xbox 360 support.

Any idea who I go to now?

Stop us if you heard this one before, but it seems like the simple solution here is to call back and simply not disclose that anyone else opened the console…?

When we tell this to Richard, he replies, “Actually they are sending them back untouched and still charging the card. Plus I believe they flagged my serial number.

I am assuming the flagging because they said the name of the PITW guy and mentioned notes. I am guessing there are notes on this one.

What I was asking for was the “shipping and 1 year warranty with all repairs, including those not currently under warranty.” but They said if it was opened they would not look at it, that “they would just send it back without looking at it.”

Not trying to be a bother. Just at a loss.”

Well, shoot then. Is Richard screwed? Or will he live to Marvel Alliance again, with both sight AND sound? — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Reader DjDynasty writes: “800-426-9400 Microsoft Parts Replacement, they can get you to supervisors who care.”


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  1. OGHowie says:

    I believe the sticker does say something like Warranty VOID if Removed? So you can’t really plead ignorance.

    Sucks that the CSR was such a jerk though.

  2. Trencher says:

    I wish i still worked for Microsoft, i could look up his info for him on Microsofts Database software CAP and see what info was added to the file. At least he’s know what info was added, his best bet is to ask for records of the phone call, they prob record the calls and he has the right to ask for a record of the call. He at that point could use that in court if he so chooses.

  3. greatinsight says:

    Damn, a bit of read-over by your good self would go miles towards making things a bit clearer. There’s no excuse for poor written English

  4. mjsmitho says:

    May 11th two years ago the Xbox 360 wasn’t out, right?

    Why would you call in the second time just to not to get it worked on?

    If it is out of warranty why would they refuse to repair it if you pay for it? I mean opening it “voids the warranty” not “voids any chance of repair” . . . shrug, what do I know . . .

  5. Iron_Dragon says:

    Although I think it’s wrong that he was promised a free repair the console is out of warranty and has been opened.

    This is still why I refuse to buy a 360. The fail rate is too high for a $500 console and microsoft is already trying to screw customers who are under warranty with shipping fees.

  6. TheAfroman says:

    Um, I agree with #1, i mean i know that he was in the wrong, but i’m sorry i just don’t think that your “computer professional” was going to know the inner workings of a 360..

    The warranty is VOID, if you remove the silver Microsoft sticker on the front.. you should have known that.. period, end of discussion. You were mis-informed by the first rep.

  7. Adam says:

    For what it’s worth, I got mine repaired no problem. Mine was a release console (Nov 05), and I got it repaired just after the summer of 06, for free. The customer service reps were also very nice. If you had a console manufactured in 05, there was a different condition then the 1 year extended warranty thing he speaks about.

    Also, @Iron Dragon:

    It’s not $500, and they give you free shipping now, that was actually in the article.

    Oh, one more thing, did this guy try a new cable? It’s possible something in the wire came loose.

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    If it says “don’t open it” getting someone else to “open it” isn’t going to make it any different, be they computer pro or a plumber.

    If the repair person isn’t _MANUFACTURER CERTIFIED_ then you are SOL.
    (So Out of Luck)

    What I’m seeing here is the combination of a product going bad with poor customer service AND the customer screwing up big time by not using the proper channels for repairs.

    Once the non-qualified person breaks that seal the original issue is no longer an issue at all because breaking the seal has nullified your rights.

    An expensive lesson, hopefully well learned.

  9. Excalibur says:

    Utter bullsh*t. Even if they wouldn’t repair it, acting like a jerk like that should get you fired.

  10. exkon says:

    Ouch, should have known warranty is void if something is tampered with. I’ve never encountered any bad CS from MS, just bad luck with this one.

  11. Bay State Darren says:

    Your console was said “I am laughing at you” and then hung up? I never knew XBoxes were smart-asses.

  12. oeolycus says:

    I’m actually sending mine in for repairs *today*. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Almost started off with a real problem, though! You’re supposed to put the ticket # on the prepaid UPS box–I called xbox to inform them of some new errors I was experiencing, and they told me I had the wrong number! Good thing I got that fixed or I might have overnight shipped it into oblivion.

  13. faust1200 says:

    So you say “just as the computer repairman was looking at it Microsoft changes its policy?” So did the repairman actually open it?? If so he must have an idea what is wrong? Maybe he didn’t open it? Sounds weird.

  14. MercuryPDX says:

    “I explain I am going to have to wait to get the repair as I am trying to keep credit card debt under control.”

    Seeing as how the wind was blowing urine all over the place every phone call, I think that was your mistake. I woulda said “SOLD! Send me the box to ship it in!” before the policy changed.

    As for what to do now, can you try to trade it in towards a new one at EB games or somewhere? I know they took my broken PS2 on a trade towards a new one. They repair the consoles and resell them.

  15. char1ie says:

    Don’t blame me if things go sour, but there’s a last ditch option. Basically from what I hear, video goes out on the 360 because the BGA binding for the GPA is done cheaply. That basically means MS didn’t latch the GPU to the motherboard tight enough. After some time has passed, the heat will eventually pop the GPU off of the motherboard, hence no video. If you live near a major city, try googling “BGA reballing” or “BGA repair” within that city. There are electronic shops out there that have the necessary equipment to reset the GPU for you. Don’t know how much it’ll cost, but it’s worth calling around a few places and asking.

  16. Riquez says:

    Sounds like his only course of action now is to email Mr. Gates personally…

    Somehow, I can’t see this approach working with MS though.

  17. knulpm says:

    While the guy made a huge mistake by opening the system (or having someone else do it), this really does qualify as bad CS.

    Anytime someone says “I am the manager” or “there’s no one higher than me you can talk to” my BS sensor goes off.

  18. oldhat says:

    1) Record all your calls to these bastards. Period. I don’t care what you say about this state law vs that…figure out a way to make it happen.

