Geek Squad Fixed My iPod By Sending Me A Broken One

Charlie gave her 4th gen iPod to Geek Squad for warranty repair. They promised her a new iPod in return. Instead, she received an iPod with a sad face screen. When she shook it, its hard drive rattled around. There was a ding in the side. The back of the iPod was buffed shiny, so much so you couldn’t hardly see the iPod logo. When she took it back to the store, she says they were kinda obnoxious to her. The iPod is sent away again, but her hopes are not high.

This is Charlie’s second Consumerist story, she also gave us this one in these two posts, Apple Won’t Sell You A Computer Because You’ve Got Too Many Gift Cards, and UPDATE: Apple Will Sell You A Computer If You’ve Got Too Many Gift Cards!

Perchance this one will also result in a toothsome thumbs up?

Charlie’s letter, and more pictures, inside…






Charlene writes:

A week ago the hard drive in my 4th generation iPod failed for the second time. The first time this happened, I took my iPod to the Geek Squad and had them fix it under Best Buy’s warranty. They said I could expect it back in around 4 weeks. Over two months later, I had not heard from them, and I called about my iPod. They lost it. No, it was at the warehouse. No, it hadn’t shipped yet. No, it was being worked on. I was finally told that if my iPod did not come in the next day that I would be getting a brand new one. It came the next day.

Okay, fast forward about one year to last Saturday. I took my iPod back to the Geek Squad and gave it to them again. I was told that it would be sent off for Rapid Exchange and that “basically, just don’t worry about this one any more and you’ll get a new one in about a week and a half” A new iPod! I was very excited. In one week I got an iPod in the mail. The box said it was a refurbished 4th generation. Not exactly new. Oh well. Then I opened the box. I took out the iPod, and the first thing that I noticed was that they buffered the back of it until it was as shiny as a mirror. I couldn’t even see the Apple logo or the serial number unless I held it at just the right angle. Then I found a dent on the side of it! A perfect little ding! I was so frustrated, but I needed my iPod for work, so I went to load it up anyways. Well, I tried to turn it on, and the hard drive was also dead. Not just dead, but you could feel all of the parts inside shaking around!

I took the iPod back to the Geek Squad and I was furious. I wanted to talk to a manager. Unfortunately, I barely talked to anybody. Anyone with any competence at least. The one guy who seemed to know what he was doing was having problems with HIS computer. He had to call a Best Buy employee to show him how to work their POS system. The guy that he put me off on wasn’t any better. I pointed at the box with a “Quality Tested” sticker printed on it (twice), and he just laughed. I told him about how I had so much trouble the LAST time I wanted to get my iPod fixed, and he just said to his buddy, “Were you working here then? I wasn’t either. Man, that sucks” I was so furious that I couldn’t even yell or be rude at them… I knew it would all be wasted. Then he was holding the iPod in his hand and said, “Man, this thing really is busted!” Good job, Einstein.

Anyways, so their solution? Mail it off, try again!!! I didn’t know that I was getting somebody else’s broken iPod. I could have just kept mine. And now, I’m waiting to get ANOTHER used and probably broken iPod in the mail. Why couldn’t they have just fixed mine? I was under the impression that I was getting a brand new iPod, and I willingly gave them my broken one. This is not what I bargained for.

Good luck, Charlene, Maybe this time they will get it right. Never forget the power of calling up customer service and complaining. They might be able to hook you up with something for your troubles. And bear in mind, you can always contact the CEO of Geek Squad by emailing with the subject line, “For Robert.” — BEN POPKEN


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  1. JRuiz47 says:

    I am also hoping for a positive resolution as I remember Charlie’s very attractive smile and would like to see more of it.

  2. Crim Law Geek says:

    Despite all the problems I’ve had with the Apple repair depot, I would never send an Apple product to Geek Squad. I would take it to either an Apple Store or Tekserve if I am in NYC or I know it is something they can do while I wait.

    Seriously, don’t have Apple products “repaired” by anyone other than Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Center.

  3. nuton2wheels says:

    It doesn’t help that the iPod is a poorly designed disposable product that shouldn’t have died to begin with!

  4. BillyShears says:

    Never, ever, ever let Best Buy do this kind of stuff. Manufacturer warranties are always the preferred way to go, even if it’s expired. (AppleCare is kind of worth it, though.)

