Contact Comcast's CEO

So if you love or hate Comcast and want to make sure the man at the top knows it, here’s his contact info:

Brian Roberts, CEO
Comcast Corporate Office
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Possible conversational icebreakers:
How easy it is for criminals to social engineer your personal info from Comcast’s poorly trained customer service reps
Why Comcast routinely lies to their customers about install times and dates
Why they hire technicians who try to murder their customers



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  1. faust1200 says:
  2. Imhotep says:

    Does anyone have the contact info for the CEO of DIRECTV?

  3. Nicholai says:

    yah, I’m more intent on yelling at HIM.

  4. mantari says:


  5. Ben Popken says:

    @Imhotep: We should, shortly.

  6. emax4 says:

    Personally I’d like to know what he has to do with an IR EATINGZ INVVSIVBLE CUSTOMERE SERIVCEC SAMMICH!!!

  7. Mr. Gunn says:

    Hey! You gotta use the black stroke outline, or it’s not a real lolpic.

  8. faust1200 says:

    Ya I posted that article in the forums awhile back. There’s a consumerist-lolcat thread going in the forums. I made that comcastic kitty pic. (Believe me I’m not proud)

  9. shdwsclan says:

    Why, whats wrong with directv, ive never had trouble with them….

    Comcast….yeah, i had some trouble with them…

  10. QuirkyRachel says:

    Thank you thank you thank thank you. I have 2 pages so far written on how many problems I’ve had with Comcast cable and their horrible service. And I’m still trying to get it sorted out.

  11. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Is it time for an EECB about what Comcast is doing with NFL network?

  12. killavanilla says:

    This got me all riled up yesterday.
    Ben Popken!
    In case you hadn’t heard, Comcast is taking the sports channels they don’t own (besides ESPN – the big dog) and lumping them together in a $7.99 ‘sports entertainment’ package. This package includes outdoor life network (mmmm, hunting shows) and BET Jazz (loads of sports on that channel) and lumps them in with NFL network.
    The NFL network sued them and lost. Now, nfl net is advising it’s customers to cancel their comcast and switch to direct tv or dish network because those providers still allow viewers to watch NFL network at no additional charge.
    So why should we be forced to pay $7.99 to get access to NFL network lumped in with a bunch of crap we aren’t interested in? And why can’t they just do it ala carte? I’d GLADLY pay $1 a month extra for NFL network, even though it used to be included at no additional charge.
    Greed has corrupted Comcast.
    But it also brings up another issue – not included for an extra charge (in other words – still free) is all the Comcast owned sports properties Are they influencing the market improperly? Aren’t they, in effect, offering networks they DON’T own at a premium, affecting their ratings and the billable advertising dollars for the networks NOT owned by Comcast? Understand – I watch NFL network ALL THE TIME – at least I did until Comcast decided that it was worth it to lose customers in an attempt to rape me and bleed me dry.
    I am starting a list of companies that advertise on Comcast Sports net and sending them letters explaining that I will not purchase their products as long as they advertise on Comcast owned channels. I hope others would do the same, although I fully expect people to call me nuts.
    Perhaps it is time for The Consumerist to step up and make a stink….

  13. edgygrrl says:

    I find it interesting that Consumerist has not yet picked up Comcast’s little hand-slapping by the FCC. Oh, stop, or we’ll say Stop again.

    Now, what about their suppression of people who want to use their own domain names, to communicate via email? Shouldn’t I, at, be able to send email from
    Comcast will shut down your mail server, if you do not use

    I know three domain owners with this problem.

    Now, in my area, Comcast is the only cable modem provider.
    I’d be gone in half a split second, if I had a choice.

    In this case, the monopoly prevents punishment by the market (and trust me, if I could roll up the market and do some punishing, there’d be more than a mark or two).

    So, how about a little look into first amendment infringement?
    Any class action lawyers out there, looking for a little “action”?

    Come have fun.

    Sure myself and my friends are not the only ones having our first amendment rights trampled here. Chime in.


    Mle D-G

  14. Anonymous says:

    Comcast used to be the only service provider in my area (Oakland/Berkeley) but AT&T now provides DIGITAL cable (not satellite) for a little cheaper than comcast’s promotional price and guess what…..AT&T’s price is not promotional!!! That means no calling a guy who sounds like his mother did a lot of drugs when she was pregnant every 6 months to stop doubling my cable and internet bill. There is a God!

    Another option for others is just get internet and get a netflix account. They stream every show you can imagine to your TV!!!