    2) Do the “Consumerist Shuffle” and plead your case for a King Solomon to grant you mercy.

    3) Your story does not make sense to me, which means a) you’re not telling enough detail or b) you’re lying you ass off.

    4) Shut yer yap and buy another video game machine. I bought 3 or 4 PS2’s, a few Dreamcasts, etc. They break. None of them will ever have a 2 year factory warranty. Deal.*

    Maybe you aren’t wealthy enough to play next-gen games yet? **

    5) Get it repaired, and not by your so-called “computer professional”. You mean a shop that specialized in 360 repair and mods? No? See 3b, above, you scoundrel.

    * Some were due to modding gone bad. Dreamcasts were before parts were readily available, I loved the DC. Xbox1 lived 5 years until dvd drive crapped and then I popped a new one in for $30. Wow!

    ** Seriously, it’s not a right. Get a Xbox1, brick lasts forever, mod the fuck out of it. Get a Wii, whiine about that. Or best yet, get a PC and then you can have your “computer professional” really fix it for you. Otherwise known as: you have to play to pay.

    HA! Who else is shitting out posts like that on a friday afternoon…I owned this post, yea,, crap I have to go.

  19. d0x says:

    Im skeptical here…very skeptical. I’ve dealt with Microsoft support for 360 roughly 20-30 times each time getting a different person. There was a large range of issues be it hardware problems or software and I’ve called for friends as well.

    I’ve never once had someone in any way act rude to me. Now sure it could happen but this story just stinks of being made up. Pissing in the wind? Give me a break, most of the reps arent even in America!

  20. outsiderlookingn says:

    I can almost guarantee when you called you did not talk to MS. Most Xbox 360 technical support is outsourced to 3rd party call centers in the US. I suggest calling and asking to be escalated to the corporate (or to be transferred to the escalation desk) and try an e-mail campaign. If they refuse to escalate you, suggest that you will contact the BBB or another agency and if they are outsourced, most centers are required to escalate your call and allow corporate to handle it. When an outsourced center treats a customer badly, corporate will normally try to do something to make the customer happy

  21. Defrostmode says:

    To me these stories of customer being completely rude all seem to be ‘something’ being blown ‘somewhere’… proof much?
    Plus, like others have mentioned, it is not under warranty (nor is any other electronic that has been taken apart/’repaired’ by an unqualified person).
    Also, most of these people that claim support was rude to them seem to be the type that is rude.

    I have had someone laugh at me calling a support number (not say they were, I actually heard them). but I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe me without any proof…
    having never voided a warranty and having kept my things under warranty (and not having a rotten attitude) has kept me from having any problems with customer support.

  22. anonsupport says:

    I just quit MS support today, so what the hey:
    once got some positive feedback from Mr. Ballmer’s office, his e-mail was
    On the other hand, remember that all Microsoft support is outsourced, and Microsoft has very little to do with it on a day to day basis – which is which they can tell you to f*ck off and never really catch any heat from higher ups – chances are “Jose” didn’t actually have anyone above him to escalate you to; in our center (XP/Vista) there were only 2 levels of mgmt, and the higher leaves at 5 pm typically (not that I have ever, in 5 years, seen one of them talk to a customer).
    So, other than e-mailing the aforementioned chair-tosser, your option would be to call back in and go “hot” – that is the internal name for customer who are so upset they are sent to the MSHOT team, a.k.a. customer advocate group. They actually are MS and not outsourced, and they call up the xbox center and say “fix this person or face the shit storm”. Not sure what the criteria is to go “hot” anymore (I wasnt able to when my launch xbox cacked and they shipped me a broken replacement), but tell the first person you talk to (the call router) that you are really pissed, you are “hot” and you know what that means, and you want someone important to call you back asap.

    Last piece of advice? Since they claim that one of your conversations isn’t logged (happens frequently, agents get lazy), you could always claim you were instructed to have a computer tech look at the innards – its already established that there is no log, so it’s your word agains theirs.

    I don’t have email for the customer advocate office, just snail mail if you’re desperate:
    Customer Advicate Office
    1 Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA

  23. Aex says:

    Hmm 140+70 = 210? Well, if you need another X360, buy a core and end your suffering? Or, like you said, just buy a PS3.

  24. bpotterr says:

    Maybe I’m being naive, but I always thought rule #1 of broken video game consoles was “Don’t open it up yourself if you want the manufacturer to ever have anything to do with you again.”

  25. Iron_Dragon says:

    @Adam: Regardless they still managed to screw a lot of people on the shipping. Also when I say $500 I mean CND. The core isn’t even worth getting due to lack of hard drive.

  26. Cloral says:

    It’s easy to say in retrospect that he shouldn’t’ve opened the console. And those of us who frequently play games are surely all aware of this rule. But you have to remember that at the time he thought that his console wasn’t going to be covered under the warrenty. So if the option is to either pay $140+ to have MS fix the console, or potentially have a local repairman fix it for a lot less, I can see why he would try the second option.
    There are plenty of things he should’ve done differently in this story, but this is one of those cases where MS should be understanding of why this happened, bite the bullet, and fix it for him. The first rule of business is to keep the customer happy, and sometimes to do that you as a company have to break some of your own rules. Otherwise, you can end up with the customer making an angry post on the Internet that makes you look like an ass, which is far worse then spending $100 or so on fixing one console.

  27. bobisawsome1218 says:

    Wait a minute. He got his console May 2005? That’s impressive, considering it didn’t come out until November 05

  28. Scazza says:

    First, the X360 was released November 22nd 2005, so how this guy got his system from EB 6months early is beyond me.

    Then, opening the system means MS will not fix it. If you had of asked the CS agent (any of them), you would have known that. They consider it tampering (as you could have been a modder, or someone who tried to hack their system.) It is just them covering their own ass.