  5. MonkeySwitch says:

    Believe me, I know. The iPod was a gift that came packaged with the Best Buy warranty. I’d never have gone through them otherwise.

  6. hamcan says:

    So you say buy applecare?

    Hmmmm. Here’s my applecare story.

    I have a 4th gen 60gb ipod and it died last december. I called apple’s 1-800, and the promptly sent me a box. Within a week, I had a new (refurb) ipod to replace mine. Happy times.

    30 days of happiness, then this refurb died on me.

    Honestly, it went through all four of the “bad” icons noted on apples’ site. So i call, they sent a box. I’m thinking, “well, at least they’re prompt”. One week later, they send me it back, saying “it just needed to be restored”.
    So now i’ve restored it 4 times, lost my 60gb of tunes 3 of those times (yes it’s backed up on a harddrive).

    I’m going to try and send it back but i don’t want them to “restore” it again.

    So the moral of my story is… well, i’ll tell you once i send it back in again.

  7. dragonflight says:

    Seems like apple products are her kryptonite.

  8. mindshadow says:

    I just want to verify that I saw the iPod she received when she got it. I had a good laugh at the situation and honestly wasn’t surprised by what she received.

    You can definitely feel some vibration when you’re holding the iPod. When you hold it to your ear you can ear the little HDD spinning up, then catching on a scratch in the platter, stop, and try again. You know, that *whirr…. click…. whirr… click.”

  9. ptrix says:

    Very shifty how BestBuy’s “repair” policy was to send the client an iPod whose externally laser-etched serial number was physically altered beyond recognition, thus rendering him unable to even send the unit to the mnufacturer (Apple) for replacement. EXTREMELY poor game on BestBuy’s part.

    Don’t know why the customer didn’t originally send it to Apple, as all their products are automatically covered for one year after purchase under their AppleCare Warranty.

  10. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    How to win a new iPod in 5 easy steps:
    1. Sue in small claims court.
    2. Serve papers to the Best Buy store.
    3. They won’t show up, win a judgement by default.
    4. When they don’t pay up get a warrant to seize an iPod.
    5. Go to best buy, show it to the manager, demand an iPod, followed by “By the way, if I don’t get an iPod, you’re violating a court order and the bailiff standing next to me WILL arrest you and charge you for contempt of court.”

    Small claims litigation doesn’t take forever, and isn’t that expensive. By the way, costco has the best prices for iPods, and plus they have the no questions asked return policy.

  11. superlayne says:

    My I-pod is dead, : and out of warrenty.

  12. brooklynbs says:

    I think Consumerist should launch a website solely dedicated to Geek Squad.

  13. lore says:

    Yeah! Kind of like the CSI franchise!

    Consumerist: Geek Squad
    Consumerist: Comcast
    Consumerist: Wal-Mart
    Consumerist: Cingular
    Consumerist: Sprint

  14. zaq2g says:

    Her ipod never came the next day. She should get a brand new ipod as was stated. Period.

  15. er6037 says:

    What is this websites vendetta against the geek squad all about? They are a big service and every now and then they make a mistake that is based on human error and not the policies of the company. Any service provider you find are going to have employees that dont care about their job (and why should they, they have to deal with you people every day).

    The fact of the matter is that they provide a service that most people need. Despite the fact that putting in a video card takes about 3 seconds they charge $150 for it because MOST people dont know how to do it. Its like getting car maintainence done, most of that stuff is probably simple but since I dont know the first thing about cars I have to take it to a mechanic and let them rape my wallet because I would rather have someone do it and if it is done wrong they will fix it for me than do it myself and be S.O.L. if I do it wrong.

    I would say that more often than not the geek squad does a good job and every now and then they search hard drives for porn.

  16. d0x says:

    Why the hell would you take a broken ipod to the geek squad? They cant repair them, not even on a cold day in hell!

  17. Broominator says:

    As a general rule of thumb, non-manufacturer warranties are a waste of money. Next time, do yourself a favor and stop by your local Apple Store and just pick up an AppleCare box. You don’t even need to have purchased the iPod at the store–as long as it is less than a year old you can apply the coverage to any iPod.

  18. Macroy says:

    @IRSistherootofallevil: By “isn’t that expensive” do you mean “is cheaper than a new iPod”?

  19. oldbluebox says:

    Maybe she should stop buying shitty Apple products.

