FCC Chairman Orders Telecoms To Restore Access To Free Iowa-Based Conference Call Providers

The Chairman of the FCC, Kevin Martin, has issued a stern rebuke to the telecoms that blocked their subscribers from accessing free Iowa-based conference call providers. Quoth the Chairman:

We actually contacted the companies that were listed in the press [reports] and said our rules prohibit you from blocking consumers’ access to any of the service providers… One had stopped blocking, but we heard complaints the next week that they were restricting access, sort of narrowing the pipe. We called them back and said, no, no, you can’t artificially degrade [service] either.

We think you should celebrate this reversal with your friends on a free Iowa-based conference call. If the service is blocked, or in any way degraded, don’t hesitate to fill out the FTC’s consumer complaint form. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

FCC Chairman Martin to Telcos: No Blocking Iowa Calls [GigaOM via Boing Boing]
Consumer Complaint Form [FTC]
PREVIOUSLY: Cingular, Sprint, And Qwest Block Access To Free Conference Call Services
(Photo: Jiri Kopsa)


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  1. mikesfree says:

    Wow, now the companies that are paying for it can charge your you and your grandparents more money for their phone calls.

  2. MentalDisconnect says:

    Chairman Martin looks like my Latin teacher.

  3. mantari says:

    I keep clicking on the image, but it just isn’t sending my valentine!

  4. superlayne says:

    “No, Billy, you can’t cut off Lucy’s hair…”

    “…No, Billy, you can’t pull her pig tails either. Stop it, or you’ll get a time out!”

  5. GleepGlop says:

    I think there was an article in the latest 2600 (http://www.2600.com) regarding the blocked access. It was mentioned in the Telecom Informer article. I am glad to hear it is being reversed.

  6. ddhj says:

    what? common sense exists in FCC?