Home Depot Apologizes After Yet Another TV Report About Their Crappy Contractors

Whenever consumer news teams get bored they look for someone who had their house messed up by one of Home Depot’s contractors. From WCBV, Boston:

NewsCenter 5’s Sean Kelly reported that six years ago, [Diane] Turk hired Home Depot to install her new windows, but after shelling out thousands of dollars, she claims the job was never done right. “I don’t think if you have a reputable contractor they would have left the window looking like this,” she said.

Now, because of a Team 5 investigation, Turk’s windows are finally getting fixed. Gary White is vice president of Home Depot’s At Home Services Division.

“It was only after we brought this woman’s name to your attention that somebody from Home Depot called back and said, ‘We’re going to come fix your windows.’ That to me doesn’t sound like taking care of your customers,” Kelly said.

No, Gene. It sure as hell doesn’t. Anyone else want your windows fixed? Call a reporter. Or, hey send us your photos at tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot Takes Action After Investigation [WCBV]

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  1. ShadeWalker says:

    Hey is that the Home Depot on Northern Blvd in Queens? It looks like it’s shot from the roof of the parking struction of Chuck E Cheese/Guitar Center

  2. ShadeWalker says:

    Oh yea it defintely is, I see the Pizza Hut tower.

  3. timmus says:

    As much as I hate Home Depot, I can say that the one time we had them did an install (Pergo flooring in 2001) the contractor was awesome. I guess we really lucked out.

    Home Depot though was completely incompetent about the actual delivery of the flooring, which was 3 weeks late, and didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t check on its status. At this same Home Depot store when I was checking on the flooring, I witnessed the must furious customer service shouting match I have ever seen, by a guy who got screwed on his window installation.

    So yeah, as far as I’m concerned, Home Depot just wants what’s in your wallet, and good luck with what happens afterward.

  4. LWQuestie says:

    That’s WCVB, not WCBV :)

  5. hop says:

    we had counter tops and window blinds through home depot, and had no problems whatsoever…..i guess it depends where you live and what kinda sub-contractors are in the area…..so far i have no complaints against them……

  6. dragonflight says:

    We had carpet through Home Depot and they did a great job, little downtime between purchase and install.

  7. LeahFW says:

    My husband and I had Home Depot install our carpeting. We already paid for everything up front (carpeting and installation) and just needed the contractors to install. The contractors who came spoke very little English. It was hard to explain what we needed done. They tried to leave with only half the prepaid job done…saying ‘Too much work.’ We couldn’t believe it. They finished the job but we had to call Home Depot again to send new contractors out to fix the shoddy work from the first guys.

  8. humphrmi says:

    @timmus: I, too, had a great experience with Home Depot contractors. I bought a water heater. Paid them to install it, because – well, if you’ve ever installed a *new* water heater where an *old* one (different models) used to be, you know why.

    They took care of all the village paperwork (the village requires a permit and inspection for this type of thing) and they did a great job.

    However, I’ve seen stories here and heard them from other people, even neighbors who use the same Home Depot that I do, that their contractors sucked in very bad ways.

    This alone scares me off from using them again.

    My experience may have been great, but unfortunately due to the stories I’ve heard I can only assume that I got lucky. Clearly they do not have a good process in place to choose and retain their contractors. I doubt they ever follow up to check on the quality of the jobs their contractors are doing. I’m sure once they hire them, unless someone complains, they just assume it’s all good.

    Which is bad. It means that someday, I’m not going to be as lucky, and it might end up costing me a bundle or reducing the value of my home. And for my largest single equity holding, I’m just not willing to take that chance.

    Home Depot needs to get in front of this quick, reassure the public with a solid plan of action to improve their contractor vetting and job follow-up procedures, otherwise the more news of this that gets around, the fewer people that will hire them, even if they have previously had a good experience.

  9. KingSky says:

    No, Gene.

    Who the heck is Gene? If this is cultural reference I’m missing it, because “Gene” wasn’t mentioned until that “No, Gene” part and is not mentioned otherwise.

    Sorry but I”m confused.

  10. PDQ says:

    Home Depot’s time is coming. Out here they’ve built so many stores that they’ve saturated the market and stores are cannibalizing each other for business.

    With the real estate market and subprime loans imploding there’s going to be a whole lot less business for Home Depot to get. That’s going to mean store closures…..and quarterly losses…..and layoffs of those impossible to find employees in the orange aprons who hide in the break room.

    What a pity…… Gotta go – I’m headed off to the hardware store where I can always find what I need and where the employees know about the products they sell.

  11. TechnoDestructo says:

    “You hand out more letters of apology than Union Carbide”

  12. SkippyKilimanjaro says:

    I doubt it is coincidence that Lowe’s has been running the ads about how great their contractors are over the past couple of weeks or so. Probably less of a coincidence that most (if not all) of the contractors in the commercial are window guys. Someone is on the ball in the Lowe’s marketing department.