  20. MrFlashport says:

    @er6037: No one is slamming Geek Squad for charging for their work, but they rarely do a complete job for the large sums they charge. Sure, installing a video card or RAM in a desktop PC is simple, if you know what you are doing…so is changing the oil on your car. But there are many who don’t wish to risk it venturing into an area they have no experience. It doesn’t make them stupid, maybe they lack the time henceforth why they are willing to PAY a so-called professional for their services.

    But just like the shady mechanics, the GS of late is comprised of salesman who don’t know jack about doing the basic work they are contracted to do for their clients. Imagine calling a plumber to fix a clogged toilet, a most basic of service. Instead, he shows up, floods your house with feces, breaks your toilet, then lies to you and claims your toilet was broken…sells you a new one. He then proceeds to rifle through your underwear drawer and invades your privacy while he’s at it…yeah, the GS is the shady mechanic or Irish traveler of computers. Geek Sqaud sucks hands down.

    FYI the refurbished Apple probably came from Solectron, notorious for turd blossom junk. Ever get a refurbished Verizon phone? yeah, you got someone else’s used phone in a new housing put together by a $6.75 monkey. You get what you pay for. Best Buy’s service plan doesn’t entitle you to a NEW off the shelf unit, but a refurbished (USED) one. You didn’t come in there with a NEW one, but at least the refurb should WORK!

  21. Amy Alkon says:

    Applecare is the best. I called Apple on a Friday afternoon about a broken key on my iBook; they gave me a Saturday afternoon appointment at the Apple store at the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica. I got there a few minutes early. A nice woman saw me looking for where to go and asked me what I needed and led me back to the genius bar. My name was already on a list, thanks to my appointment. I was third on it, and I got helped in 10 minutes, 10 minutes before my actual appointment. A really nice guy went and found a key they had sitting around there, and put it on for me. The whole time, everybody spoke good old American English and was polite, helpful, and friendly — as has been my experience in all the years I’ve had Applecare (can’t remember when they first started it, but I’ve had Macs since 1985, and when I was at my poorest, they did a $1500 hard drive replacement for free on my Mac laptop).

  22. Amy Alkon says:

    PS Apple said I could also have them send me a special box to ship the computer to them and they’d replace the key and ship it back to me.

  23. hop says:

    best buy sucketh…..always…………

  24. Quickness says:

    I worked at Best Buy for several years, most of those in the Geek Squad. This is a common problem with the Apple iPod and the Best Buy service plan (the PSP as we called it).

    The majority of the time, they came back with issues, and had to be sent out again. The parts are non-OEM parts so when you get your iPod fixed by Best Buy, they use generic parts.

    The average Best Buy iPod repair person fixes 25 iPods a day, and last I heard they have a very large number of people who repair them.

    Please remember ALL Best Buy service plans have a no-lemon “rule”. If they had to send out your iPod (or anything else), and (this is key, AND) something is fixed on it 3 times, if it needs a 4th repair, Best Buy will replace it. Don’t need to have any paperwork, they can look up old service tags.

  25. joopiter says:

    Ah, the 4G iPod. That is one bum model. My roommate just had hers declared dead last night at the Apple Store. This will be her third. The first died under warranty. The replacement died out of the box. This one lasted a little longer – just long enough to be out of warranty. I think the 4G model was the one they were makiing right when demand went through the roof for iPods and they scimped on quality. Most of my friends who have them have this model and all of them have had problems to some extent. I have had a 3G model since Oct 2003 with no problems other than the oft-reported shortened battery life. (Of course, having said that I’ve probably just jinxed it into the grave).

    If Best Buy ever does come through with getting Charlie a new iPod, she might want to look into selling it for whatever she can get for it and using the money towards a different model. The 4Gs are going to give her nothing but trouble.

    On the upside, I might try my first iPod autopsy on my roommate’s recently deceased unit. Perhaps I can raise it from the grave. Oooh… zombie iPod!

  26. Sporadic says:

    Ok, here’s what you all don’t know. Geek Squad does not repair any Apple product. They are just the middle man between Apple and the consumer. Charlene experience was the product of any service industries mistake. It happens. The claim that we’re perfect and everyone else isn’t is pure BS. Her complaint should be directed toward Apple because their agreement for rapid exchange is set up so the customer can have a quicker turn around time, which she did in One week. However Apple’s Tech screwed up in her situation. Also under her Best Buy warranty if her iPod has to be sent off 4 times to be repaired then she is give a totally new iPod comparable to her last. Chew on this for a minute before you go blasting the Service Industry. Get your facts.

