Clearance Items

His and Hers Wiimote Straps [Instructables]
Using some Rit dye, you can customize your Wiimote’s straps.

How to Size a Light Fixture [Curbly]
If you’ve ever shopped for a light fixture, your first concern was probably style, but then you were faced with size.

A Collection of Financial Literacy Resources [Get Rich Slowly]
April was National Financial Literacy Month.

Starbucks spokesman defends charging for Internet access [Starbucks Gossip]
…we believe the T-Mobile HotSpot service provides a much more rewarding experience…

(Photo: Scott Ingram Photography)


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  1. FLConsumer says:

    Starf*cks charges for internet?!?! Their coffee sucks and is overpriced. The snot-nosed brat “baristas” don’t have the slightest idea of what makes good coffee.

    No thanks. I’ll take my business to the local coffee shop down the street which has real coffee, people who KNOW coffee (and lack the attitude), and free WiFi.

  2. scingram says:

    Now there’s a nice morning surprise!
    Thanks for using my photo guys! :)


  3. FlashSandbox says:

    Those are my Wii straps! Sweet! (You guys just made my day) I have more photos of them on Flickr for anyone who cares or wants bigger pictures.