Target Tightens Return Policy: No Returns Over $20 Without A Receipt

Target is tightening up their return policy according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Currently Target doesn’t allow any cash/check returns without a receipt for items over $40, but in August that limit will drop to $20. Customers who bought their items with credit or debit cards will still be able to return items without a receipt.

“While we expect the changes to … impact a very small number of guests, our goal is to minimize losses regardless of amount,” said Amy von Walter, a Target spokeswoman. Hold on those receipts! —MEGHANN MARCO

Target turns into more of a stickler on returns [Star-Tribune]


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  1. gwong says:

    I can’t really blame Target on this one – I’m sure the unscrupulous ones ruined it for all the good people.

  2. d0x says:

    I work at target and the biggest complaint we get is the restrictive return policy. Every week in the comments people fill out at least 5/10 are about returns so they are dreaming if they think this wont effect and piss off alot of people.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Stores don’t have to accept any returns except those having to do with an express or implied warranty of merchantability, i.e. if you buy something it should work for its intended purpose.

    However, Target and most stores will accept returns for other reasons as well as a matter of good customer service. It is hardly unreasonable for Target to ask for the most basic proof that you actually bought the item at Target if you are asking to return it. This hardly qualifies as news.

  4. chrisgoh says:

    Agree with Skeptic, they pretty much allow a return for 90 days for any reason at all. Asking that you be able to prove that you purchased it there is not at all unreasonable. This also protects them from those buying on sale/clearance and attempting to return for full price. This is especially possible if you have multiple Targets in your area since I have seen multiple instances where an item is clearanced at 50% off at one store and still full price at another.

  5. Moosehawk says:

    Who doesn’t pay with credit or debit nowadays anyway?

    I can’t really blame Target for this.

  6. AgentTofu says:

    Notice the box in the photo? That is one of Target’s Made-In-China store brands of electronics. I purchased a $55 “Tru Tech” radio this past Christmas. It lasted for a few hours.

    No problems with the return, but maybe they wouldn’t have so many if they didn’t bother with what should stay in Wal-Mart.

  7. Hackoff says:

    So tell me why they (and other chains) print on heat sensitive paper?? Basically the receipt fades after a few weeks and can completely fade if you leave it in your pocket for too long.

    Interesting… you need a receipt to make a return, but the receipt could fade and they won’t accept a faded receipt…

    Who benefits here?

  8. acambras says:

    I’m not a serial returner, but sometimes I do need to return stuff. I have to say that Target has been good about accepting my returns. I always try to have the receipt handy for any return, and I also usually pay with plastic, so the store just credits the card I used for the original transaction.

    A little off-topic: Yesterday I had to return a $57 item to Home Depot. Upon reaching the counter, I discovered to my chagrin that I’d left the receipt at home. The cashier said no worries — if I put the original purchase on plastic, she could look it up if I had that card with me. She completed the whole transaction within 30 seconds.

  9. acambras says:


    I’ve wondered about that myself.

    Back before plain-paper faxes, I used to photocopy faxes that I knew I’d need to keep. I suppose it makes sense to do that with receipts printed on thermal paper — especially if you need to keep them long-term for insurance or warranty reasons.

  10. luckybob343 says:

    If Target wants to tighten their return policy, that is fine. My one complaint with their “no receipt, no return” policy is the poor durability of their receipts.

    When I buy something questionable (e.g. something I’m not sure will work or I will like) the receipt stays in my wallet. Target’s thermal receipts don’t do well there. After about day three, my receipt is faded to the point it is illegible. The last time I tried to return something with a faded receipt, I got way too much interference from the minimum wage lackey behind the counter.

    Want to go stringent on the returns? Fine. Make the receipts legible then.

  11. Skeptic says:

    So tell me why they (and other chains) print on heat sensitive paper?

    Because thermal printers are very fast, and easy and cheap to maintain and refill.

    I’d worry less about the fading of receipts for returns than I’d worry about fading receipts for tax purposes.