  27. iarp says:

    I’m guessing 40GB, i went threw 6 of those 40GB models before Apple HQ in Canada decided to give me a 60gb video. The first one broke after a year, the second broke after a month, and the third – sixth broke a week after. The 60gb video they sent me has been working fine for maybe 2-3yrs now.

  28. Okiedog says:

    I’ve had a 4G Ipod for 2 1/2 years. It’s performed admirably and never had any glitches. I suppose the fact that I treat it like the fragile piece of electronica that it is helps a bit. I see people toss their ipods and cellphones around like rubber balls and then they’re surprised when they stop working.

    Electronics are fragile. Period.

    Now a piece of cr*p refurb can have issues. Letters to Steve Jobs anyone?

  29. donsherio says:

    “Quickness says:
    …Please remember ALL Best Buy service plans have a no-lemon “rule”. If they had to send out your iPod (or anything else), and (this is key, AND) something is fixed on it 3 times, if it needs a 4th repair, Best Buy will replace it. Don’t need to have any paperwork, they can look up old service tags.”

    Unless Best Buy fails to register the service tag in their system and thus refuses to honour their “No Lemon” Guarantee. I had a Toshiba Laptop that had numerous problems with it. The first time, i sent it in, and all i got was dust all over the keys and the same issues. This “repair” didnt register in the Best Buy system. The second time, they fixed the screen, then charged me $300 for it, even though i had PSP. It also came back with new problems so i sent it in a 3rd time. when it came back and i inquired on the No Lemon part of PSP, the clerk there said I didnt qualify because I didnt have 3 MAJOR repairs. like BS. I wait nearly 60 days (they leave me like 4-5 days just before i qualify for the 60 day rule, then they call me) and they tell me they did NOTHING to it. Best Buy will do anything they can to NOT have to honour their PSP services.

  30. Jlakes says:

    I have had the same issue on several occasions and have found that unfortunately having ones ipod serviced through apple is just as hopeless as taking it to the geek squad. During my most recent stint, I actually attempted to troubleshoot with a member of apple’s IT department for nearly an hour, but in the end they couldnt help me and suggested that I send the ipod in to be looked at, but due to fear of me not getting my ipod back or only learning to find that they won’t replace it because the problem is not under ‘their’ warrenty, I decided to bite the bullet, stop dealing with apple and ipods in general and purchased a new mp3 player that is simpler in feature but does the job and doesn’t give me any problems…..yet…but all in all I understand verybody’s frustration in terms of dealing with busted ipods.

  31. swimnfly says:

    If you want to complain about best-buy warranties, please read them before you buy them. It specifically says refurbished models are given. I would assume this Ipod you received was functioning at one time. With these hard drive based units, it’s very easy for the HD’s to detach, which likely occurred in the shipping process. Sure it sucks you are out of an ipod another 2 weeks, but be patient and stop complaining. If you never bought the warranty you’d be stuck with a broken piece of plastic. Feel fortunate best buy even offers this service however crappy it may be.

  32. swimnfly says:


    If they charged you 300 for the screen, you likely broke it yourself. Learn to buy acidental damage plans if you can’t handle your equiptment. I don’t see how something you did to the laptop outside the waranty would qualify as a repair.

  33. joopiter says:

    @Okiedog: I agree. Electronics are fragile. But, I know my roommate does not abuse her iPod, especially since she cannot afford to replace it. It’s been treated with kid gloves. And still she’s had three of them die, one of them brand new right out of the box. I stand by my statement – the 4G (40 gig) was not a good model for iPods. I think you’re one of the lucky ones on your model.

    However, I give you my hearty congratulations on your 4G’s fortitude and my most fervent wishes for its longevity.

  34. cosmocanyon says:

    Just a little friendly advice from a Best Buy/Geeksquad employee, if you want to have the issue resolved, you should email He’s our CEO, and likes to have any complaints that “damage the integrity of our brand” sent directly to him. Somewhere on our website it gives his email and says to contact him with any issues.

    Good luck, and I hope that your issues are resolved in a timely manner!

