Comcast Triple Play, Now With 24 Month Contract And ETF

You might want to think twice before agreeing to an Comcast CSR’s offer to “extend the price for 2 years,” because Comcast’s Triple Play comes with a contract and an ETF.

Reader L. writes:

I love Consumerist. If it were a woman, it would be really large with multiple personalities, but I’d date it all the same.

Seriously, I got a contract from Comcast stating that if I don’t sign and send it back within 30 days of my service being set up then they’d bill me for everything at current market prices. It gets better though. They also state that if I make any changes to my account then I may be penalized with a $150 early termination fee. The only problem was that I set up service on 4/04; the letter they sent to me was dated 4/23 and I didn’t get it in the mail until 5/05. Before I even had the contract I was already in violation of it, if I were to sign it.

To give you some background, I signed up for their famous “Triple Play” and when I did so the person setting up the order said he could give me the price for 2 years instead of one. It made no matter to me because I only signed up because Verizon takes a while to set service up and I need something quickly to get online. Sure I know that customers like me are what Comcast would like to discourage but all their marketing says that it’s 12 months, no contract and then you get the old bait-and-switch and a scary letter sent to you.

Needless to say that I have a very lengthy conversation with Comcast and had my account changed from 24 to 12 months so I don’t have to think twice about them getting creative with my billing. Please feel free to share my story as I’m sure other Comcast or potential Comcast customers should be aware.

Watch out for Comcast’s shady contract behavior. Your CSR may not bother to tell you what you’re really signing up for. —MEGHANN MARCO


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