    On a second note, I’d say that the practice of asking for a receipt is far less onerous than the subtler practice of return behavior aggregators. Nowadays 3d party companies provide a service sort of like TeleCheck, only they track how much stuff you have returned to companies that subscribe to the service. Your return will be denied when you exceed a secret limit. That is a practice that Conumerist should report on rather than Target asking for receipts.

  12. chrisgoh says:


    They print on that type of paper because it only requires one type of consumable. As long as there is paper in the register, it works. Having to load paper and change printer ribbons is more time consuming and complicated.

    I just checked my receipt file and have target receipts over a year old that look just fine.

  13. WhatThe... says:

    This is a great way for Target to keep their losses down, and prices reasonable… BUT I will dread this policy after Christmas with in-laws like mine who don’t believe in gift receipts and asking for the kiddo’s sizes and if we have a particular item BEFORE they purchase gifts.

  14. ThatDon'tFazeMeBro says:

    Whenever I purchase an item that I know I might need to return for warranty repairs sometime in the future (i.e. electronics), I always make sure to hold onto the packaging and put the receipt in the box. However, I do need space to store all of the boxes and packaging, but that’s not too much of a problem.

    @Hackoff: I don’t usually have that problem because I have a receipt pile next to my shredder.

  15. BStu says:

    I’m stunned that they would take any returns without proof of purchase. I never assume a store will accept a return without receipt. I don’t blame Target for this, and indeed wouldn’t blame them if they stopped talking all cash returns without a receipt. It only seems fair.

  16. thrillhouse says:

    Have you tried returning stuff at the mall? After the holidays none-the-less? Nearly impossible. Several stores are quietly working towards making all sales final without coming out and saying, “All sales final”. Its usually not bad if exchanging or getting in-store credit, but its getting harder and harder to get your money back out of these stores.

  17. ARG says:

    The only people this policy really hurts are gift-receivers. In particular, people who are given large batches of gifts at once, like baby or wedding showers. The 20 dollar limit, if the service desk staff are following the letter of the rules, applies to two items — two transactions, one item per transaction, no more than 20 dollars per transaction. Then that ID is done for the year.

    Sure, you can game the system a bit… bring your passport, driver’s licenses from various states, an a military ID card (returns are tracked by card ID number, not name).

    So, when I was doing returns last weekend, the two consecutive guests (both very pregnant and laden with gifts post-baby-shower) that I helped who each had substantial piles of no-receipt returns — all because their gift-givers didn’t give them gift receipts — would have been out of luck under the final version of this system. “Two items ma’am, now go get gift receipts for the rest.”

  18. mac-phisto says:

    @Skeptic: EXACTLY! besy buy, circuit city…they are tracking & blacklisting “problem returners” – sometimes for valid return reasons (such as in-warranty defects). good news though! if you’re being tracked by this company: & were denied on a return, you can get a copy of your return activity report!

    @ARG: can’t you register at target though? i would think a registry would track this.

  19. ThatDon'tFazeMeBro says:

    @thrillhouse: The big difference is that Target is changing its policy to one that is still more generous than 95% of the stores out there. This is not a slippery slope towards “All sales final.” I do agree with you though that many stores do try to pull that card during the holidays, but I make sure to avoid them.

    @ARG: I understand that gift-receivers may feel hurt, but they should not EXPECT to be able to return gifts that they receive without a gift-receipt. It is generous of the store to allow any returns without receipts.

    There is no reason that Target needs to provide returns to individuals who do not have a receipt. As BStu said, “I never assume a store will accept a return without receipt.” However, you may be pleasantly surprised if you ask politely.

  20. ARG says:

    @mac-phisto: Currently, the registry acts as a gift receipt for any item on the registry — but, if you’ll excuse the gross generalization, old folks don’t give gift receipts, and don’t buy off computerized registries. So people end up with lots of gifts the receiver didn’t expect or want.

    @special4k4: Well, people have been trained that they can return shower gifts to Target without a receipt. The policy before the current one allowed “reasonable” returns for those who were registered at Target without any particular limit. Now they can return anything they registered for, even if it wasn’t checked off the registry. Who knows what the new policy will look like in August.

    I agree that a store shouldn’t be required to return items, but any time a store throttles back on its customer service like this it is notable.