    Not all of us are as unfeeling or incompetent!

  35. crichardson79 says:

    I used to work for the geek squad. I was the only person in to store that knew how to fix them. I am Mac Certified (that helps). Ever other tech would just send them out for repair, but we always got them back. I must say working for the geek squad is totally f’ing nuts. Trying to do a million things at once. They need to hire someone just to work the register and leave the tech to fix the computers.

  36. nickripley says:

    Such is the price of being an Apple fan-boy… well, you know what I mean…

  37. redd77 says:

    I used to work for the Geek Squad and alot of the comments made here are correct. There is a no lemon policy in the PSP contract so if you’re iPod is sent out for service three times on the fourth it is replaced. One thing that can help you get that iPod replaced is when they create a service ticket for the iPod they should give you a copy of it. Make sure you hold onto that and any paperwork that comes back from the service center with your iPod. When it comes time to have your iPod replaced under the no lemon clause you have proof of how many times it was serviced. It will save a lot of time and arguing when you ask for a replacement.

    There’s also no guarantee on how long it will take to have it serviced or replaced so don’t be surprised if it takes a month.

    One last bit of advice, when you take your iPod in for service or when you have a problem just remember to take a deep breath and relax before entering the Best Buy store. Like another poster said the GS is just a middle man and for the most part they have no power over what happens to your iPod. You can always ask for a manager but those weaselly $&#*s will probably hand you off to someone else or avoid you entirely.

  38. shdwsclan says:

    Mac certified ?
    Does that mean they trust to to polish their shiny cases instead of repair the components?

  39. remedies says:

    haha. good luck with geek squad ‘fixing’ your ipod!
    i wore the two year warranty out on mine. i probably brought it in on six separate occasions because of recurring hard drive-type malfunctions (skipping songs, ‘losing’ songs, lock ups, sick ipod icons, unrecognizable to any computer, & etc.). i don’t think the problem was ever really fixed because i had the same problem each time…likely they just shipped it out to wipe and reboot it.

    anyway, this went on until my warranty expired. the kicker was that during my last visit, one of the few helpful agents told me that since it had been in so many times it should be replaced under warranty. unfortunately, they kept the ipod until a few days after my warranty expired so the last visit didn’t count under the two years AND claimed that no work had been done on it (even though the hd was wiped and the casing had evidence of being opened), just in case i tried to claim they’d serviced it.

    i knew i’d been fleeced, but by that point i was just glad to be done with geek squad’s ‘service’. i still have the ipod and it limps along, working for weeks at a time. i’ve learned how to reboot it and bookmarked the diy tutorial for taking a look inside, just in case something seriously goes wrong. most of the time, a carefully placed smack with the heel of the hand clears things right up. ^_^

    (my favourite part about the whole experience was the agent who couldn’t figure out how to switch off the hold button and turn ‘on’ the ipod. at that point i realized i knew more about it than he did. rather enlightening, tbh.)

  40. Revils03 says:

    I actually used to work at the Best Buy Service Center that repairs iPods, there is one place that every US Best Buy sends iPods for repair. About the time that I was quiting they were changing from repairing your iPod and sending it back to you, to they send you back a refurbished one.

    Some good tips to anyone going to Geek Squad to have their iPod sent in: First after Best Buy bought Geek Squad they made them the computer sales department, when I originally applied at the Richfield, MN store (this is about 1 mile from Corporate HQ) I was told they would rather have some one that could sell then some one with technical knowledge. Second most people in Geek Squad have no clue what to do with an iPod, 75% of the time I got a Service order that said won’t turn on, won’t charge, won’t play music or something so generic like that, and most of those as far as we can tell work fine, or just needed the software reloaded. Also the only honor “no lemon” when it has been sent out and a problem has been found and fixed four times, we got a lot of these requests on the first or second time.

    If you want to send get clarification from the service center about policies on repair you can send mail here

    iPod Service Manager
    10901 Louisiana Ave S
    Bloomington, MN 55438

    Or the the Corporate Address (I don’t know which department it should go to)

    7601 Penn Ave S
    Richfield, MN 55423

  41. ludwigk says:


    If bestbuy was really coordinating service through Apple, then pretty much every step of this story is an impossibly unlikely occurrence.

