More Cool DIY Wallets

We just love these DIY wallets. They’re so fun. Here’s a NES Controller Wallet and a Cassette Tape Wallet. and don’t forget The Three Card Monte Origami Wallet.

If you’re crafty and like to make wallets you can enter the Instructables Wallet Contest. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, Christy from Instructables tells us they’re also giving away “a 12″x16” bed laser cutter, which is exactly as insane as it sounds.” We have no idea what one is, but it sounds awesome.—MEGHANN MARCO

Instructables Wallet Contest
Laser Cutter Insanity
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  1. TinaB says:

    I hate to say it, but that cassette tape wallet sucks. It looks like a cassette tape, well, hot glued onto a coin purse. A million points for the three card monte wallet though!

  2. Baciaa says:

    meh. its ok. ive seen more original things. better luck next time!

  3. bambino says:

    We have an 18″ x 32″ laser cutter here at the office. Pretty cool, it cuts everything except metal & glass. Cuts skin too, but I hear it stops at the bone.

  4. lpranal says:


    I’m writing up an instructable- DIY wallet made from another, slightly larger wallet. I’ll give you my work address, to send the laser to. Thanks.

  5. spanky says:


    I like this cassette tape wallet better. It looks a little more involved, but probably worth it.

  6. TinaB says:


    That one is wayyyy cooler.

  7. mrdiggles says:

    diy is great no matter how crappy it comes out. practice makes perfect right?

    to tie in the nintendo + wallet theme check out this mario wallet made out of duct tape on ohgizmo.


  8. mac-phisto says:

    i am so making an n64 controller wallet now.