Filing A Good Complaint Roundup

HOW TO: Draft A Good Complaint Letter
“A letter of complaint is an opportunity to arm someone who may be unfamiliar with your problem with the fact necessary to investigate.”

HOWTO: Complain
“If you’re disappointed and want to tell the company, these tips will help your complaint see real results.”

Reader Flexes Consumer Powers
“A loyal Consumerist reader, Chris has developed incredible abilities. Not only can he recognize both good and bad customer service, he can reward and punish it with a powerful consumer weapon: the letter to management.”

9 Ways To Effectively Complain
“…a good refresher course of steps to take to get your consumer complaints resolved. They quote us, so you know they’re onto something.”

Complain To Win: 7 Stages Of Escalation
“Your expectations were not met. Now you want them to fix the product, redo the service, or give you a credit. Here’s seven general stages of complaint escalation to follow.”

HOW TO: Fight Companies Online And Win
“The Consumerist’s step-by-step guide to posting your complaint against a company online and getting results.”

How to Ensure A Response to Your Email
“…a helpful article explaining the best way to ensure a response to your email, and, while it’s aimed at academics, we think the suggestions apply to customer complaints…”

Results Driven Complaining
“It’s not really complaining, in the pejorative sense, if you get what you want. Here’s a quickie outline to getting your customer service problem solved.”