    I don’t know what BB does with the iPods they service, but I know they can’t fix them, and it seems impossible that they are going through apple.

    One way to easily find out is that for that generation of iPod, all refurbished iPods have new plastics and back plates that have never been used (certainly not polished), and all warranty replacement parts have a “2X” or “2Z” serial number.

    If you went through apple, there would also be a record of the swaps in apple’s support database.

    From a logistical perspective, BB has no way of getting an iPod serviced by apple after its natural warranty has expired that wouldn’t cost more than a new iPod. If they were really going through apple, they would literally save money by giving the cst a new iPod. Given how dang cheap BB is, I can’t imagine they would be paying for OOW repairs. What is likely is that they’re doing something even cheaper, and significantly shadier.

  42. rudegeek69 says:

    Ok, I’ll give the inside scoop since I’ve ran an actual Geek Squad department in the past. In no way am I defending Best Buy or the Geek Squad, just setting the record straight.

    Ipods suck. Period. Before this refurbishment program took effect, Best Buy would send out all Ipods for service. This amounted to an average of 20,000 Ipods sent out for servicing PER MONTH across the company. This didn’t include the many customers who came in for help because they didn’t understand how to use an Ipod or even update the Ipod.

    Now, Best Buy will only service Ipods that were bought with service plans. No service plan? Here’s Apple’s contact information. Have a nice day.

    They offer the customer with a service plan 2 choices: wait 2 weeks for your Ipod to be sent out to get serviced, or wait 3 to 5 days to get a refurbished Ipod sent to you (Not the next day). BOTH choices count as a “repair” under the no-lemon clause of the service plan. So, 4 “rapid exchanges” or 4 services, or any combination of the two will net you a new Ipod. I believe that the next time that this particular Ipod gets sent out will end up getting you a new Ipod.

    Yes, the 2 n00bs working at the geek squad at the time should be tarred and feathered. Keep in mind that their job sucks, and it’s a hard job to fill with good people ever since Best Buy corrupted the Geek Squad.

    Yes, the… “for robert” email WILL go through to Robert Stephens himself (the man who started Geek Squad over 12 years ago) and he WILL contact the store about the issue to see that it gets resolved if it is an unfair situation for the customer. However, If the store is following proper policy, nothing will come out of your email.

    My suggestion would be to research your product before you buy it. Just because something has the most or coolest commercials on TV doesn’t mean that it’s the best product.

  43. thekskill says:

    similiar situation happened to me TODAY. Sent my 4g 40gb ipod to geek squad b/c the click wheel didn’t work. i requested to pick up in store, but they shipped it to my house instead. 3 weeks later it arrives via ups, and the package is dented. I open the box, and see my ipod’s casing smashed, with the dock on the bottom busted [clearly the sad face popped up when i tried to turn it on]. fortunately, i used to work at best buy, and the general manager swapped it out for me without any problems. i actually did pretty well in the end. i got the value of my $400 ipod back, and put it towards the $350 80gb video ipod and $60 3-year service plan. So now I have a better, brand new ipod, and 3 more years of service for $10… I can’t complain.

  44. Revils03 says:


    BB uses its own service centers (Minnesota is the only one that does iPods), for all of there PSPs. So any time you take any thing to BB that is under a PSP it goes to the regional service center, iPods on the other hand a shipped UPS 2nd Day Air to Bloomington, MN. So UPS could of damaged it again on the return ship.

    The Service center purchases all the components in bulk from When i worked there the iPod sent in was the same one sent back, but it was being changed to you sent one in you got a (different) refurbished one back.

  45. Android8675 says:

    The BBY/Geek Squad “Rapid Exchange” program, which is what this customer got, is a pilot program. If a customer doesn’t want to wait the 2-3 weeks for someone to fix their iPod, BBY can instead cross ship a “Refurbished” (No idea where this customer got “New” from, it’s possible the BBY store was improperly trained, it is a pilot program after all) iPod of the same make and model to the customer. (Shipped to them, not to the store)

    Some bad things about this program…

    #1, it EATS your warranty, in other words you’re spending $39-$59 bucks (or whatever you paid for your warranty) for a refurbished iPod that won’t be under warranty after you do the exchange. I think you can purchase another warranty, but I can’t recall off hand.

    #2, as this customer has learned refurbished may not be as good as their original iPod, but it should be working so yeah hopefully this customer is gonna call for another replacement.