  21. Felix the Cat says:

    I noted that the paper picked up the policy change from my blog site, as my sitemeter noted them there. Always glad to find my info is being noticed by someone.

    That they have had a very restrictive return policy for nearly 4 years is no news to consumers who get fobbed off all the time by the customer non-service drones at Tarbutt.

    If you want to look at more Tarbutt info try my site at or or just type into google “Target Corporation AP Directives for 2006” and you will get 30 or so hits for that or similar information.

    There will most likely be a court case on this starting sometime this summer. The morons can’t seem to find anyone to serve after 8 MONTHS!

  22. Ryan Duff says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here…

    But if you don’t have a receipt, how do they know if you paid credit, debit, or cash?

  23. Starfury says:

    I’m very good about keeping reciepts, so is my wife. When we give gifts from Target we’ll include the original reciept and we’ll pay cash for the item. That way if it does go back there isn’t any hassle.

  24. superlayne says:

    “…any cash/check returns…”

    Does that mean you could still get giftcards?

  25. ARG says:

    @Ryan Duff: The computer stores a hashed version of your credit/debit/giftcard/check account number which allows your receipts linked to that account to be pulled up.

  26. Amelie says:

    I hate Target. Several years ago I bought a wooden CD case for $20 to go along with the desk I purchased. The case was useless as the CD’s did not fit into the case. I was lax about driving out to the suburbs to return it, and finally got around to it a week after the 90 day limit.

    I was told that I would only receive $5 for it, as it had been marked down. Of course, it was marked down, since it was defective. I complained that I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. Since I was dissatisfied, they asked ever so nicely if I wanted to speak to a manager – their sucker ploy obviously. I said yes, and a 20 something manager comes out to repeat the same thing the clerk told me – we can only give you $5.

    I told him that I would no longer be shopping Target, to which he replied, “We will be so sorry to lose you as a customer.” To see some young man so invested in this corporate b.s. was truly sad.

  27. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    The only purchase affected by this is a cash or check purchase of an item priced $20-40 where you have lost your receipt and then decided you didn’t want it. This is not the end of western civilization.

    Besides, every Target I’ve been in has big signs (and prints on receipts) indicating a policy of no returns without receipts.

  28. chrisgoh says:


    The policy is part of the contract you agree to when making the purchase. And not to be a jerk, but if you could not bother to go back for 97 days to make the return, I doubt your business will be overly missed.

    Most likely this item had been clearanced (75% off is a standard clearance amount at Target). If they did not have this policy, customers could return anything they bought at full price when it goes on clearance and just rebuy at the lower price.

    I don’t understand some people on this site. It seems everyone expects companies to follow the rules down to the finest detail, but they want companies to bend the rules for just for them.

  29. plim says:

    @ARG: That’s what I love about target’s return policy. If you bought it with a credit/debit card, then you don’t need the receipt!

    I have to say, for that convenience alone, I’ll accept (at least today’s) apparent target “blunders.”

  30. brooklynbs says:

    I don’t think this is an unreasonable return policy.

    I worked retail years ago and people tried to return stuff without receipts all the time. I had no way of knowing where they purchased the product or at what price (did they buy it on sale?). Do I just the customer’s word? Weren’t they given a receipt as a proof of purchase?

  31. Krossbones says:

    I used to work at Target in the Guest Service department, and by far the number one complaint was the strict return policy. You can’t really blame Target for this move though, holding on to recepts or giving the gift recepts with gifts really isn’t all that inconvenient.

  32. MrFlashport says:

    @Skeptic: good point. The company you are referring to is and they are very similar to Chex Systems in that they track returns across merchants and their software can approve/deny based on a secret only they know. I have no problem with a store requiring a receipt, but the 3rd party can deny you for any reason. Simple solution, don’t shop at stores that use such a system. IMO they need to post this fact on their doors so you can choose NOT to shop there.

  33. tcabeen says:

    @Hackoff: I’m not sure what the duration of their return policy is, but my thermal receipts are usually good for at least a couple months. Even when I leave them in the car.

    Worthy of note: I live in Miami.