    Then there is the simple question, how is the price any different from other companies. Out of warranty repairs usually cost quite a bit, and shipping too.

    Although all this doesn’t take away from the fact the rep was a dick. Did you call back to complain? You should get in contact with escalated service.

    Btw, threatening a rep who gets 10bucks an hour, that your going to buy a “rival” console will not get them to budge, I doubt the phone jocky cares.

  29. frowelishnu says:

    @Iron_Dragon: Pretty sure Adam was suggesting you use your current hard drive with a new core system. No problems with your hard drive + $300 = expensive but, problem solved

  30. Averox says:

    Scazza: Well he doesn’t say specifically that it was pre-orderd April. But he does say he picked up it November 11th, not November 22nd.

    Sorry, but this is a BS story trying to pin Microsoft customer support as terrible. Sure they may have been rude asses which is uncalled for and unprofessional. But this guy apparently lost his warranty when he had a computer repairman inspect his 360 to see what was wrong.

    Reminds me of when I was reading the Logitech forums and people were complaining about some PS2 wireless controller problem. Some guy says he opened it up and discovered his problem. Then he later replies that Logitech told him he no longer had a valid warranty because he opened up the product.

  31. Mesren_Makai says:

    In all sincerity and honesty….I kind of agree with oldhat’s statements, as well as #1’s. Pardon my French, but shit happens. Bring toilet paper.

    I got my Xbox 360 in November ’06, and to this day it works just fine. Even after leaving it on for God knows how long to get the 7 Day Survivor Achievement on Dead Rising, just so I could proudly gloat to my friends about it because I had nothing else better to do at the time. So frankly, just from personal experience, so far I have had little to no flaws with my 360.

    But for those who DO have a problem with their 360’s, I dunno. Update your warranty, for one. And don’t attempt to cut open your 400 dollar baby like a surgeon without a license. But hey, that’s just coming from me. I may be wrong.

  32. 5h17h34d says:

    @greatinsight: There’s no excuse for grammar nazis either.

  33. oldhat says:

    I should mention that my 360 just got the “flashing red rings of death”.

    Called support, and because of the extended warranty announcement, I had a week left of coverage. Everthing went very smoothly and professionally. Short hold times. Turn around was a week and a half. And now it has another 90 days.

    Just like other folks say, MS support was top notch for me.

  34. Primate says:

    Couldn’t he just put his hard drive from the broken one into the core?

  35. Scazza says:

    @oldhat: Same thing happened here. I had a 360 from launch day, and its lasted up until this wednesday, where the update killed the system.

    I called support, and it was a 10minute call, no questions asked. She said “lets run through some troubleshooting” and I just told her “I tried everything already” and she said we can skip those parts then, and wa-la, coffin in the mail (btw, the system is WAY out of warranty and they didn’t hassle me at all.) Free repair, free shipping, what else??

    From almost everyone I know who has dealt with MSCS have all said that they have always had stellar service.

  36. y2julio says:

    I think the story submitter is full of crap. I’ve sent in my Xbox 360 to get it fixed and i found that CS was top notch.

  37. Cell9song says:

    I have to echo others statements here: while they couldve certainly been more polite, you cracked the machine open. intent means nothing here as support has to take all at face value. How many modders who fucked up have called in saying “I wanted to see what the problem was so I opened it”?

    Like Oldhat above my 360 red-ringed last week with one week left on the warranty. Support took my info and after going through the brief testing of removing the HD etc I was told that I would be taken care of free of charge. no muss, no fuss.

  38. chipslave says:

    I work at Microsoft. I am going to see if I can find the records for this call. I find it really hard to believe that a tech would say that.

    Microsoft seems to take customer service very seriously and if this did indeed happen it wouldn’t surprise me if the tech got written up or fired.

  39. bloodr says:

    I find this story hard to believe. I don’t buy this story about having a computer repairman man looking at it. Why? Because no reputable computer repairman would even look at a game console. Regardless he chose to have a 3rd party look at the console which means he’s SOL.

  40. Regardless of whether this story is true or not, “Game consoles break. Deal with it,” is not a proper response. Game consoles break because we buy a second PS2 or XBOX 360. If we as consumers put our foot down and demand quality, we will get it.

    American companies have been slighting their own employees for some time. Very few have stood up to them. On the backs of that success, our companies’ brass balls have gotten even bigger, and now they feel they can screw their customers. Many seem to have a case of corporate Stockholm syndrome. I won’t buy a 360, because I refuse to roll over.

  41. Smegzor says:

    The moral of the story and many others like it is, don’t buy Microsoft, or Sony, or [insert brand X].

    I don’t need to be treated like shit and I proactively avoid it by simply not doing business with these people. Best way to stay happy :)

  42. SubKamran says:

    Luckily, Llama Corp is right in town, so if I have Xbox troubles I know who to call. It’s pricey but less than Microsoft and takes less time. They also have a 30 day guarantee so if it breaks they’ll fix it for free.


    You can send it there too if you want by mail,

  43. d0x says:

    @Smegzor: What are you talking about? Most everything who has dealt with MS support has come away without issue. I’ve had 3 360’s replaced, 1 was broken by my own hand and they replaced it, one was a launch system which had a wierd video glitch where when I played at 1080i the screen would bounce every 10 or so min for about 8 seconds…they replaced it no problem. The 3rd had the red lights and it was about 7 months out of warrenty. They replaced it FREE OF CHARGE because it was my 3rd system and they felt i was having bad luck.

    Also there is 1 written rule with consoles. if you open them you void any chance of getting it fixed. It says that right on the damn sticker you have to cut in order to open it. No repairman would even look at a 360 because they cannot repair it even with identical parts it will not work unless its flashed at Microsoft.

