Whole Potato Found In Cape Cod Chips Bag

Instead of delicious chips inside his bag Cape Cod potato chips, Teddy Blank says there was a “few soggy chips and a full, shriveled potato,” (pictured above).

What followed was an amusing exchange between him and Cape Code customer service. Our favorite part was when the rep wrote, “the information you sent us will help us to investigate the matter,” and Teddy replied, “I am glad to hear about the investigation you will be spearheading. I have a personal interest in the findings, so I would appreciate a copy of the report.”

As a service to the differently-enabled among our commenters, we’ll warn you before reading the exchange that Teddy is making a joke and toying with the customer service rep (who, incidentally, provides exemplary customer service and sends a handwritten apology, along with a box of five free bags of chips). Just so we got that one covered. — BEN POPKEN

Teddy Blanks: Small Potatoes [Design Observer] (Thanks to all who submitted!)


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  1. ngwoo says:

    Don’t let IKEA see this, they’ll get into potato chip manufacturing with this exact business model.

  2. ShadowFalls says:

    Seems like they did a good job there and handled it nicely. Mistakes do happen, it is how a company handles those mistakes that matters the most. Besides, other companies might just send a coupon for one free bag, they sent him 5 bags themselves.

  3. faust1200 says:

    Of all possible things to be found in your chips, besides chips, this is the best possible thing. What’s he crying about?? There’s a potato in my chips!!! AhhhhH!@!!!!!

  4. Triteon says:

    Maybe he mistakenly bought the DIY package!

  5. Katharine says:

    There are other things I would be horrified to find in my chips but a potato isn’t one of them. Glad Cape Cod is taking care of it though.

  6. userboy says:

    These are great chips, and I’m glad they corrected the problem, but whatever happened to “product is sold by weight and some settling may have occurred during shipment?”
    Maybe they don’t have a scale in this factory.

  7. Ah'm Tha Sharaff says:

    It’s lucky Teddy’s such a nice guy. Smells like a lawsuit if this bag lands in the hands of the wrong person.

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  9. mewyn dyner says:


    Consumed? :)

  10. Cape Cod chips are great. And, if you’re ever in Hyannis, MA, you should tour the factory because you get free chips.

  11. misskaz says:

    I once bought a bag of Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ chips. Unfortunately, rather than a potato in the bag, there was a large chunk of congealed flavoring. *shudder*.

    I called and gave them the production codes from the bag, and they sent me 5 coupons for free, any size, Lay’s products. Not bad for a 55 cent bag from the vending machine.

  12. homerjay says:

    MMMmm…. congealed flavoring……

  13. enm4r says:

    I think most companies are quick to oblige when you call them with strange stories. I once bought a box of poppers, and not a single one in the box has a jalapeno in it. Called up, got coupons for 3 free boxes.

    I can also remember a time 5-6 years ago when I bought a 12 pack of some Mountain Dew, and one of the cans was empty, and completely unopened, no leaks (did a submerge test). I was so impressed that I called more as a “Hey this is what I found. It was pretty cool” sort of thing but they send out coupons for a few free cases. For being only one can short to begin with, not bad at all.

  14. notallcompaniesarebad says:

    In this day and age, perhaps you should be lucky you have proof that they use real potatoes and not some coal derivative?

  15. ElizabethD says:

    Hilarious and nicely presented and documented! Hope Maude is doing OK. :-)

  16. Juliekins says:

    I had a good experience with General Mills recently. I eat the bejeezus out of those Fiber One granola bars, and I opened one of the “Oats & Chocolate” flavor to find about 2/3 of a sort of mangled bar in there. I e-mailed them and they apologized and sent me a coupon for a free box of the Fiber One bars as well as a buck off any other General Mills product.

    That’s not nearly as cool as a weird soggy chemically potato, though.

  17. silenuswise says:

    What a great story–and these comments are making me laugh (@Zeke129, Triteon). Once when I was a little kid I was at a hotel, exploring the vending machines with my cousins, randomly hitting the buttons and searching for change in the slots. On one machine I hit a button and a can of Tab tumbled down. The weird thing was that we opened it and it was only filled halfway. I think that was the universe telling us that Tab was an alien life form, here to explore our species. Or that we were in a David Lynch movie.

  18. alicetheowl says:

    @loquaciousmusic: I used to work right up the street from this factory. Never once took the tour, though I directed many a tourist, “Keep going down that side road without any stop lights on it. It’s a coupla miles; can’t miss it. It’s the only thing out that way.”

    I used to miss Cape Cod Potato Chips, until I noticed them being stocked in even the backwoods gas stations ’round these parts. Good distribution model.

  19. crayonshinobi says:

    Bart: Hey Apu, this bag of ice has a head in it.
    Apu: Ooh, a head bag! Those are choc-full of… heady goodness!

    @Triteon: Nice!

  20. lonelymaytagguy says:

    My wife once wrote a letter complaining about how soggy her Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks were. They sent her a letter that said they did many consumer tests and everyone liked Mrs. Pauls. No coupons, just telling her that she’s a dope for not liking them.

    (not to go too far off topic but I love telling this story)

    Once we complained about an off-tasting hot dog in a restaurant. About 10 minutes later the manager came out and reported he had just cooked one and all the employees agreed it was fine.

    “Sometimes if you’re taking certain drugs it can affect your sense of taste. Are on drugs?”

    They took the price of the hotdog off the bill then charged the ala-carte price for the fries and salad that came with the meal.

    A letter to company headquarters yielded a handwritten note that in its entirety said “We are sorry,” with the word ‘are’ written in a different ink.

    Unsurprisingly, the company went bankrupt a couple years later.

  21. Congealed Flavoring is going to be the name of my next album.

  22. SexCpotatoes says:

    It was so cold and wet and lonely in that foil bag. Thank you for setting me free!

  23. snapbox says:

    I grew up a town away from Hyannis, and lived and worked in Hyannis for the past year. I can’t say enough about Cape Cod Potato Chips… As someone else stated, you need go visit them. I just relocated to Miami, FL and pleasantly suprised that they were sold down here too!

  24. Trackback says:

    Last week was the dawn of the WiiMix Age. Wayne and Wax deconstructs Zunga Zeng The Ning blog borrows a phrase from Ginsberg, says “I can still see Rawkus’ 23 year old corpse when I come in my hand.” Someone found a nasty whole potato in their bag of Cape Cod potato chips.