  15. Freida Stanley says:

    I would like to sue comcast for every lie I’ve been told for the last three yers. Can the President of the u s help us? I would like to see all of the ceo go to jail like BERNIE MADOFF.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Comcast is lucky that almost all of thier customers never think about the cable TV arrangement between the networks, cable company and customer. If they took a minute to think about it they would discover that they are being ripped off BIG TIME! You see, the networks are paid big money by advertisers to air all those annoying little commercials which there are so many of, that we forget which show we were watching during the commercial break. Now if we were to put our thinking caps on we would realize that we should be paid to watch tv since we are forced to watch the commercials that have made the network jump for joy at the checks they recieve for airing the commercials. Now if things were to be set straight then the networks should be paying the cable companies so that the customer is at least compensated somewhat for being stuck with all those commercials. Oh, and lets not forget all those RERUNS!

  17. Anonymous says:

    COMCAST is ridiculous and a bunch of liars. I disconnected the “triple” play service, called on 5/18 and the representative stated I needed to return the equipment before they disconnect. Excuse me, isn’t disconnection as simple as a switch called off??? Not only did I argue about getting billed for services I wasn’t even using, but they had the balls to state they have no idea if I’m using the service or not until the equipment is returned. I must refer back to the off switch. We’re all on the grid, learn to play within your own rules instead of ripping off the consumer for your lack of competance. They seem to know if they’re having malfunctions in the system but can’t assess when somone’s not using their bandwidth? Besides, they dropped off the equipment, why cant they pick it up-and they sent a technician the next day after I installed DirectTV to ensure the “quality” of hook up-yet they have no record of sending out someone to the residence. Sounds like Enron to me-way to manipulate your records for your company to look like they’re not at fault.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Comcast’s customer support is ATROCIOUS. Believe me when I tell you that if I had a choice (seems that my “City Fathers” granted you guys an exclusive franchise) I would drop you like the proverbial”Hot Rock”. I’d love to itemize the problems the system has, but I don’t have that many years left. Oh, and “apologies” accomplish nothing. Action is needed from the top down.

  19. jamie says:

    Today, after 6 weeks of harassing phone calls from Comcast equipment collection and probably 18 -20 phone calls from them, I received a collection notice for equipment that had not been in my home for years. It was changed out when I switched to a DVR box and the service guy never reported it or returned it to Comcast. I have explained this over and over and now they are trying to get money from me for either irresponsible or illegal activity by one of their own employees. I am currently on hold with Comcast and have been for 20 minutes. I cancelled my Comcast service in March and switched to ATT Uverse. Do they really think I want to keep equipment that i have no use for?!?!

  20. jamie says:

    And it gets better. After being on hold 20 minutes, I was told that the employee’s supervisor would need to call me back later. When I explained that I was either going to hang up with something being resolved or hang up and call my attorney, he told me he’d have to try to find someone else to help me because his supervisor was going to a training meeting.

    Nice customer service.

    I’m now at 24 minutes on hold. Something has to be done about this company.

  21. berg says:

    Don’t you think Comcast should be able to back up what they sell and charge an enormous amount for like on demand that never works without aggravation and re booting several times before they are allowed to buy NBC. It’s no wonder you can’t e-mail Brian Roberts, CEO. He only wants to know how big his bonus is going to be this year. He has no clue what his company, Comcast is doing, but I’m sure he is well aware of all his riches and gratuities he receives being a blind CEO for Comcast. I can only imagine What he will do to NBC

  22. rosehope says:

    I have been signing into someone elses account for almost two yrs i did report it when it started tech said they would take care of it not notified them a few times after that nothing no none cared that i signed into someone elses account with my user id and email some how my user id and 3 of my emails were switched to an inactive account no one cared. ok so now comcast send s me an email almost 2yrs later telling me that the email cannot be on an inactive account DAH your kidding me. so i call i chat i go to the office i call i chat i am assured on10/07/2010 that everything will be fine an i will still have my email the tech so confident in himself ok great i thought.NOT 10/13/2010 my email is deactivated my life is connect to this email i call again i am assured again everything will be fine there were three techs working on it , cool NOT 10/24/2010 my email deactivated again. again i call ok it s reactivated again, but this time it is activated on the deactivated account. SO on Nov 08,2010 my email is deactivated again and still is i am so tired of telling the story of what happened i wrote a letter emailed to what ever emails i could find guess what i still do not have my email every time i call i have to say everything all over again this sucks and took up so much of my time i had my email set up with different folders i had it connected to all my accounts any thing i was interested in for alerts ive had the same email for 4-5 yrs and they just take it away something i am paying for they took away and never checked really comcast tossed my issue aside and how about the woman whos account ive been able to sign into?