    I say again this story is a load of crap, this guy probably does have a broken 360, and ms probably did say they wouldnt fix it and thats all, none of that other crap is real he’s just pissed and is HOPING if he makes some bull**** up that someone will take notice and fix it free.

    He is taking advantage of this site, he is giving everyone who uses it in a fair manner the shaft and he deserves a swift kick in the pants.

  44. venomus says:

    well that killed a few brain cells

  45. oldhat says:

    @Minister of Fun: Okay, comrade, then what do you play?

    And what’s this about companies screwing over actual customers?!? Hogwash! In America? Poppycock!

    @Smegzor: Wow, bro, you’re so enlightened…where is the little utopian island that you live on? Millions of people want to go visit. You better have bathrooms for us, cuz we likes to eat, yo.

    @SubKamran: They been around since forever…gotta be doing something right.

  46. Youthier says:

    I don’t think you can say, “All the CSRs I’ve dealt with were helpful and friendly, so this guy is lying.” I work as a B2B phone rep and most of us are very friendly and knowledgeable. Once in awhile, we hire an asshole who pisses some people off or is a rude ass on the phone and then gets fired.

    I do wonder how long this guy really pressed the issue though. I have snapped at someone before just because they were so relentless. It’s not right and if I didn’t have an understanding boss, I could have lost my job but it does happen.

  47. d0x says:

    @missbrooke06: Well the way this guy made it sound was like, the guy picked up the phone and was a jerk to him.

    Either way this story is too good to be true. Its just a pissed off guy with a broken xbox looking for a way to get it fixed for free.

  48. Gyulus says:

    Just to clarify.

    It was opened for repair because the advise “David” gave me was to buy a new one.

    I am not looking for anything for free. I am willing to pay $139.00 for the repair that they advertise. They changed their policy to accept Xbox 360s “now out of warranty.” I know mine is not under any warranty and I just want it repaired. Microsoft now includes the shipping and the warranty in the cost, which are the items that had the repair cost pushing the $300.00 price of a new Xbox 360.

    Microsoft will not repair it “no matter how much money you offer…” another quote from Jose. “…as soon as the repair team sees it has been opened they will ship it back untouched.”

    On another note… I have had great experience with the CS in the past. While “Davids” pissing in the wind comment was inappropriate, it was not meant as mean. The lady I spoke with soon after Microsoft started accepting Xboxes out of warranty said it was fine to send in my Xbox because the warranty was voided anyway so opening it didn’t “Void it any More,” which was apparently not the case. I have 2 360s, the dead one and a new one which was sent in for repairs when it’s disk drive stopped recognizing 360 disks and told me I needed to “put them in an Xbox 360 to play this disk” in about a dozen languages. It was replaced quickly. I had a problem with a NEW 360 dying withing 60 days, but I chalked it up to faulty DVD drives which I have had my fair share of in my computer.

    All I am wanting is for me to be able to have my 360 repaired legit, and pay Microsoft to do it. I wouldn’t mind if Jose gets whatever reprimand he deserves for his HIGHLY inappropriate comment to a consumer who WANTS to spend his money with his employers, but I know that is a long shot.


  49. rusgreim says:

    The machine was tampered with. End of story. Microsoft has NO obligation to repair or try to figure out what may have been messed up by a modder or someone tampering with the box. I have no idea why ANYONE would let anyone besides MS open their xbox. That is just asking to get nothing but spite from MS.

    Note: I’ve had my 360 since 1/06 and never had a single problem with mine.

  50. flackman says:

    Once a non-certified repairperson has been working “off the book” on a problem, who knows how long it could take (or how much it would cost). For all Microsoft knows, Richard could have bought enough bad parts from Ebay, then expect them to fix it with their blanket repair charge.

    It sucks, but as mentioned above, there are plenty of cheaper options. I also have had nothing but positive experiences with Llamma. They have seen their fair share of “invalidated warranty” consoles.

  51. G-Dog says:

    Isn’t next gen gaming fun? This is why I moved to movies and comic books. I’ve never had a comic book break, and a service rep yell at me for it.

  52. spooky says:

    EB Games will not take your 360, or any other system for that matter, in trade is there is any sign that you opened the case. I’m not sure why, since we do take in broken systems to be repaired and resold. But my manager told me we couldn’t, so I have to go by his word.
    Also, always, always, always get a warranty through EB Games/Gamestop. It breaks within that year, you just bring it in and we switch it out immediately. No waiting 4-6 weeks or however long MS takes.

  53. hudsong says:

    Jose must have a shitty, shitty life. I pity him.

  54. Nygdan says:

    The kickers here are that first this poor guy buys it, and then MS comes out with a warranty extension, but only for ones purchased just after he purchased his. Then his breaks right after the warranty expires. Then he sends it to someone to repair, but THEN he’s told, ‘sure, we’ll fix it’, but its too late now, because the seal was broken. Bad luck all around. And this for someone who showed enough ‘brand loyalty’ that he purchased the unit right when it was first being offered.

  55. coalhalo says:

    Hmmmm…The laughing bit would suck for sure. The thing I not too clear on i sthat your story contradicts MS policy. MS changed the warranty to ayear, but they also said that any 360 with a 2005 manufacture date gets repaired for free. I know this from first hand experience. My 360 was having areal hard time reading the games when I loaded them, very similar to the PS2 “disc read error”. So, this past January I called MS CS and told them the deal.They sent me the box, I sent it back, and within a week, I got a replacement 360. Not a refurbished, but a brand new 360 with a Nov 2006 manufacture date. One difference is that I did not open the 360. I would have thought that everyone knows that if you open it in anyway, all bets are off, and any warranty is voided. Sunce your 360 was a2005, there should have never been any question about a free repair, including shipping. Something smells here.