    I agree that the receipts are not necessarily built to last, but they last plenty well for me.

    I very rarely return anything, but I keep the receipts for everything I buy of any real value. You know, just in case. They don’t take up much space. Most of the thermal receipts in the un-air-conditioned house last over a year.

  34. lilyHaze says:

    A 90 day return policy is STRICT? I didn’t realize that Target accepted returns without a receipt. I was always under the assumption of the 30 days, cash is returned if with a receipt. If there is no receipt, a store credit was issued. If any store went above and beyond that, great.

    What I think is ridiculous is the BB and now CC return policy. 15 days and then the 15% restocking fee. Ugh.

  35. Jake4551 says:

    I am starting to think that only people who work for Target post comments here. 90 days with a receipt is generous, but this new policy, concerning returns with no recipt, is not anywhere near the normal return policy.
    My wife was able to exchange things from her baby shower, everywhere but Target. If Target wants to run a gift registry they ought to take the good with the bad. Such as when you try to exchange outfits that still have the tag on them for outfits of the same type in a different size. You can’t exchange similar items for the same product in bedding either.
    Some folks who have posted here say Target’s return policy is more generous than 95% of others. False, False, False! Babies ‘R Us, Kmart, WalMart, Garden Ridge, Home Depot, Lowes, the list goes on and on for retailers that offer some kind of exchange without a receipt.
    As far as entering into a contract when you buy something,false, due to the fact that you are not presented with all the policies when you buy the product or register. The new policy is not fully posted. And why would they, the reason that this is an issue is that it will run people away from Target.
    Furthermore, if you register for an item that has become discontinued,and YOU DO HAVE the receipt, Target will not except the return, even if you have multiples of the gift.
    I have a buddy that is a higher up in one of the large home supply chains, he says the only thing better about passing bad policy is making the employees think they are doing it for their betterment or the betterment of the customer.
    Squeeze those pennies out of the employees, make them think we are bettering ourselves when we are really just making more money to roll in. Yes tell the clerks that you are trying to limit bad returns, when you are just trying to line your pockets.

  36. Amelie says:

    chrisgoh said, “And not to be a jerk, but if you could not bother to go back for 97 days to make the return, I doubt your business will be overly missed.”

    You may or may not be a jerk – chrisgoh, but obviously the concept of principal is lost on you.

    chrisgoh said, “Most likely this item had been clearanced (75% off is a standard clearance amount at Target). If they did not have this policy, customers could return anything they bought at full price when it goes on clearance and just rebuy at the lower price.”

    It really helps to read what I wrote before commenting. Duh, of course, it was on clearance, because it didn’t function as it was described. It was a CD holder and CD’s would not fit into it. All the other coordinating products for the desk and the desk itself, were still being sold at regular price.

  37. Greg L says:

    I also enjoy how even if you have the almighty “Gift Receipt” that all you get is a Store Credit.

    You have a receipt, this shows that the item was purcahsed from store X and at a certain price. Why don’t you get cash? Oh, because stores are greedy, that’s why, and they know they can force you to spend money there, when you are returning a gift you didn’t want in the first place.

    Also, Target stores your FULL credit card and/or checking account information in their computers. Not a hashed version. You can return something with a receipt but without the original credit card and watch as they issue a credit to your original card. They store the full numbers.

    Hopefully they have a more secure storage system than TJX.

  38. jenn1010 says:

    I have worked in a national bookstore chain, and have seen all KINDS of returns… without the receipt you get the lowest price the book was ever listed at. And you get store credit.

    My big problem with Target is that even if you have the tags on the thing, and a gift receipt you still only get store credit for the DEPARTMENT IT WAS FROM.

    Tried to return a book my daughter received as a gift – she wanted a game. She had to go find a book in their pisspoor book department. She ended up having to get something for other people and waste her own present because their selection sucked.

    We bought a mouse, paid with it on our debit card, didnt have the receipt. We were told that again, we could only have store credit from that specific department.

    So even when they do let you return something, its still ungodly restrictive.

    Their return policy is just the tip of the iceberg really. Don’t even get me started on the rest of their so called customer service.

