Go From Couch Potato To Marketing Guinea Pig In One Easy Aerobics Class

We can understand salsarobics, tai-bo, and after enough whippets, even jazzercise, but these marketing themed classes are really something special. Here’s Crunch Gym’s announcement for the Legally Blonde steps class. Angie never got one of these for her ill-fated Spiderman 3/A Clockwork Orange/spinning class.

Crunch’s Broadway Dance Series: Legally Blonde

Mondays, 8:30pm at 13th Street, NYC

Ohmigod You Guys! Blonde ambition turns pink in this superfun dance class based on the new Legally Blonde musical on Broadway. Learn the show’s awesome dance choreography, get the chance to win tickets and even meet cast members.

Visit Ticketmaster.com or call 212-307-4100 and use code “CRNCH.”

For more about LEGALLY BLONDE The Musical, go to

Note, Angie was cool with these types of classes, as there’s a heads up and she can half-appreciate activity the activity half-ironically. — BEN POPKEN

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(Photo: Paul Konik)


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  1. Ass_Cobra says:

    I really hope that Legally Blonde the musical shuts down fairly soon. I have to walk past the box office for it every night on my way to the train and it’s added about 5 minutes to my commute. I feel like Andy Rooney here, but wtf, blocking off sidewalks in Times Square seems like a recipe for increasing the vehicular fatality rate for people visiting NYC.

  2. jamesdenver says:

    Ya know this is probably why people quit, or try to quit their gyms after four months. Every chain gym is so complicated it’s overwhelming.

    Personally I don’t need juice bars, programs, dance classes, day care, and a complicated check in/out process.

    The local gym I go to is one giant room with all the weights and machines. Plenty of neighborhood people visit from bodybuilders to old folks to big fat people working it off – and everyone gets along great. I park my bike right inside and start working out in 20 seconds. And most importantly it’s between my house and work, hence easy to get to.

    The more complicated you make things the harder they are to use. Including retail and services.

    A gym shouldn’t be that detailed. You just go, lift weights or do cardio, and leave. Period.

  3. acambras says:


    Yes, that’s why I quit the Y. It was trying to be too many things, when I was just looking for a fitness center that would work for my budget. While the Y has some admirable programs, I got sick of paying more and more every year, only to have my membership dollars subsidize lots of services I don’t use. I like kids, but if I want to pay to send other people’s children to summer camp or swimming lessons, I’ll make a separate donation.

  4. matt1978 says:

    @acambras: Which Association or Branch did you belong to?

  5. jamesdenver says:

    Exactly. And I forgot to mention another important thing: I pay CASH, month to month. They don’t demand my checking account info and all my personal information.

    I went into a tanning place last month (jeez I sound superficial), and I just wanted the $20 Mystic (non UV) tan. The chain can’t even process it without my b-day, DL # (yeah right), forms, memberships, consultation, blah blah blah.

    From a marketing standpoint I guess businesses have to collect info, retain customers, find services for existing customers, etc. But for me, “Joe Blow walking in off the street paying cash”, the process should be just as easy.

    I hope getting a haircut never becomes an ordeal like this. Oh wait at some places it is. My goddam phone number to cut my hair? Please.

  6. acambras says:


    Central Connecticut Coast

  7. For those of you that didn’t watch the musical, Legally Blonde had some awesome cardio scenes and a killer workout soundtrack. While the Spiderman3 spin class sounded like a nightmare, I would, like, totally dig the Legally Blonde step class if it was anything like the musical.

  8. mac-phisto says:

    they turned legally blonde into a broadway musical? *raises pistol to forehead, pulls trigger*

  9. MeOhMy says:

    @noodles and beef: If the class is conducted by hot broadway gypsies I’d probably sign up.

  10. Lula Mae Broadway says:

    HUGE difference here – the SPIDERMAN clips were FORCED on unsupecting class regulars. This is completely VOLUNTARY. Now, if they’re replacing a regular class with this, that’s different.

    My favorite class at my old gym was a salsa aerobics class – dancing fast & learning steps is so much more engaging then a regular aerobics routine.

    Me, I’d love a chance to learn some B’way choreography.

  11. Ben Popken says:

    @Lula Mae Broadway: Reference, “Note, Angie was cool with these types of classes, as there’s a heads up and she can half-appreciate activity the activity half-ironically.”

  12. Lula Mae Broadway says:

    @Ben Popken: Indeed, but that wasn’t nearly as prominent as your “marketing guinea pig” lead.

  13. Ben Popken says:

    @Lula Mae Broadway: That’s the headline.

  14. minneapolisite says:

    I’d love this class! In fact, it might convince me to join a gym in addition to my daily outdoor walks.

  15. asherchang says:

    Legally Blonde makes sense actually…. but Spiderman 3?