  56. Acute Gamer says:

    I call bullshit on the whole deal, it’s easy to make someone else out to be an a**hole, when in fact you are the whole ass.

  57. YNinja says:

    How hard is it for you guys to realize the whole date issue? The system came out in November, but because his girlfriend PRE-ORDERED it for him in MAY for his BIRTHDAY, he was one of the only people in his store to get it. Duh.

    As for everything else? Who knows. Just because you guys didn’t have any negative experiences, doesn’t mean he didn’t catch someone having a bad day. Sometimes people flip out over stupid shit.

  58. Gyulus says:

    @coalhalo: The “David” person in March said I was SOL and did not offer anything even though I had told him it was Launch Day Xbox. I was told to buy a new one and extend the warranty. I took it to someone to see if it was a simple “loose connection” fix knowing that if it was worse I would have to buy a new Xbox.

    If what you say is true and it should have been fixed for free back in March, then the CS support story has gotten worse, but mainly from their opperators not knowing what the new policy was/is.

    It had NOT been opened until Xbox CS told me to buy a new one because my old one was a lost cause. There was then no reason not to have someone open the box and see if it was a loose connection or a different simple fix. The gentleman looking at the Xbox wasn’t done looking when I was told I could have it repaired by Microsoft for $139.00 by a CS employee.

  59. Almanoir says:

    “Whaaat? Why is he laughing? Why would anyone say such a thing?”

    Because as a customer you did what many other customers do, you felt like you knew what was wrong with the system and decided to fix it under your own terms. Your expertise in MS products helped in voiding any warranty on the product because you were frustrated/impatient.

    Because the CS rep is either an idiot or a sad excuse for a person. Regardless of how idiotic a customer is/seems CS should not under any circumstance ridicule or taunt a client especially one that has had a less than optimal experience with the company. David and Jose are sad excuses for CS, then again they are working in CS, just a tier above mowing a lawn or shoveling dirt. No real skill needed other than to read, write and communicate in a half coherent manner.

    Because you feel you are special (you are not, very few of us are) and deserve an exception on set rules or procedures.

    Because you threatened to purchase a PS3, you think MS had contempt for you as a client? Sony as a company thinks of all of us as idiots, (see overpriced overhyped products when alternatives are clearly better, CD, TV, Videogames, Components), did you really expect for the CS guy to say “Oh no, not a ps3, here let me patch you to Mr. Gates, he will make sure you get your money’s worth”? I am tempted to laugh at you as well.

  60. bokononist says:

    I’m always amazed to see the skeptical comments on this site. These people behave as if they’ve never been screwed-over by a phone support person before. Or, if they have been screwed-over, they’re too lazy or weak to do anything about it.

    To the skeptics: just because the original poster has the balls/ovaries to get the service from Microsoft that she paid for, and to get that service in a respectful way doesn’t mean that you have to whine that you lacked her guts to do something about it.

    If reading these stories of bad customer service causes you to disbelieve them, either you’re fortunate enough to have 100% perfect customer service all the time, you’re too dumb to realize you’re being screwed over, or you’re the asshole who actually is screwing people over all the time.

    Applause to the MS employee who volunteered to get to the bottom of this.

  61. Adam says:

    If it’s true, it’s just bad luck all around. The “I’m laughing at you” comment was terrible, and should be reprimanded, but overall, it’s just bad luck.

  62. Onouris says:

    I am still absolutely bemused by the reliance on warranty in America. It seems there’s no customer protection at all.

    If this happened in England and, say, a product was just outside of a 90 day warranty, that wouldn’t matter a jot. The law here says if something goes wrong in the first 6 months, whatever the warranty length, the place you bought it from has to prove there’s nothing wrong with it (and pay all costs as a result of that, including delivery) or refund or replace.

    Not only that, you still get a lot of protection if a product has what seems to be an inherent fault and you would expect it to last a lot longer. In this case, if it had been 7 months for example, you’d certainly expect a console costing as much as it does to last more than 7 months, but at this point it would be down to you to get it tested and find out what’s wrong. If you find out it was inherent, then the place you got it from refunds you etc.

    Retailers still try to hide behind a warranty and say because its outside it they can no longer do anything but there’s only 2 reasons for this: they’re lying or they’re a moron.

  63. mikekraz says:

    I am having some issues with my 360, I purchased it in December of 2005 and it is now out of warranty. Luckily I purchased it with my American Express card which extends the warranty on any purchase up to $1000. If you your wife did purchase it on that card you are saved. Call them up and they will credit your card or send you a check.

  64. Smegzor says:

    My little utopia as you called it is New Zealand and it is a little island (3 actually). I do not trust Microsoft, but then I am upgrading to Ubuntu so I’m biased :) We didn’t have consoles when I was a kid and IMO if I can’t tinker under the hood, its not worth having. I grew up with a soldering iron and a box of bits. Where’s the fun if you aren’t allowed to mod it?

  65. NoThru22 says:

    My bullshit detector is going nuts. I’d like to see this guy call back and record a call and see how things go.

  66. Weresmurf says:

    Hey it’s Steve from , we love your site over at VC, reference it frequently and want to start getting in on the talkback action. Thanks!

  67. Weresmurf says:

    Hey guys and gals,

    I thought I’d relate a true experience from Customer Support with XB360 Australia Customer support.

    I came home one night from college, and my nephew was over for the night. He was in the middle of playing NFS Carbon and just lost a boss drift race, for apparently the 4th or so time in a row. Needless to say he was quite angry.

    Anyhow, I had a laugh silently to myself over his frustration and left him to it. The next thing I heard was ‘STUPID BLEEPING PIECE OF BLEEP!’ and heard a bang and a thud. I ran into my room, and noticed my lovely wireless controller laying on the ground, intact thank god, but not sure wether it was damaged or not.