    I’d LOVE to see what this customers ORIGINAL iPod looked like, I’ve seen some trashed iPods come into BBY and for those customers I recommend the exchange. Otherwise, I say, wait the 2-3 weeks (buy a Shuffle if you’re desperate to have music in the meantime and RETURN it when your iPod comes back) and if something like this happens to you, call 888-Best-Buy and ask them to try again. Honestly getting pissed at the Geek Squad Counter should be your last resort as you noted all they could do was try to send it off again.

    Actually now that I look at the photos of the iPod, this is the best looking iPod I’ve ever seen come out of this program, though the buffing of the backside is silly, loose the serial number that way, in California you can’t ship product without a serial number attached.

    good luck, next time don’t drop your iPod.

  46. drmrsanta says:

    The Geek Squad has very little to do with this whole process. When they were acquired by Best Buy, they became the service desk for all items in the store.

    They may have misinformed you about the newness of your ipod. Apparently they are all refurbished, not new.

    However, the Geek Squad did no work on your ipod. Or the previous one for that matter. Best Buys service center did all the work. I’m not saying that this makes it okay, but at least realize who to blame.

  47. TechnoDestructo says:

    @MrFlashport: Lack the time? It takes less time to physically install things than it does to take them to an “expert.”

  48. Lawnboy27 says:

    This page saved me in more ways than you can imagine. This past Saturday I took my Ipod into BB(again) to fixed a 5th time. they were to send me a Ipod exchange. I found this page over the weekend and had it in my head the minute the package arrived.
    I took the package into best buy UNOPENED, and low and behold, Sad Face Icon. The exact same situation.
    However, I am now at home with my NEW IPOD and got refunded the money for the PSP(Gift Card of course)This took considerable effort and patience.

    I will never buy any product from BB again, nor did I sign up for a new PSP for the product.

    The Apple store was right down the street, and although there are issues there, it has to be better than the ridiculous way they “service items at BB.

    Thanks for the post

  49. jefero2 says:

    The Geek Squad cannot be trusted. I took my computer into the nerds who ended up chargine me nearly $600 (yes I know now I could have just bought a new computer) and then they charged me $100 to save my pictures. Never save your pictures on your hard drive and never let these freaks in creepy white shirts with a pocket protector get near your computer. I even contacted Best Buy’s customer service to tell about the horrendous service I received (since the geeks lack interpersonal communication skills) and the said “we are sorry” and it was definitely not sincere. No more shopping at Best Buy for me! What’s even scarier is that these supposed “computer know alls” drive around vw bugs, maybe they should just be put behind the scenes of best buy.

  50. elevated_box says:

    Geek Squad is a joke im going through the same problem right now. First i just took it in for battery replacement because I had the warranty. The first “reparied” one they sent the audio jack was broken so I took it in again. Three weeks later, today, I go to pick up the new one they wouldnt ship it to my house this time. And now itunes says it is corrupted and it fails when it tries to restore it.

    THis is rediculous Ive been with out a working ipod for 5 weeks now. STAY AWAY FROM GEEK SQUAD

  51. hickjay2 says:

    Geek Squad is a bunch of idiot sales people trained by a community college or 2-year tech school wanna be computer engineer. I just spent $59 for them to give me the following conclusion: “It’s probably your memory stick or the memory slot that’s bad, we suggest you get a new memory stick and have us put that in for you, if the problem still happens you know it’s the slot” LOL Classic! And some computer challenged individual will agree to this crap and pay geek squad another insane amount of money to pop in a memory stick. Who has this type of luxury to troubleshoot a laptop for 2 weeks!?!? This situation has taken many hours out of my busy day, so this is the last time I will waste energy on the Geek Squad…my final words, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND BB! They prey on computer challenged individuals!!!!!

  52. wilhelm9943 says:

    Has anyone posted anything about a class action suit against Geek Squad and Best Buy?

    How many people would be interested in joining such a suit?

  53. AgentBubbs12961 says:

    I am a geek squad agent.I total agree with your disappointment.The key though is we send these iPods to Apple for a rapid exchange and they send us back a REFURBISHED one directly to you.I am very sorry that they sent you a bad one.It happens sometimes.I really hope the agents at the best buy you went to handled it well afterwards.
    Agent Bubbs
    Badge 12961