Cingular Admits Store Salesmen Add On Features You Didn't Ask For, Just To Make More Commission

Matt’s voicemail stopped working so he called up Cingular to get it fixed, and while he was there he had them check out the rest of his account to make sure everything was ok, but they found something disturbing.

Listen to the call

Seemed that when he was in Cingular store earlier that day, the salesman had added on an extra service to Matt’s account without his permission, a $19.95/month service that would let him access wireless internet at airports.

The rep on the call, which Matt recorded, basically admits that Cingular store salesmen will add on features that you didn’t ask for, just so they can make bonus!

He asks why this service would be on there that he didn’t request. She says, “…when you go into a store, they make commission, but I’ll just erase this for you…it’s best just to go through the phone when you want something, because they’re just all about commission, unfortunately.”

The service had a 30 day free trial period, so Matt wouldn’t have noticed for a month if he hadn’t called and checked.

This call was recorded in 2005, so surely they’ve put a stop to this by now… — BEN POPKEN

Cingular: Here I Come…FUCKERS! [Matt And That]
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