Go From Couch Potato To Marketing Guinea Pig In One Easy Aerobics Class

We can understand salsarobics, tai-bo, and after enough whippets, even jazzercise, but these marketing themed classes are really something special. Here’s Crunch Gym’s announcement for the Legally Blonde steps class. Angie never got one of these for her ill-fated Spiderman 3/A Clockwork Orange/spinning class.

Crunch’s Broadway Dance Series: Legally Blonde

Mondays, 8:30pm at 13th Street, NYC

Ohmigod You Guys! Blonde ambition turns pink in this superfun dance class based on the new Legally Blonde musical on Broadway. Learn the show’s awesome dance choreography, get the chance to win tickets and even meet cast members.

Visit Ticketmaster.com or call 212-307-4100 and use code “CRNCH.”

For more about LEGALLY BLONDE The Musical, go to

Note, Angie was cool with these types of classes, as there’s a heads up and she can half-appreciate activity the activity half-ironically. — BEN POPKEN

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(Photo: Paul Konik)

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