There's Salmonella In The Target Risotto

Like that Archer Farms Four Cheese Risotto you bought from Target? Too bad, throw it out. Random testing by the FDA found salmonella contamination. Don’t you dare eat the following:

ARCHER FARMS FOUR CHEESE RISOTTO, Code “Best If Used By 16JUL2008AA” was sold nationwide through Target stores. The Archer Farms Four Cheese Risotto flavor has been pulled from Target stores while the FDA and Aulcorp Food Marketers Inc. continue their investigation as to the source of the contamination.

The ARCHER FARMS FOUR CHEESE RISOTTO is packaged in a 6 oz. (170g) Paperboard Box with a mustard yellow banner which identifies this item as the Four Cheese flavor.

You can get a full four cheese refund at Target. If you have some questions, why not call them at 1-800-440-0680. —MEGHANN MARCO

Aulcorp Food Marketers Inc. Conducts Nationwide Recall of Archer Farms Four Cheese Risotto, 6 oz., “Best if Used by 16JUL2008AA” Because of Possible Health Risk
(Photo: gesika22)


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  1. faust1200 says:

    They even asked me if I wanted salmonella or non-salmonella – DAMN i picked the wrong one again! STU-pid STU-pid STU-pid!!!!

  2. Lacclolith says:

    Holy crap. I was actually going to prepare this exact product for dinner tonight… Thanks for the heads up.

  3. ADM says:

    just had some archer farms soda from target last week. was wondering where the farm was.

  4. Jesse McBesse says:

    mmm… this would make a tasty meal if combined with the kmart bacon!

  5. @faust1200: The non-salmonella version has e.coli.


  6. Terminixsux says:

    As long as none of it came from nor includes any ingredients from China. Mmmmm! Melanime (SP)

  7. mac-phisto says:

    just make sure you have your receipt!

  8. ShadeWalker says:

    is there anything we can safely eat anymore?!?!? maybe i should invest in soylent cola…

  9. joeblevins says:

    I have the other dishes from this brand, pretty good actually… Although it left a fishy.. almost salmonelly after taste…

  10. jamier says:

    This is kind of strange assuming this risotto was meant to be boiled before eating. Essentially all meat products have salmonella, but those aren’t recalled. You’re just expected to cook raw foods before eating them. I can’t imagine anyone eating uncooked rice.

  11. d0x says:

    People shouldnt eat ANY target brand food, its all nasty nasty NASTY. It tastes like crap, its not stored in the best of place and for the love of god dont eat lunch at target “food ave”…

  12. coldfruit says:

    I recently tried out Archer Farms snack foods and I think they taste great. I especially loved the Maple Barbecue potato chips. Still, it seems anything we eat these days will kill us slowly…I’m just waiting for the link between dementia and lettuce to arise.