Remove Your Phone Number From Google Phonebook

If you don’t want Google’s information tentacles posting your phone number and address on the internet, you may want to remove it from their directory.

It’s but one of a myriad of reverse-phone-number lookup services. If you really want to clean your digits out, follow the links they provide to other similar sites. — BEN POPKEN

Google Phonebook Name Removal [via Lifehacker]


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  1. Cap'n Jack says:

    Good find.

  2. is that your number? Can I give you call? (kidding of course, but I wonder how many people might call a random number on the internet?)

  3. shiny says:


    I’m wondering if they have a verification process of sorts? Is there anything stopping an anonymous user from deleting a different party’s phone number from Google without consent? Is there at least a phone call confirmation to the number in question? Just curious…

  4. Kwik80 says:

    Call the number. Ask for Jenny.

  5. costanza007 says:

    but why would you want to take Jenny’s phone number out of the directory?

    (see number in the pic)

  6. shiny says:

    @structuralpoke: Per — it goes “ring ring ring ring (After about 10 rings or so it asked for a security code)”

    Jenny, Jenny — Who can I turn to? :)

  7. QuirkyRachel says:

    See, here’s my concern. I fill out the nice easy form and ask to be removed, right? But then, once I’ve done that, I’ve just *given* them my information (and now they know it’s correct, not just something that was collected from “telephone directories and other public records available elsewhere on the web”). Seriously. They say they’ll call you to confirm it, but then they don’t say that they will protect said information.

  8. saerra says:

    Same concern as QuirkyRachel… especially since I can’t figure out if/where I’m actually listed?

    I tried looking around for “Google Phonebook” – and it *looks* like you should just be able to put in either a phone number, or a name/city combo, to get the info (enter it into the regular google search box) – but I don’t come up on either (and least not yet!)

    Sadly, plenty of other sites apparently have already uploaded the local phonebooks plus whatever else they can get their hands on, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get unlisted from those :(


  9. awww damn it. I didn’t pay attention. my bad…..