  39. TargetGS says:

    jenn1010, that’s not the policy. If you have a gift receipt for an item, you will be given a regular GiftCard good for any merchandise at any Target store. The same department exchange is only for no receipt returns.

  40. nwhicks says:

    I have experienced a lot of grief due to Target’s return policy!!! When I found out I was pregnant last June I decided to get as much as possible during my pregnancy since my maternity leave is unpaid. I bought most of my items from Target since it was my favorite store. I bought a lot of diapers since all of my girlfriends said it was no big deal to exchange for a different size if my child outgrew them. Well my child has grown astoundingly fast so I had a lot of boxes of diapers to exchange. Unfortuantely for me I didn’t have receipts (most of them were given to me by family)! Every time I have tried to exchange I have had a horrid experience. The sales people are extremely unpleasant. The first time they let me do 2 exchanges of 2 boxes each due to the forty dollar limit. That was my yearly limit and I couldn’t get a giftcard, I had to use it then. The next time I went I took my mom to use her license and then they tell me that each exchange can only be for 1 item again with the limit of two per year. The bottom line is that I have 6 boxes of diapers that have Target stickers on them, are unopened, and the exact same boxes as what is currently on their shelf but they won’t take them back. All I want is another size. I understand their need to come up with strategies to help curve their own corporate losses but they really are hurting their consumers. I have decided not to shop there anymore since I have had such a hard time and the clerks and even store manager were SO rude. I know that the store manager couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, who leaves a kid in charge of a major store like that? If it’s going to be this hard exchange items then it’s just not worth it, I would rather go Wal-Mart.

  41. Jake4551 says:

    I sympathize with you situation, there used to be a lot more posts on this website of people who had similar experiences. Not sure why they were dumped.
    It just isn’t worth shopping there. Just tell everyone you can about your experience. Most people don’t know about the policy until they try to return something. Everyone assumes their policy would be the same as Babies ‘R Us, Walmart, or any of the other big box stores.

  42. TargetGS says:

    I agree with Jake4451…most people assume that gifts and other items can be returned without a receipt. But when Target says “A receipt dated within 90 days is required for ALL returns and exchanges,” they actually mean it.

  43. Jake4551 says:

    Yep, they mean it, except in the past they have posted that and also taken things back. That is because that was not the only policy Corporate Target had on returns, as shown in their internal policy handbooks. So people aren’t used to this being their policy. Just have to stop shopping there, and buy everywhere else that protects the consumer. Others guarantee their products, Target does not stand behind what they sell, even though it is evident beyond belief, they just don’t care.
    People have to spread the word and kill off the gift registry. You are a fool if you register at Target, knowing how Target treats returns. You are a criminal in their eyes, trying to pull one over on them.
    Two years ago I cut back my Target shopping because every time I left check out with items over aroumd $100 they would check my cart. Even though the security person just watched the checker check out all my items, and we were in one of the most upscale communities. Makes no sense.

  44. christinamedia says:

    I just wanted to comment on how much this “return policy” if you can call it that, has cost me and my boyfriend. This in addition to the lack of trained employees, lazy managers and rude customer service attendents turned out to ruin my entire year because of one trip to target.

    I purchased a jewelry dresser for my mom from Target. She decided that she didn’t want that one, but another far cheaper one, that was a nicer quality from Wal-Mart. So, I purchase the dresser from Wal-Mart and promptly head back to Target to return the one I purchased. I could not find my receipt. I figure, well, at least I can get a store credit.

    I bring the dresser into the customer service counter, and explain that I want to take the dresser back, a store credit will be fine. Brand New. In the box. Never opened…Ever.

    The attendent tears the box open, pulls out the packaged pieces, to finally just inform me that she can’t return it or exchange it, it’s over $20. I first ask, WHY? It’s brand new, you probably still have it in this store…WHY?

    She says…Well, that doesn’t matter, because we can’t return it anyway.

    Then I ask….WHY did you tear the package open? You have devalued this dresser by at least 30% if I want to sell it on E-Bay…WHY?

    All this while a manager slumps over the starbucks side wall, talking with a cop.

