12 Year Old Boy: TSA Stole My Birthday Money

A 12 year old buy from Sacramento, California flew home from a family trip, only to discover that his $265 in birthday money had been stolen by a TSA agent. Sadly for the kid, it seems that the San Diego airport doesn’t have cameras, and, naturally, the inspector that stole the cash didn’t leave his number.

“Can’t we just check the video, can’t we just check the camera I mean I can describe the suitcase it had a yellow ribbon on it, she says we don’t have camera’s back there,” says Kim.

Kim could not believe her ears, there’s no video surveillance watching TSA employees in San Diego as they search people’s luggage?

“I think they should put cameras back so if it does happen to somebody they can check it, find it, and then return it,” says Jeffery.

Don’t check valuables! You have to assume that anything worth more than 5 bucks that you check is going to be stolen. It’s not pretty, but it’s the world we live in. —MEGHANN MARCO

Call Kurtis: TSA Security [CBS]

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