Delta: Get Ready For "Signature" Cocktails and $5 HBO Movies

Delta. Yesterday you were bankrupt, today you’re talking about HBO and alcohol.

The formerly bankrupt airline has issued an unintentionally humorous press release that makes their planes sound like a cheap motel. Delta: We have HBO!

Sadly, the only difference between Delta and a flying motel is that in a flying motel the HBO wouldn’t cost $5 per movie.

Oh well, at least you can get yourself a signature Delta cocktail. How about the:

— “Mile High Passion Fruit Mojito” —
Bacardi Rum and Stirrings Passion Fruit Mojito mix topped with a splash of club soda.


Delta’s New HBO Programming and Midnight Sky Signature Cocktail Program Take Flight for Customers [Prime Newswire]
(Photo: afroswede)

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