Reverend Billy Exorcises "Clear-Cutting Demons" From Victoria's Secret Cash Register

You won’t find us chained to a tree anytime soon but this video of the “Reverend Billy” and his “Church of Stop Shopping” protesting inside a SoHo Victoria’s Secret is definitely some kind of awesome.

Like some other activists, Billy and his gang are mad that Victoria’s Secret mails over a 1 million catalogs a day, 25% of the paper for which comes from the Great Boreal Forest in Canada, one of the world’s largest endangered forests, as reported by TIME in 2005.

Unlike some other activists, the irreverence of Reverend Billy’s is actually funny. A recent post on their site about how tight they were with Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (RIP) says, “…he would tell us to “Go down to Ground Zero and preach the 1st Amendment!” And we’d say, “You come with us Kurt, we’ll send a car!” And he’d say, “I’ll be with you in spirit. I’m tired.”

The video really starts kicking around 2:00 when Reverend Billy starts exorcising the “clear cutting demons” from the cash register. — BEN POPKEN

SoHo Victoria’s Secret Intervention 2006 (Thanks to Triteon!)

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