All US Airline CEO's Contact Infos

This appears to be a giant list of all US airlines’ CEO contact info (for instance, the phone number for US Airways corresponds with the information listed on their SEC filing) Shoot your complaints to the top of the totem pole with this information. — BEN POPKEN

Certified Air Carriers [] (Thanks to Jason!)


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  1. JGNJ says:

    Great information, but it may be a little dated. From the Continental About us page:
    January 16, 2004
    Continental announced that Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gordon Bethune elected to retire effective Dec. 31, 2004, and that Gordon would be succeeded by President and Chief Operating Officer Larry Kellner.

  2. holocron says:

    Thanks. This will be helpful in dealing with my recent experience with Northwest. In that experience we had a piece of checked baggage that, for all purposes, the baggage handler supervisor tried to steal.

    But, are these home phone numbers and addresses?

  3. homerjay says:

    Great picture!

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @holocron: No, these are for their executive offices.

  5. holocron says:

    @ben: Thanks! This will prove very useful.

  6. TinyBaby says:

    This is great if you want to speak with/harass/verbally abuse the executive assistants of the airline CEOs. I doubt any of these guys answer their own phones. That’s what they (under)pay their underlings for!