    I complained to the manager what happened. She said that policy is policy, they cannot do anything about it. I asked her about the employee destroying the packaging to the dresser, which had never been opened. Her genuis response?

    We will retrain them. How does that help me?

    I have called twice, been hung up on regarding this matter, so I just give up. I sold it for $40 on Craig’s list.

    All my time, energy, effort, to lose $110.00 to Target

    To top it off, after this incident, I payed my target credit card off completely, just wanting to get out of this ridiculous company.

    I could not cancel it once I payed it off. No where online to do this, no place to contact besides the phone numbers.

    I called their hotline, waited for 15 minutes through recordings, because for some reason they are too good for the conventional, “0” brings you to an operator. Try to press “0” the recording says, “Sorry, that’s invalid.”

    So I wait, to finally speak to someone. Who CANNOT HELP ME. Then, when I am about to ask who I should call, who I should e-mail, this TARGET rep, hangs up on me.

    Thank you Target, for being damn near the anti-christ. How you stay in business, I don’t know. It must be all the money you spend on trying to look “super cool” instead of spending this money on quality assurance and customer service.

  45. blueboy2150 says:

    Can not blame target for this since most people pay with a credit or debit card anyway most do not need to worry. However, finally there will be no reason to accept peoples returns who 1)purchased at another store 2) bought it a year ago 3) picked it right up from the shelf coming in the store empty handed. Thank those people for this policy because in the end the honest get screwed

  46. Jake4551 says:

    Walmart or Kmart is the way to go.

  47. sledz says:

    my recent letter to target:
    Happy Birthday to my 4 year old son Tyler.

    Well not really … today he received a Target exclusive ORANGE Tony Stewart Shake n Go Trailer Rig UPC code 2708455824 from a casual friend. Tyler is not a huge Tony Stewart fan and noticed a RED Dale Jr. option on the rear of the packaging.

    So off to the 144th&Huron Westminster, Colorado Target we went expecting an exchange, without a receipt, gift receipt, or etc. Once inside your store I was asked for a drivers license which was scanned, then denied an exchange due to high cost of the item ($30!!!); and told to read the big RED return policy sign.

    I’m not looking for store credit, cash, etc. basically an exchange for the same item but in a different color. I don’t spend my time trying to rip off $30 from retail stores in exchanging items for cash or personal benefit. I have always shopped at Target specifically due to their “giving back to the community” values and policies. I despise Walmart business tactics and practices. Are you just Walmart, but RED in color instead of BLUE?

    My visit to your store was going to be comprised of this exchange along with over $200 in additional purchases for my mountain home. Instead I left your store so frustrated and upset that I don’t believe I’ll be back to spend my Christmas shopping with your firm.

    Since you seem to have profiled me by utilizing my license for my potential exchange, maybe you can take the time and research my purchase history with your company and determine my customer loyalty in that manner.

    I have always enjoyed shopping at your stores, and am proud to say I haven’t made a purchase in Walmart in over 9 years, nor owned Walmart stock in over 12 years. I realize it’s not about customer service these days and about share holder value thus, I will sell my Target shares on Monday morning.

    My expectation is my communication will go unanswered or you will shoot me off some standard reply referencing your policies, etc. If that’s the case don’t waste your time, but feel free to call me at the above number enclosed.

    Thanks for taking your time in reading my concerns.

  48. sydness says:

    I do understand that stores have to “protect” themselves, but I also believe (and hope) that the pendulum will soon swing back toward consumer fairness. It is completely unreasonable to penalize gift receivers when the gift giver forgets to offer a receipt. What if the item is the wrong size, wrong color, or stops working after 60 days? It is ridiculous to say that the gift receiver has no rights and just loses out. The retail industry needs a better plan to handle these instances. Furthermore, we are all human, and misplaced receipts DO happen. It’s certainly unbalanced to be out $50 because of a tiny lost white piece of paper. If it is habitual, then sure, but if it’s a one time thing, there should be some leeway.

