How To Make A Counterfeit Egg, China Style

UPDATE: It’s possible this story is a hoax. BoingBoing compared believing it to believing in eBayed unicorns.

In China they even make fake eggs and sell them to people to eat, according to a report in the Internet Journal of Toxicology.

The above chart shows how to make one.

You don’t need a chicken. Just combine sodium agla acid, water, gelatine, baifan, sodium benzoate, lactone, carboxymethyl cellulose, calcium carbide, lysine, food colouring agent, calcium chloride, paraffin wax, and gypsum powder.

Oh China, what won’t you counterfeit?

There’s been no known cases of these eggs reaching America, but it just goes to show the diabolical depth some Chinese food makers will go to to make a buck, as well as reinforcing the need for stricter inspections of the imported food supply. — BEN POPKEN

Faked Eggs: The World’s Most Unbelievable Invention [The Internet Journal of Toxicology]

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