    As for the 360 itself… well the little sod had brought his fist down on top of the console, denting the metal on top, and messing up the insides obviously. I giant grating noise was coming from inside the 360, as well as the red lights flickering on the front, and oddly a whining noise was building up inside rather quickly. So I pulled the plug. Hit him over the head a couple of times and kicked him out. Anyhow, I plugged it back in an hour later to check if it was salvagable, it wasn’t. The tray popped 3/4 open and I got the dvd out, scratched to buggery as it were. The metal, dented, seemed to be pushing it in.

    I rang MS the next day to find out if I could pay for it to be repaired. The woman I spoke to, asked me what had happened. I told her exactly what had happened, and she said that whilst “Act of prepubescent violence” was not covered generally, she could put it down as a faulty unit and have a refurbished one sent out to me. Now, the choice was, a dead console or a refurbished console… no warranty cover or refurbished with three months remaining… hmmm.

    So I sent mine off. Within 4 working days I had a refurbished, perfect looking console in my hands, plugging it in and loading it up. It worked like a charm, and seeing as my 360 originally was a launch model, this was a later one, which added to the bonus.

    So, what’s my point?

    Everyone can come across some bunch of mongrels not willing to do their job and when they do, people complain and everyone listens. But do people listen when there’s praise to be given? Hardly ever. In this case, MS were brilliant. Fast service above and beyond the call of duty, ignoring their own policy to give me, a 360 user who has an XBL account as well (Wonder if that swayed them lol) a free repair for a situation that was not covered by conditions. Bravo MS and if that guys story is indeed true, you have some weeds who need killing. In this case, you had some roses that were appreciated fully. :)


  68. NeoteriX says:

    Eh, if this is true, the CSRs are jerks, but I think it’s justified not to take back something that was intentionally opened.

  69. humphrmi says:

    @Smegzor: I didn’t read that moral in the story at all. I read:

    – Don’t void your warrantee
    – Don’t take your car, toaster, washing machine, and don’t take your game console to a “PC repairman” to be fixed
    – Don’t tell Microsoft that you’ve voided your warrantee (although they can probably tell anyway)
    – Don’t beg for a chance to buy an extended warrantee and when they finally relent say “Gee, thanks, but I’ve got to get my debt under control, so can you wait just a little while longer?”

  70. Scazza says:

    @Gyulus: Hey man, sorry for jumping on you about the 360.

    I kinda feel for you then saying they told you that you were fucked. But what I don’t get is that the CS rep david was full of shit. Even if its out of warranty, MS will repair the system, no matter what the problem, as long as its not opened. This has always been their policy. The only thing they changed recently can be found here:
    Where the only thing that woulda affected you is the free shipping and the out of warranty repair = free 1 year warranty when you pay.

    My advice now would be to press the issue with as many people as you can. As to speak to supervisors (AND DO NOT GET THROUGH TO INDIAN SUPPORT… I know that sounds bad, but they are not authorized to do anything out of the good of their hearts), also post on xbox forums. Msg some of the mods there and ask for contact info or advice, they are incredibly nice and really helpful. Even if its been opened I am sure someone reasonable will be able to help. It just might take some time and a bit of luck to find the right person.

    I wish you good luck, espically someone who is “loyal” enough to own 2 systems and have already dealt with MS Support a few times already.

  71. Eville1 rocks out with his rooster out. says:

    800-426-9400 IS NOT for xbox. Please, please do not call that number. There is and always will be only one number for XBOX support. 426-9400 is Corporate pre sales and licensing.

    And while corporate pre sales and licensing may connect you with a supervisor they have absolutely nothing to do with your XBOX. They’ll take your complaint and pass it off. The supervisor you get isn’t even in XBOX support. If you want a real supervisor that is familiar with your XBOX then please contact the regular number.

    /Some guy who works in corporate pre sales and licensing who is tired of escalating calls that have nothing to do with pre sales or licensing.

  72. ep103 says:

    Reading this story was like reading directly out of a journal entry. HP did exactly this to me, and as a result, I’ve been without a computer for the last half of a year, a particularly horrendous situation for a broke Electrical and computer Engineering major at college. I feel the only difference is that rather than flagging my complaint as untreatable like MSoft did to this guy, HP blocked my cell phone number, so it just gets placed on hold indefinately.

  73. mr.dandy says:


    QUOTE: “Damn, a bit of read-over by your good self would go miles towards making things a bit clearer. There’s no excuse for poor written English”

    Are you sure, GI? The word is “poorly”, not “poor”. Adjectives are used to describe nouns, not verbs.

  74. jmcsa says:

    The company that most customers deal with when calling Xbox customer support is a 3rd party call center. There is one that I know if in North Ausitn, Texas. The company that runs the call center is Harte-Hanks. I know this becuase I used to work there.
    There are a lot of good people there but the training is dubious at best and of course there are those very rude and useless few.

  75. FetalSage says:

    So many things wrong in that story. Extended warranty from Microsoft is what, $50 for extra 2 years? That was the first thing I did when I had my 360 at home, is fill in the warranty. I know I’ll might run into a problem where I’ll have to send in my 360, and I did (March 1st my 360 broke), customer service was great. The girl that helped me was surprised I still had a launch day console. She had me do certain things to see if it’ll work, but none did. She continued to tell me the procedures on what will happen when I get the shipping box and what will happen when they receive it. Long story short, my Xbox360 will be back in my hands on Monday!

    As for the story, I highly doubt the guy on the phone (at support) would be this obnoxious, the man that reported the story was probably just pissed off and change the story a bit to make the support look bad. It’s obvious that if you open the 360, you void any warranty whether you had it or not. I don’t feel any sympathy for the guy in the story, you fucked up. End of story.