    My aunt purchased a TABLE from Target. The table broke within a week, so she exchanged it for another table. That new table also broke (piece of junk manufacturing, I guess). When she went to return the table, she had her original receipt, which was rejected because the table had already been exchanged, but she did not have the “exchange” receipt. The kid at the Guest Services desk apologized profusely. He knew my 61 year old aunt hadn’t stolen the giant table, but he could not override the new computer system to allow for even an exchange. Stores should have discretion when it comes to returns!

  49. oski88 says:

    Some of these comments are shockingly stupid. Apparently some of you are so devoid of friends or family that you never receive gifts, or don’t have enough common sense to realize how rude it is to go back to a friend and ask for a receipt. Get a clue.

    To those of you who think we have a contrace, you can’t enter into a contract without agreeing to all the terms. As I very recently learned, the entire policy is not displayed to the consumer, which means the consumer never agrees to all the terms (The sign doesn’t say anything about a $20 cap? Oh well, that’s our policy). Further, to the extent the purchaser did agree to a contract, a recipient of gifts is not a party to that contract.

    All that aside, the policy is just plain stupid and unfair. Here’s one you missed: they keep a percentage of the purchase price when you don’t have the receipt. And I am not talking about only giving a store credit for the last sales price within the past 90 days (which I do consider fair when you don’t have a receipt and it was a gift – how do you know how much the gift giver paid?). Say the purchase price was $9.99, you get $8.99 back. That is not posted on the big red board anywhere. Explain how it is fair to a) acknowledge the item came from their store; b) determine the store credit value; and c) arbitrarily decide not to honor the full value of the credit? Especially when they are only giving you a store credit, not the cash back. Frankly, this seems illegal to me – Target earns a dollar profit on the return, plus they get to re-sell the item for the original price.

    I never thought I would say this, but thanks to Target I expect I’ll soon start shopping at Walmart.

  50. TheMrsMack says:

    We registered for a Baby Shower w/over 120 Guests. It was inevitable that we would get duplicate gifts; not everyone understands how to use a registry & cashiers don’t know how to ring up registry items).Target apparently changed their return policy in Aug. but failed to advise it’s registers. Therefore, we have over $300 worth of duplicate gifts that we can not use. This policy makes no sense. It is obvious (by our registry) that we registered for the gifts & they were purchased at Target. What a shame that Target is willing to loose a $10,000/per year customer. It would be nice if I could speak to someone who actually works for Target! All calls are routed to New Delhi, India. They read a script-NO ONE is offering a solution! I guess $10,000 isn’t important enough for Target to consider changing the policy for people who have registered at their store. Target benefited A LOT from our registry than WE did! Is it possible to speak to someone at the Target Corporate Office?

  51. babytime512 says:

    I’m a loyal Target shopper and have driven hours just to go shop at Target as opposed to other stores. That is I WAS. I just had my baby shower and received a gift off my registry that someone did not give a gift receipt for. Well they wouldn’t even let me exchange it for another item that was $50 more than this item. I tried to explain how rude it was to call up my friend and ask her to give me or get me a gift receipt but Target simply wouldn’t hear of it. I called and emailed customer service and they didn’t even care. Well with that said I decided to no longer shop at Target until they change they’re return policy. In fact I just went to walmart and spent $300 on baby stuff that Target could have received. I’m also going to be telling everyone I know what awful customer service Target has, to hopefully discourage them from shopping there. It makes me sad because I love shopping Target, but they need to remember that the customer always comes first.

  52. madmomma says:

    I have been a shopper at Target, until now. I am furious with their policy regarding Wedding and Shower gifts. HOW tacky and socially unacceptable it is for a new bride to ask someone for a gift receipt. Many people forget to get one and often times are not given the option at the time of purchase. NOW if you are going to institute this type of policy you should ask the person purchasing off a registry if they need a gift receipt. Macy’s does…and many other stores do. Somehow this information is stored on the items that have been purchased list by the store. In fact, I know they are. I understand for other purchases but for registry’s????? This is absolutely ridiculous. I love the items that Target offers and as many of you consumers should know…they have scanner guns that scan only THEIR bar codes. So, how can they be ripped off. And if the item is found on their registry and they are returning one…it’s a no brainer! BAD POLICY!! Shame on you TARGET!