  23. wan1ones says:

    Comcast has been my family’s cable provider since I can remember and in the past 5 months I have had the worst experience with my bill being a different amount every month. I’m not looking for free service but I would like to have reasonable answer to how a bill changes every month. And for the record yes I have called to try to straighten out the problem.

  24. zeeba neighba says:

    Comcast jacked up my bill for Internet service when I canceled my cable TV, even though I called them beforehand to ask about this and was explicitly told my Internet fees would not change. I called their service number and, after waiting on hold for half an hour, spoke with two customer service reps who acknowledged I’d been given bad information but still refused to honor the terms I was promised by their representative.

    Comcast is the absolute worst.

  25. lnhether says:

    i love that i can get this info i have contacted so many ceos offices and gotten money back for bs fees and issues taken care of i hate contacting customer care of any company it just makes me angry

  26. eshulmire says:

    I am not impressed with Comcast at all. A few weeks ago I asked my phone number be changed because I was receiving multiple calls from a credit agency for none payment of bills for someone else. I just signed up for the service a couple of months ago. So one I finely got the issue resolved the phone did not receive or place calls. I called back and the people at Comcast after a certain time don’t understand English. I simply wanted to fix the problem but the reps I spoke to three of them wanted to change the number again I said it’s not working. They gladly offered to change it again for a 30.00 dollar charge. When I said that I already changed the number they stated they would change it and charge me WTF!!! So I called back and spoke to Jose who said he was a supervisor in tech support when I told him what happened he called me a raciest I asked for a supervisor and he released the call. WOW awesome service Comcast but I think your craptastic!!

  27. kg says:

    Unbelievabe, got an email from an exec assistant that said sorry for the trouble with my account and comcast’s bad customer service. They also wrote off about $100.00 in my disputed bill.

    Could not have addressed the problem without this web site,


  28. DaddyDylan says:

    for those of you who have complaints ask for michelle, dexter, or tiffany, these are the people in Mr. Roberts office that help him to keep his job they are polite courteous and work hard to keep you as a customer just please remember to show them the same respect( It, not their fault and they just want to help)so while mr. roberts deals with important decisions (like 3 or 4 iron, and did i keep my club face open) there are a few good people doing there job thank you dexter, michele, and tiffany in PA. and Charolette in Alq., NM.

  29. The Advocate says:

    Comcast is an incredibly dishonest monopoly. I recently ordered service, well really a rather longtime ago. It took many clueless Comcast contractors to wire my property. After two months of completely unprofessional service, in setting up service, I finally got cable.

    The next problem, I received a bill with incorrect installation fees. I suppose they figure no one looks at the details. I called to have the incorrect install amount removed. Supposedly corrected.

    Then I tried to pay my bill online, with a Mac. After looking at my bank statement, their antique website didn’t take my payment. Apple is the leader of the tech world. You’d think Comcast would correct any technical problems using Safari. After noticing this, I called Comcast about it. The customer service rep, then went on telling me my bill was for more than I agreed to pay. I told her, I had a recorded conversation with a sales rep, outlining the plan. She said the agreement wasn’t “verified” and I’d be paying full price.

    I then went off on the customer service rep. She was completely unbending and scripted. Told me they tried to call me, in order to verify the “agreement” and the price was no longer honoured. What a bunch of bull! I received a message a couple weeks ago, which sounded like a follow up call. “Please let us know, if you are happy with your service”…..blah blah. I was never told by the sales rep. that I needed to answer a call to “verify” my plan, even though the original sales call had been recorded by Comcast.

    Comcast is a complete fraud and very deceptive. This company relies on deception and figuring no one will step out and make a fuss. I have Brian L. Robert’s home phone and address, but I’ll deal with his office in order to get satisfaction. If I don’t, all hell is going to break loose.

    Comcast’s CEO will receive my complaints by mail to his residence in Philadelphia. If no response or correction is made, I have no problem calling him at home or calling his mobile. I will then call my Congress representitive, FTC, FCC and the BBB.

    I would like to start a petition directed to the Senate or Congress, calling for the breakup of Comcast’s communist styled monopoly. It’s time Americans scale back the corporations, which operate on our shores. Generica needs to be controlled, regulated and brought down to size.

    When I lived in the UK, I had 200 TV channels for an $11.00 month “tax” + a HDTV free-view box for a once off $50.00 fee. Crazy how we Americans pay hundreds of $$$ a month for internet use and to watch cable TV. It’s like the old Soviet Union in America, with one service for TV, one store for everything called, Walmart! Even Washington is ONE party, the party of corporate $$$. America=command economics(almost communist style) and overpriced everything. Corporate monopolies have to end, in order for Capitalism to survive in America.