Whole Potato Found In Cape Cod Chips Bag

Instead of delicious chips inside his bag Cape Cod potato chips, Teddy Blank says there was a “few soggy chips and a full, shriveled potato,” (pictured above).

What followed was an amusing exchange between him and Cape Code customer service. Our favorite part was when the rep wrote, “the information you sent us will help us to investigate the matter,” and Teddy replied, “I am glad to hear about the investigation you will be spearheading. I have a personal interest in the findings, so I would appreciate a copy of the report.”

As a service to the differently-enabled among our commenters, we’ll warn you before reading the exchange that Teddy is making a joke and toying with the customer service rep (who, incidentally, provides exemplary customer service and sends a handwritten apology, along with a box of five free bags of chips). Just so we got that one covered. — BEN POPKEN

Teddy Blanks: Small Potatoes [Design Observer] (Thanks to all who submitted!)

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