  76. morris.levy says:

    I have a friend who has now bought his FOURTH Xbox360 because out of warrantee and the CD/DVD reader broke. Total brick P.O.S.
    Don’t buy one.

  77. mrcoolguy209 says:

    I think he should buy a new 360 from Walmart and pull a switcheroo before returning.

  78. Rockwell says:

    “I explain I am going to have to wait to get the repair as I am trying to keep credit card debt under control.”

    Biggest mistake: spending $500 on a video game console while heavily in debt.

  79. cortana says:

    An important thing to remember whenEVER warranties are involved. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act requires that the dealer/manufacturer PROVE that YOU directly caused, or affected said failure of the defect, before they can void your warranty. Taking a sticker off does not count.

  80. jwilson says:

    In his defense, if he were under the impression that he had no warranty at the time, why would he not have a computer professional open it up and take a look at it? That being said, telling xcs that he had done so was absent minded at best. Honestly, purchasing one from Wal-Mart and switching them out doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I don’t know what their policy is for returning expensive electronics like that, but in general their employees are so underpaid that they couldn’t care less about anything and might very well give you the refund without verifying that it is the same console they sold you.

  81. Wynner3 says:

    I bought an Xbox 360 just months after it came out and didn’t have a problem with it till april of last year (2006). I called up Microsoft Support and told me I’m S.O.L. since the warranty expired and I would have to pay to get it fixed. I was mad. Then, months later, they changed it, I called again, and they quickly shipped off a box to my house. I sent it away and I got it back pretty quick. A used one though. No problems with it since. This is one of the best consoles I have ever owned. I must have been lucky, I guess.

  82. mike.s says:


    You are mistaken about the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. The primary effect of the act is to require that warranties be written in clear language, spelling out specific items in the warranty (what’s covered, for how long, how to get warranty coverage, etc.)

    It also says that manufacturers may not condition a warranty on use of “any article or service…which is identified by brand, trade, or corporate name…” Some people will try to tell you that means you can make modifications and still keep a warranty (that is especially common with automobiles).

    That is simply not true. That clause is so a manufacturer can’t say you have to use their $50/quart motor oil, when suitable stuff is available off the shelf for $2. If their “oil” really is special, and they can prove that to the FTC, then they _can_ require it’s use. And for any part which would be replaced for free under the warranty (i.e. non consumables, like _everything_ in an Xbox360), the manufacturer _can_ void a warranty due to tampering or modification, etc.

    Basically, all they have to do is to state in clear terms that the warranty will be voided if the case is opened, or a seal is broken, etc. Perfectly legal, and they don’t have to prove anything, except that you violated the terms of the warranty.

    The full text of the warranty act can be found at

  83. samg916 says:

    Not the most honest thing in the world to do, but it worked for me after dealing with Xbox support. I bought a new one from _insert discount chain name here_ (which doesn’t check serial #s), then returned the broken one, telling them that its defective. Not an issue at all. They got what truely was a “defective” console. I got a working one. They send it back to Microsoft, who refurbishes them for the people who pay to get their’s fixed :-). Discount chain doesn’t loose anything, it gets stuck exactly back where it belongs, in MS’s lap.

  84. Buran says:

    @strider_mt2k: Uh huh. So if I have my neighborhood shop repair my car, my warranty is void? Sorry, doesn’t happen. I call BS.

  85. Eville1 rocks out with his rooster out. says:


    Cars are not XBOX 360’s. Microsoft does not make cars. They’re allowed to make what ever warranty they wish.

  86. Frostberg says:

    You should have bought a 2 year replacement from best buy

  87. Binkley says:

    This is only tangentially related, but I’m hoping someone can help me:

    Does anyone know who I can contact about getting the refund check for repairs that took place before MS extended the warranty on 1st year consoles? I was supposedly supposed to get a check in March/April and here we are in May…my friends have all gotten checks.

    I guess if all else fails I’ll snail mail:
    Customer Advicate Office
    1 Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA

  88. redrobot5050 says:

    Strider, you’re missing the point. He wouldn’t have had someone else take a look at it and void the warranty sticker if someone hadn’t already told him the warranty was expired and it will cost half the price of the console to ship it and fix it as well buy a warranty for the work done.

    And the way I see it is, if you void the warranty by just opening your xbox, then you don’t own it. And if you don’t own it, the onus of fixing a highly unreliable console should be on the manufacturer.

  89. redrobot5050 says:

    @Rockwell: His girlfriend bought it for him as a birthday present. He didn’t spend $500 on a console. And I think he should take his financial advice from someone who can read critically.

  90. Eville1 rocks out with his rooster out. says:

    Unless otherwise stated it’s still going to be the same number as listed in the warranty:

    To receive instructions for obtaining repair or replacement warranty services you must call:Within the U.S., U.S. Territories and Canada: 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269); TTY users: 1-866-740-XBOX (1-866-740-9269).

    You must also:

    Submit proof of purchase in the form of a bona fide, dated bill of sale, receipt, or invoice (or a copy) evidencing that your request for service is made within the Warranty Period.
    Follow Microsoft’s shipping and other instructions if it determines that all or part of your Xbox Product requires return for repair or replacement. To obtain the warranty service, you must take or deliver the Xbox Product in suitable packaging that provides an adequate degree of protection against damage during transit, to the location specified by Microsoft. Except as otherwise required by legislation in your jurisdiction, costs associated with transport (including packaging) for warranty service shall be at your expense.
    Delete or remove any files or data you consider private or confidential before sending the Xbox Product to Microsoft. Copy and keep any files or data stored on the Xbox Product that you don’t want to lose.

