The Cheap Alternative To Uhaul: Freight Shipping!

Instead of dealing with the possibility of Uhaul’s messed up reservations and callous customer service, not to mention their high price for long-hauls, embrace the power of freight truck shipping.

We don’t have the numbers, but especially if you’re moving to another state, it’s much cheaper to use a freight truck shipping service. We used Roadway to move from Colorado to New York and it was great and, being car-less, mad less expensive than any other option. They send a van to pick up your packed boxes, take them to a depot, load them on a pallet, and stick em in a big truck.

Getting your body there is another story. If you don’t have a car, you can go ghetto Greyhound and hang out with recent parolees and child runaways, find a bargain airline ticket, or hook up on a Craigslist car-share type service. — BEN POPKEN

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