Make Scouring Pads From Mesh Produce Bags

We never know what to do with those annoying produce-protecting mesh bags from the supermarket. Thanks to a handy Instructable, we now know to turn them into scouring pads.

Simply fold the mesh bag three or four times until you have a manageable mesh clump. Sew the open side shut, flip the pad inside out, and voila, your kitchen sponge has a new compatriot in arms. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Mesh Bag Scouring Pads [Instructables]


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  1. ElizabethD says:

    Better read the directions a little more carefully. You do not stitch up *all* sides of the folded bag. At least one must be left open or you won’t be able to do the “turn inside out” part. Check steps 3-5 at the source site.

  2. barbarareller says:

    What a waste. Instead…read a book, wash your car, play in the sunshine or smell the roses.

  3. Scazza says:

    I dunno how safe that would be to scour a pan or pot. What would stop the cheap plastic shit from scratching off onto the pot/pan and getting into your food?

  4. bhelverson says:

    I use these mesh bags to hold the little slices that are left when a bar of soap becomes too small to use and keep it in my shower caddy. This makes an excellent exfoliant and works as well as the mesh gloves that I used to get at The Body Shop.

  5. WebCudgel says:

    Ever use that window chalk on your vehicle (or your teenagers did it without your permission)? Well, just take some water and one of your old bath scrubbies or a produce mesh and ball it up to scrub off the kewl graffiti on your vehicle windows. And you can throw it away after you’re done or reuse for future fits of urban artwork.

  6. SexCpotatoes says:

    We don’t have those mesh bags ’round these parts. Our produce bags, you could asphyxiate someone, extra value!

  7. GitEmSteveDave says:

    @Scazza: Unless you scrub your pots and pans when their still hot, or they have very deep holes, cracks, or pits in them, I don’t think there’s anyway for anything to stick to them.

    Besides, you should rinse anything out after scouring, which would wash away any particulates.

  8. Jim C. says:

    The only mesh bags used at my local Jewel are those for pre-bagged apples.

    These bags do shred to a small extent and they leave bits of themselves around.

    The problem with these is not that they’ll get into the food. The problem is that, if the bags are used as a scourer, the bits go down the drain and contribute to clogging.

    So in my case, this would be a bad idea.