  91. Gyulus says:

    The CS rep “David” told me I might as well see if it could be repaired locally and if not just Buy a new one. $210 is over 2/3 of the price of replacing the core unit.
    Also,if Microsoft is replacing first year xboxes, It should have been replaced when I talked to “David” before anything was ever opened.
    The reason Microsoft extended the service agreement to “non warranty” xboxes was because they were getting flak about how much repairs were costing. Another $90 bought a brand new xbox, repairs for the old one by the local person was in the neighborhood of $30 (if it was a loose connection.) The math added up until Microsoft changed the rules and “lost” the information where the Lady CS told me I could send it in because opening it “Didn’t void the warranty anymore than it already was.”


    The more I read the more I am convinced that “David” did more harm that “Jose.” he actually told me I might as well open it up to see if it was a simple fix. They were willing to repair it, but at a cost of $210.00. That seemed steep to me… aaaand apparently to Microsoft as well seeing as how they changed there policy about a week later. I am convinced this Xbox is Jinxed.

  92. Gyulus says:


    I am not heavily in debt… I did not want to go into debt to repair an xbox. :)

  93. Gyulus says:

    @ all

    For what words are worth in a comment section on a website…

    This box is not modded in any way shape or form that heat buildup from dust did not cause. When it was opened up the man said there was about 1/8 of an inch of dust lining the interior of the box.
    If I were to mod a 360 I would add air filters that could be cleaned out.

  94. Elle Rayne says:

    People, come on, warranty does not equal repair. He never had warranty, so opening the console didn’t void the nonexistent warranty or the right to have it repaired. And computer repairmen certainly do look at game consoles. I know a few.

    How many modders who fucked up have called in saying “I wanted to see what the problem was so I opened it”?
    Um, the story submitter didn’t do anything quite that dumb. He had an experienced person look at it.

    @ y2julio

  95. Elle Rayne says:

    sorry, @ y2julio and others with similar sentiments, so because you had a good experience it’s impossible for anyone to have bad service with a Microsoft CS. Geez, stop being MS apologists!

  96. Gyulus says:

    to mikekraz.

    AMEX rules. Just got the credit today. Going to put it towards a Wii!

  97. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Okay, so he’s told the thing is out of warranty, so what the hell does he have to lose by opening the thing up (or having somebody else do it)? It’s not a sacred shrine. If I had something like that and I was lead to believe it was out of warranty, I’d say fuck the sticker and open it up. It’s already broken. If he doesn’t open it, it’s a brick..if he does, it’s still a brick, so what does he have to lose? Why the heck does everyone here treat the XBOX like a lost Inca temple?

    That’s also no excuse for Microsoft refusing to look at it. Just because he opened the thing doesn’t mean he jammed a screwdriver in there and slathered it with cheez-whiz while shuffling across a nylon carpet. What the hell is Microsoft afraid of? If it’s unrepairable, it’s unrepairable. So why the refusal to look at it? That’s one hell of a shitty policy, and then they give him the rude CSR bullshit runaround to boot.

  98. LaScanlon says:

    I am haveing a big old problem w/ my xbox 360. Allthough mine isnt even a year old, its taking a dump. Im a little freakin irate only due to the fact that I spent my hard earned $400 on my baby, and I have the “ring of death!”

    Now, like a champion, Ive accepted that my baby is ill and im appearently willing to deal w/ the hassle of nurseing back to life. Hassle I get!

    Im getting more than a hassle, Im getting the ultimate run-around. %99.9 of the Earths population would usally have no problem with something as simple as repairing a $400 game system, Im the unlucky %.01

    Anyhoo, I read the artical about the not so funny luaghing matter, called the number yall provided and basically started over again. By the way, my run-around started about 2 months ago and i havent even recieved the shipping box. Ive called and called and checked the status, got tracking number(s), got promises, and got mad! GRRRRRRR!

    But… so far Im pleased w/ the service. Id like to thank you guys for posting the advice. Wish me luck, I wanna get out of my %.01 catagory.

  99. LaScanlon says:

    what happens now?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Just yesterday I called Xbox support to have my console repaired again. This is the third time I have had to send my Xbox in for repairs due to it not being able to read the game disk. I call Microsoft every year to extend my warranty, so that was not a problem. I spoke to a lady that I could hardly understand and who kept repeating herself over and over. Not a big deal, I expect that. She took my repair order and told me to ship the unit in for repairs. I asked why they weren’t sending me a box with prepaid postage. A box was sent last time I had it repaired, so why not this time? She told me it was Microsofts policy to not send a box. Well, I knew better, so I asked for a supervisor. I explained to the supervisor that I shouldn’t have to pay to ship my Xbox in for repairs, since it was still under warranty. He immediatley agreed to send me a box. Was the first lady blatantly lying to me? Do they get more money from Microsoft if the customer ships the unit at their own expense? The supervisor however told me the system was down and he would complete the repair order later. I asked for the supervisors name so I could give it to the next customer support person I speak to. I intend to call this afternoon to make sure my repair order was completed. He said his name was “Ace” and that it is Microsoft’s policy to not give out there last name. Ok, so I’m supposed to tell the next customer support person that “Ace from India said he would send me a box”. Frankly, I have a feeling I will be on the phone for another hour this evening sorting all this out.

    • Stop2ThinkABit says:


      Xbox customer support is founded on deceit. It begins from the moment they answer the phones. Their CSRs have such Americanized names I laugh everytime they tell me their name. It’s a joke…and i’m not saying that it’s not possible for “South Asians” to have Americanized names, but let’s be real here: what are the chances that they all have names like “Dee,” “Al,” “Elen,” and “Ken.” I am currently dealing with them on an issue I am having with my “corrupted” Gamertag. Eventually, when I’m through with them, I will disclose the fruit of my efforts.

  101. Stop2ThinkABit says:

    This post, being from about 2 years ago, is a bit different from what you get now. Although, they probably would never dare to say those things to you today…sometimes I feel like I would want a taste of that every now and then. The agents now are automatons who do nothing but read off of a screen.